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Subject: [CSGA] The Legislative Committee needs you
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 13:36:43 EDT

To all CSGA Members and Members of CSGA Societies

The CSGA board is setting up a Legislative committee to carry on the work
that Iris Carter Jones has been handling so ably and single handed for so
many years.  With the idea that many hands make light work, we are asking for
the help of as many people as possible.  It would be wonderful to have a
representative from every society in the state help in the effort as well as 
many of our CSGA individual members. 

As I look at Iris' job description I see both small and larger jobs that need
to be filled.  If you can help with any of the following please contact me
and I will help get you connected with each other so that we can get the ball

First -- we need bill monitors.  This is a stay at home use the Internet
job.  You would be asked to monitor legislation that is relevant to the
mission of CSGA on the legislative website <A HREF="http://www.sen.ca.gov/">http://www.sen.ca.gov/</A>;  By
clicking on legislation and then looking for bills with a set of key words it
is possible to find proposed legislation that would relate to our mission as
stated in the CSGA Bylaws Section 1d "To encourage the identification,
maintenance, and accessibility of records of genealogical and historical
importance and to educate the public as to the value of such records"  (Iris
has provided more details of how to go about this)

If a monitor notes a bill of possible interest, he/she would post the
information to a committee list for an in depth review.  Those that merit
following would be assigned back to one or two monitors who would watch their
progress through committee and report back to the committee list as needed. 
Iris has put together some guidelines on how to monitor the bills that will
make this job relatively easy.

Second - we will need persons who are willing to contact the authors of the
bills that merit following. They would identify the staff members that is
working on that particular bill and work to find out the author's goal in the
bill, what groups are sponsoring the bill and what groups are opposing the
bill, and then follow up by contacting those groups.  This may be able to be
done by email or might require phone calls.  [Those who reside in the
Sacramento area, or who have free long distance are encouraged to help out in
this area]

Third -- We need an oversight committee that the above report to.  This group
will assess the importance of the bills to our mission and report to the
society as the need arises.  This committee would maintain contact with other
groups that might support our mission.  Some of those Iris has worked with in
the past are the FGS, First Amendment Coalition, CA Newspaper Publishers,
Adoptees organizations, CA Bankers Association and Association of Data
Processors.  We need a minimum of five people on the committee to be sure
that vacations and family emergencies are not a problem.

An important resource in this area is the FGS Records and Preservation
Committee. See <A HREF="http://www.fgs.org/rpa/">http://www.fgs.org/rpa/</A>;. The Federation of Genealogical
Societies (FGS) and the National Genealogical Society (NGS) have agreed to a
combined effort to (1) ensure proper access to vital records, (2) provide
means to effect legislation and (3) support strong records preservation
policies and practices through the FGS Records Access and Preservation
Committee. California does not currently have a State Liaison member
designated for this committee.

Fourth -- Iris is willing to keep up the legislative network list for a short
time, but would like someone to take that over as the committee gets
established.  Those of you who are signed on to the list, know how important
it is.  This job will be undertaken by one or more members of the oversight
committee.  Reports sent over this list can then be adapted to become the
legislative column in the CSGA Newsletter.

As I said many hands will help make this not only an easier job, but one that
can continue without interruption as committee members change. 

Please consider helping.  Contact me at if you are willing to
be a monitor, a contact person, or a member of the Overseeing committee.

Societies are urged to send this out over your own society mail lists,
include in your newsletters and announce at your meetings. We urge each
society to develop a legislative liaison committee of their own.

Watch for information on the California Conference/ CSGA Annual Meeting
October 18th 2003
Cath Madden Trindle, CGRs
CSGA Treasurer

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