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I have a COOPER that was a Blacksmith.

Floyd Barger COOPER

Descendants of Andrew Cooper

Generation No. 1

Charleston, S.C., and died Aft. 1806 in Walker county Georgia. He married

Had a daughter that married a Shackelford.
In 1820 Andrew lived in Spartanburg, S. C.
In 1824 Andrew lived in Jasper county, Georgia.
In the 1850 census record, Andrew is listed in Walker county in Taylors
Ridge Valley. He was 65 years old. His trade was Blacksmith. His wife,
Susannah was 64 years old, born in Virginia. No one else living in the
household. He lived four houses from Jacob Arnold.

i.DAVID6 COOPER, b. 1780.
ii.THOMAS COOPER, b. December 26, 1784, Richmond county Georgia; d. January
12, 1868, Charleston, S.C.; m. SUSANNAH SHAW, January 20, 1806, Newberry
District, South Carolina.

Following information was taken from the book, "Walker County Georgia
Heritage 1833-1983", published by the Walker County Historical Society.
By 1837, two brothers, Thomas and Joel Cooper and their families had
moved to Walker county, Georgia, from Jasper County, settling in the Chestnut
Flat area.
They were said to have been sons of Andrew Cooper. Thomas Cooper, born
December 26, 1784 in Richmond County, Georgia, died in Walker county, Georgia,
after 1860. He was a blacksmith by trade. On January 12, 1806, he married
Susannah Shaw, daughter of Basil and Susannah. She was born in Virginia on
March 20, 1786, and she died November 6, 1874 in Walker county, Georgia. They
probably married in Newberry District, South Carolina, as Basil Shaw was
enumerated on the 1800 census of that district. Basil Shaw was a Revolutionary
soldier, and his name appears on the 1840 Federal Pension List for Georgia in
Hall County where he was residing June 1, 1840, aged ninety-two, in the home
of Roland Johnson.
The 1820 census finds Thomas Cooper with six boys and two girls living in
the Spartanburg District, South Carolina. In 1824 he was in Jasper County,
Georgia where he drew land in the 1827 Land Lottery. Andrew, born 1816 and
Eliphalet, born 1822 were sons. No doubt other Coopers in Walker County who
gave their birthplace as South Carolina were children of Thomas and Susannah.
Eliphalet Cooper, youngest son of Thomas and Susannah was born October 9,
1822, Spartanburg District, South Carolina, died Floyd County, Georgia, June
3, 1899. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1863 while living in Walker
County and served two years. He was a Captain of a company of scouts stationed
at the headquarters of the Army of Tennessee, served by order of General
Bragg. He married Mary, born in North Carolina in 1820 and had James T., Sarah
S., William Taylor, Eliza Virginia, Andrew Miller, Drewry J., Nancy Evans,
Hiram Whitman, Parks, Mildred Ann. He married (wife #2), Sarah Agnes, born in
Georgia in November 14, 1832, died December 29, 1894, and had other
children--- Mollie, Estelle (male), John, and Emily. Most of this family lived
around Rome, Georgia, but Estelle and some others went to Oregon.

( This information submitted by Mrs. W. L. Martin, Jr.)

