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Subject: HIRAM GREGORY was a Franklinite.
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:27:52 -0400

To the ones who enquired about the name 'Hiram Gregory'.
There must have been more than one man by that name. One by the
name was present at some weddings in my families of Wayne County. As far
as I can tell, he was a preacher, as he conducted some of the weddings.
One of the Hiram Gregorys married Mary Logston and had a child, Ruth, who
married one of my wife's ancestors, Isaac Branscum, in 1827.
The only reference I've seen for the one who 'supposed' to have
been killed for his actions was in a book about Doublehead, and maybe
written by a Troxell. I may be wrong. This one has the nickname 'Big
Tooth'. Big Tooth Gregory was a Franklinite, meaning he was evidently
from Tennessee, or had Franklinite ideas about Indian killing. I have
tried to tie Big Tooth to the Valentine Siever faction; Valentine being a
brother of John Siever, Indian killer and later governor of Franklin and
maybe Tennessee. One of the Doubleheads followed Val Siever to western
Tennessee and waged blood-feud on his family, killing some of them but
not Valentine. If the Yahoo Falls incident is true, I have thought it
may have been blood-feud type killings from the old Val Siever family. I
haven't tied it together, yet. (Siever's family was killed by Doublehead
and Company, therefore, it would have been possible for Siever to want to
wipe out Doublehead's family, although Doublehead was already dead. If
that is the same Doublehead. I personally doubt it.)


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