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Subject: Re: [CORNWELL] Edward Cornwell in the Glassford Store Records,Prince William Co, VA
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Author: CindyMcC
Surnames: Foster, Cornwell, Cornwall, Hughes, Payne, Alderson, Scarborough, Ryland, Swobe, McDowell, Harbert, Legg, Sparks, Dozier
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I wrote this e-mail several months ago, but it shows some of the other Foster Cornwell connects that lead me to believe that Edward Cornwell in Greenbrier Co, VA, is the Edward Cornwell that was in Prince William Co, VA.

I checked the 1782 Greenbrier Co, VA, personal property tax lists that are online. The only Foster is Robert Foster--1 tithable, 2 horses, 4 cattle. Since we don't know anything about George Foster yet, I'm not sure if they might be connected.

However, the 1796 Personal Property Tax list has Isaac Foster with 3 tithables and 3 horses, George Foster with 1 tithable and 2 horses, Bedford Foster with 1 tithable and 1 horse, John Foster with 1 tithable and 1 horse, Nimrod Foster with 1 tithable and 0 horses; Robert Foster with 1 tithable and 1 horse; Ember? Foster with 1 tithable and 1 horse; Grigsby Foster with 1 tithable and 2 horses. So, there definitely is a George Foster in Greenbrier Co, WV.

I checked the 1799 Monroe Co, WV Personal Property Tax list. Remember, 1799 was when Monroe County, WV, was formed from Greenbrier County. Listed is Thomas Foster, Grigsby Foster, Nimrod Foster, James Foster, John Foster, George Foster, Enoch Foster, and Bedford Foster. So, these Fosters are living in the same part of the county with Edward Cornwell.

Then, I did an online search for George Foster in Greenbrier Co. I found the website It says that

Elizabeth Cornwell married Bedford Addison Foster, son of Robert Foster, on 27 Nov 1794 in Greenbrier Virginia. (Bedford Addison Foster was born about 1774 in Prince William Co, Virginia and died before 1870 in Nichols West Virginia.) (Elizabeth Cornwell was born about 1776 in Greenbrier Virginia and died before 1870 in Nichlos West Virginia.)

Margaret married Nathaniel Foster, son of Issac Foster and Sarah Hughes, on 27 Jan 1806 in Kanawha Wva. (Nathaniel Foster was born on 10 Mar 1772 in Prince William Co, Virginia and died on 18 Mar 1854 in Peters Creek, Nicholas West Virginia.) Margaret Cornwell was born about 1786 in Virginia and died before 1812 in Kanawha Wva.)

This doesn't say who the parents of Elizabeth Cornwell are, but it looks extremly suspicious. Edward Cornwell had a daughter named Elizabeth Cornwell as mentioned in his will of 9 April 1806. The only problem is at that time she is listed as Elizabeth Cornwell--probably indicating that she is not married. I do have this Margaret Cornwell in my database as being a daughter of Elijah Cornwell--son of Edward Cornwell. This does link both Bedford Foster and Nathaniel Foster with Prince William County, VA. So, I would say that makes an even stronger case that this is the same George Foster in Greenbrier that was in business with Edward Cornwell in Prince William County, VA.

The site lists several George Fosters. Only one of them listed is born early enough to be the correct George Foster. It is-- Margaret Grigsby married George Foster, son of William Foster and Hannah Elizabeth Payne, on 22 Dec 1746 in Overwarton Parrish PR. Wm.Virginia. (George Foster was born on 14 Aug 1723 in No. Cumberland Virginia and died on 3 Jan 1778 in Prince William Co, Virginia.(of smallpox). The problem with this is that there is a George Foster listed in the 1796 and 1799 personal property tax records. The site does not account for this George Foster. However, it could be that George Foster died about the time that Edward decided to move to Greenbrier Co, WV. Maybe he had a son named George Foster also who is the one listed in Greenbrier County. -- I found another site listing a George King Foster born 1767 in PWC and died bef. 1860 in Monroe Co, WV, son of Isaac Foster and Sarah Hughes. Isaac is the son of William Foster and Hannah Elizabeth Payne. So th!
at makes George King Foster the nephew of the George Foster who died in Prince William Co.

I then went to the Cornwell message board on and searched for anything regarding Foster that I have already posted there. I found this:

>From Virginia Valley Records

Marriages performed by Rev. John Alderson, Jr. at Linville Creek, now Rockingham County, and in Greenbrier County, Va.; the latter now in West Virginia. The following items are made up from a typewritten copy of Rev. John Alderson's marriage register furnished by Mr. Henry W. Scarborough of Philadelphia in 1924 by Prof. Garnett Ryland from the original manuscript at the University of Richmond.

November 12 (1794), Elijah Cornwell and Ruth Swobe; November 20, Robert McDowell and Mary Harbert; November 27, Bedford Foster and Lissy Cornwell; November 27, Hatis Legg and Elizabeth Cornwell.

I also found that Andrew Foster witnessed the will of Jesse Cornwell (who may have been a brother of Edward) in Rockingham Co, NC. Also Francis Cornwell witnessed a deed of John and Chloe Foster in 1795 in Prince William Co, VA. Also in 1753 and 1756 Isaac Foster provides bail for William Cornwell (my ancestor and another brother of Edward) in Prince William Co, VA. Also in 1762 in Prince William Co, VA--Robert Foster Jr having attended four days as a witness for EDWARD CORNWELL against William Sparks.. Also in 1763, George Foster and Edward Cornwell are helping pay bail for James Ingoe Dozier.

OK. I found another Foster/Cornwell connection. Charles Cornwell "The Younger (1731-1797) married Elizabeth Foster daughter of William Foster. Charles the Younger was the son of Charles Cornwell, Sr. who was a son of Dennis Cornhill and brother to the Peter Cornwell we have been discussing in relation to the Higgins family. A 1780 Prince William County deed futher supports this when it says,

Witnesseth that WILLIAM FOSTER for sum of five shillings sterling to him in hand paid, hath bargained and sold unto JOHN THOMAS his heirs a certain parcel of land adjoining to the land of JOHN FOSTER being given as a dowry unto ELIZABETH CORNWELL by her father, WILLIAM FOSTER, with all houses, orchards and water courses to the same belonging.

OK. Another possible Cornwell Connection. In Caviliers and Pioneers, a book which tells about people immigrating to the US we find:

20-Apr-1694--Dennis Cornell Nansemond County Richard Taylor transported 6 persons including Dennis Cornell 293 acres

25-Oct-1695--Peter Cornwell Essex County Edwin Thacker of Middlesex County transported 53 persons including Peter Cornwell and Peter Foster. Portobago, Cockelshell and Tuckahoe Creeks2634 acres in Essex County

Conclusions: It appears to me that George Foster died of smallpox. This probably led to the disollution of the business of Edward Cornwell and George Foster. Edward Cornwell then moved along with several members of the Foster family to Greenbrier Co, WV. This further cements the hypothesis that the Edward Cornwell in Prince Wm. Co, VA, is the same one that is in Greenbrier Co, WV.

Sorry this is so long, but I just kept finding things.


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