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From: "Doug Crim" <>
Subject: Re: [CRIM] John Laurence Crim
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 15:20:54 -0600 (CST)
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Cathy, thank you for the information... My data indicates Jesse and
Lucinda had eight children and they are:

George Churchill Crim
Lucy Crim b. 1826
Absolum Littell Crim b1832m d 1910..
William L. Crim b. 1829
Martha (?) Crim b., 1834
Elizabeth A. Crim b., 1837
Shelby W. Crim b., 1839
Adelia Crim b., 1846

Absolum Littell Crim, my gr-grandfather, married Margaret (Allen?) Baker.
Their children were:

Lewis Mathis Crim, 1858-1921
Albert Erwin Crim, 1862-1921
*Jesse A. Crim b., abt 1860
Laurence Erwin Crim, my grandfather, 1868-1926
Lilly Dell Crim, 1876-1962

* Jesse A. Crim is shown on the 1860 census but I have never found any
other data for him. I suspect he died at an early age.
The 1860 census indicates that Absolum and Margaret must have lived next
door to Lucinda.... I have never been able to find census data for
1870..... The 1880 census shows them living in Lee County, Texas.... Thier
daughter, Lilly Dell was born in Paris, Texas in 1876.

My interest in your John Laurence Crim is that the unusual spelling
(unusual to me) and that my grandfather was given the same name. I also
find it unusual that the name "Erwin" was given to two of Absolum's

It has been suggested to me that Jesse Crim was the son of Martin Crim....
I do not have evidence of this....... In researching Absolum Littell, a
rather well known preacher in those days, I discovered a rather slight
mention that after his first wife died, "Absolum Littell's father-in-law.
Mr. Crim", etc... Since Jesse and Lucinda named one of their children
Absolum Littell, there almost has to be a connection between Absolum
Littell, the preacher, and Jesse or Lucinda.... Does this make sense to
I do not have all my data in front of me but I have never given up
trying to connect the Crim's to the Littell's... Please keep me
informed if you have better luck...... Again, thank you for the
information on George C. Crim.

Doug Crim
112 Crestview Dr
Liberty Hill, Texas 78642

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