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From: John Gromer <>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 07:51:43 -500 (EST)

Hello List:

This is my first post and I'm hoping you can help me. Does anyone have
information on Lancelot SALKELD?

After years and years of research in America, I believe that my answer is
in Cumberland. I would like to prove that the name SOCKWELL in America
was originally SALKELD in England.

At first glance this seems to require alphabetical gymnastics. But, I
have found there was a village of the same name in Cumberland. In
Westmoreland Quaker Registers the following was found:

1670 Thomas son of Richard SOCKELD - Kendal
1672 George son of Richard SALKELT and Barbara - Kendal
1675 Francis and Richard sons of Richard SALKELT and Barbara - Kendal

There is a SALKELD family in Whitehall which is saturated with Lancelots.

It would be a value to know what happened to Lancelot son of Lancelot
SALKELD of Whitehall who died in 1649. In 1650 Doroty, widow of Lancelot
SALKELD, delinquesnt and recusant, begs relief for herself and her 7

The SALKELDS and LAWSONS had land purchases from one another and my
Lancelot SOCKWELL was married to Joanna "Jamie" Lawson daughter of
Rowland LAWSON and Letitia WALES.

At one point some of the men in the family assumed the name ANDERTON and
hid under that name in Rome.

This is a lengthy post, but it represents 30 years of my questions
concerning this family. Any help would be appreciated.


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