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I had Elijah's family census record in my personal database. I hope it
helps. Thank you for all of your hard work - and to all those participating
in this list.

!CENSUS: 1850 Jackson County Virginia; 27th District; Page 189; Dwelling 30;
Family 31; conducted 29 July 1850.
Information from 1850 Census: Elijah COTTERELL is listed as head of
household. Elijah is male, white, age 57 and born in Virginia. He works as
a farmer, but owns no real estate. Other occupants living with Elijah:
Mary, Elizabeth, Melissa, Augustine, Elijah, Julia and Harriet COTTERELL.
Mary COTTERELL is female, white, age 54 and born in Virginia. Elizabeth is
female, white, age 17 and born in Virginia. Melissa is female, white, age 14
and born in Virginia. Augustine is male, white, age 12 and born in Virginia.
Elijah is male, white, age 9 and born in Virginia. Julia is female, white,
age 6 and born in Virginia. Harriet is female, white, age 4 and born in

I'd like to mention, too, because it might ease confusion or at least relax
the frustration a bit, that there were two different but nearly-the-same-age
Thomas Cottrills in the area of Harrison Co., WV at the same time. For
generations they have been tangled up in records (referring to the Rev War
pension mess - I wonder if the government didn't tangle these two at that
time, too). There was a Thomas Cottrill who married Polly O'Brien and a
Thomas Cottrill who married Catherine Achors) and I 'guesstimate' from the
work that I've done, that their ages were only a few years apart. It will
take someone digging heavily and concentrating only upon sorting out these
two men and the records that they and their offspring made in order to
straighten out generations of this mixedup bunch. A few years ago I took
some time over several months and read every page of the original hand
written Harrison Co., WV early court records and tax lists and I'm still not
convinced that everything is all straightened out enough to publish or share
any 'hypotheses.'

Anyway, as an example, here's *one* of my *favorite* confusing court records
and the citation:
!COURT: Harrison County, Virginia Court Records; 1786-1799; Box 49;
Typewritten manuscript; Family History Library; MF 0250012.
Information from Court Records:
Page 39 "May 20, 1793"
Page 39 "We, the Grand Jury present Thomas COTTRILL, son of Nanney MOOR, for
profane swearing by the information of John COTTRILL, cordwiner,
James COCHRAN, foreman
Also we find against Thomas COTTRILL for assault and battery by the
information of John COTTRILL, cordwiner.
James COCHRAN, foreman
Also we find against Andrew COTTRILL for assault and battery by the
information of John COTTRILL, cordwiner.
"Commonwealth and John COTTRALE vs. Thomas COTTRALE, Jr. The court upon
hearing the complaint is of the opinion that said Thos. COTTRALE be bound to
his good behaviour.
Be is remembered that on the 19th day of August 1793, Thomas COTTRALE,
Jr., came into court and acknowledged himself indebted to his excellancy
Henry LEE in the sum of fifty dollars and Eden ANGLIN twenty five dollars and
Peter McCUNE twenty five dollars, but rendered upon condition that if said
Thos. COTTRALE, Jr. keep the peace toward John COTTRALE and the good citizens
of this commonwealth for one year from the date hereof, the above bond to be
void, otherwise to remain in force.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of the court Benj. WILSON
Thomas (his mark) COTTRALE."

Why were Andrew and Thomas Cottrill picking on John Cottrill? Were Andrew
and Thomas son of Nanney Moore, brothers? Was John an uncle, cousin or
unrelated? Why, if related, would they take a quarrel like this to court?
There were a few Cottrill families who were shoemakers (cordwainers) and who
I suspect were related (hence they learned the trade from one another). But,
I've not been able to figure out if or how they are related to the Andrew and
Samuel Cottrill of "brothers from western PA fame." Anyway, I hope that the
above is somewhat illustrative of the confusion that can come from studying
this family. If everyone can keep an open mind about analysis and
abstraction, understanding that the research is difficult and that the
records will only allow *at best* for circumstantial evidence to be compiled,
then I know that everyone on this list will continue to work hard to figure
the families out. There may, one day, be a teeny tiny piece of long
forgotten record found that will solve the WV Cottrill riddle, and I know
we'll all be delighted. But, until then, we need to piece this lineage
together like a puzzle - do the edge pieces first, the pieces with
well-defined edges next, and then sort out the drudgery of pieces of the same
color ... and then hope that when we've done all that, that someone will find
the missing pieces to really show us the finished picture.

Suffice to say that the early VA and western PA research is very difficult
research anyway because of the lack of records. For instance, early court
records for one of the early WV counties burned in some judge's outhouse
during an Indian seige. Even so, the pre-1810 WV pioneers were all living in
a time and place that was pretty harsh and they were all striving and working
hard to eke out a safe existence out of the land or forest (trapping). I
imagine that keeping accurate written records of their daily activities was
pretty low on their list of priorities.

One more piece of commentary (sorry, I hope you all can bear with this long
note) - there was a crew of Cottrills other than my ancestral Andrew Cottrill
in western PA very early (Daniel, George, Samuel, Thomas, William, etc.) that
I suspect were related in some way, but I haven't had time to sort them all
out. Below is an excerpt from early PA land grants. Items in "quotes" are
exact quotes, the rest is my observation and commentary FWIW.

!LAND: Fayette County Pennsylvania Land Records; Nicholson Township;
Official Surveys; Book 1; Page 36; Family History Library; MF 861086.
Information from Land Record:
Andrew COTTRILL applied for a land patent "on the east side of the
Monongahela River, below the mouth of Georges Creek in the new purchase
Cumberland County and surveyed 26 June 1770. By order of survey in the name
of Andrew COTTRALL." Patent application #3595, consisting of 347 and 1/2

!LAND: Fayette County Pennsylvania Land Records; Nicholson Township;
Gilmore's Unofficial Surveys; Book 7; Page 6; Family History Library; MF
861083. Information from Land Records:
To Andrew COTTRAL, a tract of land called "Elks Hills," conisting of 342
acres and allowance. There were several neighbors nearby who applied for
patents at approximately the same time including: James COX, 17 November
1769; Thomas ASHBY, 18 November 1769; Alexander FARROW, 17 November 1769;
Benjamin LOXLEY, 20 November 1770; Stephen ASHBY, 20 November 1769; John W.
PROVANCE, 10 March 1772; and Joseph Yard PROVENCE, 11 March 1772. Other
neighbors included George and John WILSON.

I commend everyone who is participating in this list and trying to solve the
family history. I look forward to the day when I can work on my own family
history again! I love this stuff!

Natalie Cottrill
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No Eli and Elijah are not the same individuals. I will have to look at the
web page and make sure about what I have for Elijah Cottrell in Jackson Co.,

Elijah Cottrell did not marry Mary Pritchard. If that is what I have then
it is an error. Not meant to be a mistake, rather, an error from listing a
lot of different Cottrells/Cottrills.

I don't have Eli and Mary Cottrell on any census record from Harrison Co.,
VA. The reason I did not locate the couple. Maybe I overlooked them in
that county that is a possibility am not an expert.

I apologize if I upset you.

Thanks for the input.

Richard >>

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