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Hi Barbara

Thank you so much for your comprehensive info. I see that you do not have
any reference to the BAYLESS in Rockcastle and Laurel co KY. This Salem
Church info including YOUNG and BAYLESS should be significant to you:

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Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 10:59 PM
Subject: [KYLAUREL-L] Salem Church

The history mentions 17 original members of the constitution of the
church. (1) Sion Johnson (2) Aaron Johnson (3) John May (4) Jane May
(5) John May, Jr. (6) Harrison Reams (7) Jane Reams (8) Bartlet Reams
(9) John Lawson (article has Dawson, but the name was really Lawson
(10) Elizabeth Lawson (11) Rebecca Vaughn (12) Evaline Smallwood (13)
Moses D. Moore (14) Benjamin Durham (15) William Durham (16)
Temperance Durham. The 17th. member is listed later in the history, as
being Martha Johnson, widow of Sion Johnson and Martha was the only
living member at the time the history was written. Sion Johnson was
the son of William Johnson and Bartheny Young and he md. 10 Jan. 1836,
Laurel Co., to Martha Bayles, dau. of Reubin Bayles. Aaron Johnson is
more than likely, the Aaron Johnson who md. Susannah Young. Rebecca
Vaughn is the dau. of William Brummett and Mary ?? Mary ?? later md.
John Brock. Rebecca Brummett Vaughn was the second wife of William
Vaughn, his first wife being Rebecca Sullivan - my direct line..
Temperance Durham was nee Temperance box and had md. William Durn on 19
Jan. 1824, in Knox Co., Ky. According to some Young histories, Rev.
John F. Young was a very influential United Baptist minister and founded
the Rockcastle Co. Church, which Salem was established from. Rev. John
F. Young's daughter-in-law, Franky Seaborn Young, wife of Hiram Young,
was clerk at the Rockcastle County church for several years.

Let me have your thoughts:

I have in 1830 in Laurel co KY Rueben BAYLESS and a Samuel BAYLESS.

Rueben's family is : 0001 0000 0000 0200 0100 0000

Samuel 0000 1000 0000 1000 1000 0000

Living right next to Ruben are John YOUNG Jr., then John YOUNG, Sr. then a

Between Ruben and Samuel are two HATCHER residences, an ASHER residence, a
On the other side of Samuel is SEABORN, WYATT, DOTSON, MORRIS and two of my
CORNELIUS family, the family of Eli CORNELIUS and the family of William

In 1834 John CORNELIUS, 7, orphan son of William CORNELIUS, was indentured
to Rueben BAYLESS


6 Jan 1834 - An instrument issued by County Court for John Cornelius 7 yrs
next October - orphan of William Cornelius. Given to Ruben Bayless until he
reaches majority.

In 1840 Ruben BAYLESS is not in Laurel co KY, but Samuel still is.

VERY interesting is that some of the CORNELIUS family that was in E TN in
early 1800's moved to Blount, Madison and Jefferson co AL as well in the
1820's, 30's and 40's. I have not been able to prove a connection between
my Laurel and Clay co KY CORNELIUSes and the AL bunch even though they had
many of the same first names such as Zion and Lafayette. It appears that
part of the BAYLESS family moved to KY and part to AL, just like CORNELIUS

Also, I see a reference to KENDRICK in your message below. One of the first
references to William CORNELIUS in 1790 and 1791 in Washington co TN are
deeds on KENDRICKS Creek. I understand that this area is now in Sullivan co

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At 10:21 AM 4/30/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I am looking for any information on the following families:
>GOFORTH, Nancy, b 1797, Greene co TN, md 13 March 1817 in Washington co
>BAYLESS, George Lucas, b 1776, Loudon co VA

George Lucas was not married to Nancy Goforth, see below.
I don't have a George b. 1797 but I do have this George who, I think,
was m. to Nancy Goforth
but I can't be certain:
George Bayless b: 1777 d: Bef. 1831 m. Amelia Renfroe b: Unknown d:
daughter Violet Bayless.

>BAYLESS, Ruben md LUCAS, Margaret, Unknown date, Unknown location

See below.

>It is believed that Nancy above was the daughter of John or James
>and Nancy Preston CORNELIUS. They were in Greene co TN in late 1700's
>early 1800's. Siblings of Nancy are Preston GOFORTH, Cornelius
>Mary Polly GOFORTH(md a HENDERSON), Alcie, Sally and John.....

I have no info other than there was a Nancy Goforth who m. a George
Bayless. She
had at least two brothers and they were orphaned. I have no info on the
Cornelius family
that I can recall.

This is a very interesting line but difficult to prove. I have been
told that the "L" initial
in the names of some children is not "proved" to be LUCAS. It is
possible that it stands
for something else. In my own line I have Samuel P. and John P. BAYLESS
and have
been told the "P" is PRICE but I have info that it was, in fact, PORTER.
As children of
Margaret LUCAS, it seems likely that the "L" is LUCAS but some of the
"Ls" may stand
for other names.

There are a few descendants working on this line and I have had some
regarding GOFORTH. Nancy and her sibs were apparently orphaned, as I

Here is some info from these discussions:

One person says:
Baker Roll-1924: Arthur GOFORTH 840; Minnie GOFORTH GRIFFIN 868
(I don't know what the "Baker Roll is.)

