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Subject: Re: Wanda Randle, Membership Chairman of the Greenville { regardsing last message I sent}
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 15:42:31 -0500

Sorry, please disregard the last message I sent, I sent to to wrong place.

thank you
pat Creel [Pendarvis]

oringal message

I received this from Wanda Randle, Membership Chairman of the Greenville
Chapter of the SC Genealogical
Society, I thought I would pass it along [with her permission] to other
researchers who are researching South Carolina. She is wondering who is
searching who from SC to MS. Please reply to her email address.

pat creel
researching Creel/Pendarvis

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From: Wanda Randle
To: pat creel
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2004
Subject: from another genealogy chapter

Hi Pat,
I'm the Membership Chairman of the Greenville Chapter of the SC Genealogical
Society. Right now we are experiences some apathy in our membership. We are
just at 154 members, with
many of them being from out of state.

I was born in northeast Mississippi but my husband's work brought us here 15
years ago. The genealogy "bug" didn't bite me until my mother came to live
with us seven years ago, bringing with her the "Union Co. MS History Book".
I looked up the surnames that I knew about, and all but one came from the
Greenville Co., Anderson Co. or Union Co., SC areas and migrated, stopping
in GA for a few years, AL, and on to Tippah County, MS. Those surnames led
to other surnames as I researched. What I found was that I have a lot of
Revolutionary War ancestors who were given land as it opened up-I have seen
the graves of 7 of my Rev. War ancestors here. I'll bet that a lot of your
members' ancestors came from here, too.

So I was thinking, that it might spark some interest in for us to post to
our members some of the surnames that are from your area and the Genealogy
Socity may have from SC.

And helpful, especially to your members who had ancestors from here.

I got your name from the GEN-EVENTS-D Digest V04 #91. When I was publicity
chairman for a state conference held in Greenville, SC last year, I
advertised our meeting on it, and
just have let it keep coming. As I see something in another statewhere I
have gene buddies, I let them know about it.

Hope to hear back from you,

Wanda Stokes Randle
Membership Chairman of the Greenville Chapter of the SC Genealogical Societ

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