Excerpts from "History of Walker County., Georgia" by James Alfred Sartain,
- passed on to me by Dan Kelley---Rogersville,
In the fall of 1835 or spring of 1836, Joel Cooper and Thomas Cooper, two
brothers, With their families, removed from Jasper county, Georgia, to Walker
County. They were Whigs, politically, as were their sons. Thomas Cooper was
a member of the Baptist Church and a local preacher. Joel and family were
also Baptists. The latter located lands adjoining Amos Williams, where he
resided till 1857 when he removed to Alabama (Walker County), where he died
during the war. These two brothers Here of Scotch-Irish ancestry. Their
father, Andrew Cooper came to America at an early date and fought under
General Marion in the war of Independence At the close of the war, he
married a Miss Cliatt and settled on the then frontier near where Augusta is
now located and represented his county many years in the Georgia Legislature.
At the time the Cooper brothers with their families settled in Walker County,
Andrew Cooper, son of Thomas Cooper, was serving as a volunteer n the Army
then operating against the Seminole Indians.
After his discharge from service when the forces were disbanded, he
followed his relatives to Walker County where he was married to his cousin,
Nancy Cooper, daughter of Joel Cooper, in the year of 1837. He will figure
more or less conspicuously in passing events in the history of Walker County
from the date of his settlement in the county to the present time - now near
76 years of age. About the date named, 1835/1836, H.G. Fuller and Hyram Shaw,
half-brothers, came to, and settled in Walker County, both of whom were
Democrats. Fuller became of some local prominence as a preacher of Hard-
shelled Baptist doctrine, and will be further mentioned in this narrative in
his proper place. Hugh McMULLIN was one of the early settlers, a Whig, and an
able local advocate of the Whig cause. Of the early settlers,, Amos Williams
and sons, David Hal, David Lowery, Cooper brothers and sons, were Whigs and
were also Hugh McMullin, Louis Williams and sons. Fuller and Shaw, Mark
Thornton, Thomas Bryant, John Bryant, Jacob Arnold and sons, I-Martin Camp and
sons were Democrats. Andrew Cooper and Hugh McMullin championed the Whig
cause in their respective localities, while Louis Williams and H.G. Fuller
occupied similar positions for the Democrats. Andrew Cooper and Louis
Williams were near neighbors and their controversies were frequent and
animated. The same will apply to McMullin and Fuller. This is speaking of a
certain locality. There were other settlements in the county with their local
politicians, some of whom will be mentioned in due time. It is well to
mention here that the Cherokee Indians were divided as to the question of
disposing of their lands in North Georgia. One Ridge, a leading chief, who
with his following, removed to the Indian Territory in 1836/ The opposition
was led by John Ross who resided at Rossville , 5 miles from where he had a
ferry across the Tennessee River for years known as Ross' landing, now the
thriving city of Chattanooga. The Ross family had to be removed by the
government to the Indian Territory in 1838, at which time Thomas McFarland
came into possession of the Ross property at Rossville, where he has resided
in the house built by Ross, with few changes, ever since. many soldiers will
remember McFarland as living there during the war. The town site, La Fayette,
county seat of Walker County, was laid out by Benjamin Wheeler in 1835.
William Perry opened the first store there in 1836. In 1837, Spencer
Marsh, also David Stewart, engaged in the mercantile business there. John
Caldwell opened the first Hotel at La Fayette and was elected the first Clerk
of the County.
William Fortner was the first Sheriff.
La Fayette was principally settled by Democrats, of whom Marsh, Stewart,
Caldwell and Fortner were the most prominent. Perry, the first merchant, was
a Whig.
Golden Weddings in Eastern part of Walker County.
For brevity, only husbands name given--

R.M. PittmanE.F. Bowman.J.A. ShahanCape White
Thomas WhiteJ. M. RoperW.M. BowenJohn A Tate
Dan KinseyAlex CopelandE.R. HamiltonGeorge Heffner
A.H. CooperAndrew CooperJohn CookT.A. Cooper
Frank McWIlliamsGus WhiteNewton KinseyJohn Hall
Alex ArnoldW.W. Kinsey

Mentioned in "large families" was family of Andrew Cooper, 9 boys and
2 girls. Thomas Cooper, 7 boys and 2 girls.

'In Masonic History of Walker County, chartered 31 Oct 1849, James F.
Cooper, Dep. Grand Master.

Gabriel Cooper, listed as charter member Chickamauga Baptist Church,
organized 31 Aug. 1850.

Andrew Cooper listed as among first settlers in "Chestnut Flat" section
of Walker County, along with Tom Cooper and Joel Cooper.

iii.MILDRED COOPER, b. 1785; m. ( ) SHACKLEFORD.
iv.CANNON COOPER, b. 1790.
v.JOEL COOPER, b. 1796, Richmond county GA; d. Bef. 1870, Walker county
Georgia; m. (1) LOUSIA WHITE, August 27, 1818, Columbia,White County Georgia;
m. (2) NANCY (_____), Abt. 1840.