From: Pwgrisham <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 20:50:53 EDT
Subject: Nancy Goforth

Thought I'd pass this along in case you hadn't seen it.

John Goforth, Jefferson Co. Tn.
7th Rgmt Inf.
$48.00 Annual
$240.00 Rcvd.
Died 8 Sep 1813
Heirs: Nancy, Preston, Cornelius, Sally, John

Paul Grisham
San Antonio, Tx.

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 12:51:41 -0700
Subject: [SE-TN-L] ONEALS in Bradley or Polk Co.

My Grandfather was Daniel B. ONEAL
Granny was Maggie Adeline Goforth....
OCOEE TENN. 1800s to present day
My Great Grandfather was John Houston ONEAL born Polk Co9-4-1845 m.
Nancy Elizabeth FOUTS......
My G-G-Grandfather was JOHN Silas
ONEAL born 11-10-1807 most probable place was K entucky he married
Elizabeth KENDRICK...

Davis CA.....
Washington Co., TN, Marriages:
BAYLES, George m. GOFORTH, Nancy on 13-MAR-1817
From Harry Nelms:

>....On another Bayles home page, the wife of George L. is given as
Nancy Goforth,
>but at the time Nancy married "a" George Bayles, George L. was living
>miles away, in another state, and had been there for close to 10 years.
>George L. was twice married, when, where, and who he married first has
Here is the family of George Lucas Bayless as I have it now, there may
be mistakes:

Descendants of George Lucas Bayless

1 George Lucas Bayless b: Abt. 1776 in Loudon Co., VA
....d: Bef. Apr 04, 1857 in Jefferson Co., AL
....+Martha Montgomery b: Abt. 1776 in SC d: Mar 05, 1863 in Jefferson
Co., AL
....2 Lucas M. Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 Mary Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 Elizabeth Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 Parthenia Bayless b: Bef. 1857
.......+Flourney Bagwell b: Unknown
........3 Andrew Jackson Bagwell b: Unknown
...........+Narcissa M. Lewis b: Unknown
....2 Elbert Hampton Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 George Washington Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 Aletha Bayless b: Bef. 1857
....2 Bethany Bayless b: Bef. 1857

The family of Reben Bayless:

1 Reuben Bayles b: Jun 21, 1754 d: Nov 07, 1826 in Washington Co., TN
...+Margaret Lucas b: Jun 13, 1757 d: Mar 01, 1828 in Washington Co.,
...2 Daniel Lucas Bayless b: Apr 18, 1777 in Loudon Co., VA
.......d: Feb 14, 1867 in Washington Co., TN
.......+Mary Ireland b: Jul 18, 1779 m: Mar 05, 1803 d: Mar 18, 1863
...2 John Lucas Bayless b: Dec 23, 1780 in Loudon Co., VA d: Mar 08,
1860 in Madison Co., AL
......+Elizabeth Hunt b: Sep 03, 1785 in TN m: Mar 08, 1803 d: Dec
06, 1862 in Madison Co., AL
...2 Mary Bayless b: Oct 25, 1777 in Loudon Co., VA d: Oct 18, 1863
in Clinton Co., KY
......+Thomas Wood b: Aug 25, 1779 in Loudon Co., VA m: Mar 09, 1802
in Washington Co., TN
......d: Nov 15, 1834 in Cumberland Co., KY
...2 George Lucas Bayless b: Abt. 1776 in Loudon Co., VA d: Bef. Apr
04, 1857 in Jefferson Co., AL
......+Martha Montgomery b: Abt. 1776 in SC d: Mar 05, 1863 in
Jefferson Co., AL
...2 Rueben Lucas Bayless b: 1788 in Washington Co., TN d: Bef. 1826
in AL
......+Sarah Young b: Abt. 1789 m: Oct 05, 1808 in Washington Co., TN
d: Aft. 1860 in TX
...2 Elizabeth Bayless b: Jul 20, 1789 in Washington Co., NC
.......d: Nov 18, 1869 in Washington Co., TN
.......+Isaac Henley b: Jan 05, 1785 m: Oct 28, 1819 in Washington
Co., TN
.......d: Dec 04, 1846 in Washington Co., TN
...2 Margaret Peggy Bayless b: 1792 in Washington Co., TN d: 1829
in Washington Co., TN
......+James White b: Unknown m: Feb 24, 1820 in Washington Co., TN
......d: Abt. 1865 in Washington Co., TN
...2 Rebecca Bayless b: Oct 12, 1793 in Washington Co., TN
......d: Abt. Aug 18, 1865 in Washington Co., TN
...2 Ann Bayless b: 1795 in Loudon Co., VA d: Unknown
......+John Hampton b: Unknown d: Unknown
...2 Leatha "Luthy" Bayless b: 1805 d: Mar 14, 1829 in Washington
Co., TN
......+Peter Hunt b: Unknown m: Mar 27, 1828 in Washington Co., TN
...2 Hannah Bayless b: Unknown
......+Spencer E. Gibson b: Unknown

There are some deeds listed on my WEB site that include some of these
people. Go
to my main page and then look at the Deeds page and the Marriage pages
for more
info. The marriage of George and Nancy is recorded on one of the
marriage pages, I
believe, with the date, location and ref. pages.

I May have some additional info and I will try to find it but it is not
much, if anything.
I will keep your query so that the next time I get to the library I can
look further for
the CORNELIUS connection and the orphan info.

Barbara Ribling

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