Notes for JOEL COOPER:
Joel married Nancy(surname unknown) after hie first wife, Louisa, died. They
moved to Walker county, GA about 1857 where Joel died before 1870.
(Walker county Historical Society). Some of these children must be from Joel's
union with Nancy. Joel was a Farmer.

following information was taken from the "Walker County Heritage, 1833 - 1983"
by the Walker County Historical Society, LaFayette, Georgia.

Page 282 , J0EL.COOPER

Joel Cooper, brother to Thomas, was born 1796 Richmond County, Gcorgia.
He married August 27, 1818 Columbia County, Louisa White, daughter of Thomas
and Mary Ann White. She was born March, 1791, died July i6, 1835 Jasper
County, Georgia. By 1840 Joel had married again to Nancy , born North
Carolina. They moved to Walker County, Alabama, around 1857, where Joel
died before 1870. Known children of Joel and Louisa White Cooper were:
Elizabeth, married a Myers, Nancy White (see Andrew Cooper History), John
Ervin born 1823 married Martha Carolyn Williams (see later), Louisa born 1829
married Joel Thomas and had Nancy Rebecca, Margaret C., Susan C., James W.,
Elijah W., Sarah J. Two other children of Joel and Louisa might have been
Thomas and Margaret who married a McIntyre.
John Ervin Cooper married 1845 Martha Carolyn Williams, daughter of Lcwis
and Winnie Williams of Gwinnett who moved to Walker County before 1840, She
was born February 8, 1819, died December 24, 1888. John Ervin Cooper was it
member of the 4th Gcorgia Cavalry Brigade, was captured in Sequatchie and died
in Indianapolis. Indiana. Their children were Winnie Rebecca born 1846
married Joel Cooper, Louis Melvin born August 26, 1848, died June 3, 1926
married Lucy Simmons, Andrew Henry born October 30, 1850 married Mollie Vest,
Arabelia Louise born December 22, 1852 married Charles Gladden, Charles
Augustus born December 21, 1854 (see later), Nancy Eliza born January 10, 1859
married William C. Hullender, Mary Elizabeth born January 14. 1857 married
Marion Hullender.
Charles Augustus Cooper married Cordelia Elizabth McDaniel October 8, 1873.
She was born May 10, 1853 ' died M-,i 5, 1914, daughter of Eli and Elizabeth
(Wooldrilge) McDaniel. Their children were: Madison Amos - September 25, 1874
married Lela Forrest Smith. May Belle- February 25, 1877 married Edward C.
Trundle. Lela Ella, June 16, 1879 married Jessie C. Glass. Eula Lee June 16,
1879 married J. Gideon Tate. Mollie Jane -August 15, 1881 married Robert
lthamer Ward (parents of Chele Henry Ward, noted genealogist of Chattanooga).
Lizzie Etta - December 2, 1883 married John Coulter. George William - March
11, 1885 married Dora Kline. Charles Henry April 7, 1888 married Callie Head.
Queenie Dell August 2, 1890 married Stephen Carson Boyd (parents of Mrs. Ray
B. Slagle of Chattanooga, who furnished much of this material). Clinton
Edward -July 2, 1893 married Barbara Usmeiler. La Roy Alvin - August 10, 1897
married Louise Street.
submitted by Mrs. W.L. Martin,

vi.BENJAMIN COOPER, b. 1797.
vii.ROBERT COOPER, b. 1800.
viii.WILLIAM COOPER, b. 1803, S. C.; m. CYNTHIA (_____).
ix.JOHN COOPER, b. 1804, S.C.; m. FRANKEY (-----).
x.HENRY COOPER, b. 1806, S. C.; m. MALISSA A. (_____).

Henry was a Methodist minister.

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