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From: "cynthia venturini" <>
Subject: [COOK-L] Pa. Koch/Cook tree
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 18:43:16 -0500

I recently began putting together some of the info from the heap of research
notes I have collected over the years on my Cooks and the fams that married
in. Is anyone out there researching this Cook family line?
This is what I have sorted out so far:


1. Hans Koch (b. in Wuerttemberg, Germany) m. ?
~Michael (b. 1645)

2. Michael Koch (b. 1645 in Wertemberg, Germany) m. Elizabeth
~Konrad (b. Dec. 16, 1664)
Michael (b. 1674)
Jacob Heinrich (b. 1675)

3. Konrad Koch (b. Dec. 16, 1664 in Pleidelsheim, Necker, Wuertemberg,
Germany) m. Nov. 21, 1686 Margaret Lindauer
Johann Melchoir (b. 1689)
Johann Casper (b. 1691)
~Johann Georg ³Hans² (b. Oct. 5, 1693)
Barbara (b. 1699)
Elizabeth Catherina (b. 1701)
Maria Barbara (b. 1704)
Johann Michael (b. 1708)

4. Johann Georg ³Hans² Koch (b. Oct. 5, 1693, in Rheinland Phalz, Germany)
m. Margarette
George Adam (b. June 21, 1719)

5. Konrad Cook m. ?

6. Jeremiah Cook, Sr., m. Hannah Walter (b. 1841 in Northampton Co., Pa.)
~George William (b. 1762)
Jeremiah, Jr.
Eva (m. Patrick Daughterty)
Christina ³Tina² (b. about 1780)

7. George William Cook (b. 1762) m. Jane Maxwell (b. about 1770) on Dec. 20,
1796, in Cumberland Co., Pa.
John (b. about 1800) m. Betsy Lafherty
James (b. about 1800) m. Martha Anchner (Ehenger)
Elizabeth (b. March 18, 1806, in Walker¹s Mills)
George (b. about 1806; d. Sept. 16, 1889; buried in Brick Church Cemetery,
Burrell Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.) m. Lydia Heilman
Samuel (b. about 1810; d. 1846) m. Margaret Walker
~Jeremiah (b. about 1814) m. first Mary Hartman; m. second Elinor/Ellen
Adam m. Betsy Fulton
William ³Bill² m. Marian Helms
Alexander m. Elizabeth Heilman
Robert A. (b. about 1823)
Thomas B. (b. about 1825) m. Elizabeth Crytzer
Andrew J. (b. about 1828)

8. Jeremiah Cook (b. about 1814; d. about 1900 in Cincinnati, Oh., of
dropsy; farrier) m. first Mary Hartman (b. about 1822) on Nov. 7, 1843; m.
second Elinor/Ellen Dinn
Children first wife:
Amanda (b. about 1843)
Hannah Melissa (b. about 1845)
Lydia Ann (b. about 1847)
~Lemuel Harvey (b. about 1849)
Children second wife:
Mary J. (b. about 1851)
William H. (b. about 1854)
David J. (b. about 1856)

9. Lemuel Harvey Cook (b. 1848/49 in Allegheny [today Bethel or Burrell]
Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.) m. first wife Mary Lovinah Smeltzer (b. November
15/16, 1836/46, in Manor Township; d. January 5/6, 1884) m. second wife on
August 13, 1885 Ida Martha Houser (of Manor Twp.)
Children by first wife:
Bertha Ardella
~Albert James (b. June 30, 1873, Manor Township, Armstrong Co.,
Pa.) William Harry(b. June 14, 1895)
Children by second wife:
Ruth/Rose Jane (b. Feb. 10, 1893)
Wiley (b. Jan. 17, 1896)

**Johann Georg ³Hans² Koch arrived in Philadelphia with son George on the
ship Francis and Ann May 30, 1741. Wife and other younger children were with
him, but names not listed.
**The spelling was changed to Cook when, about 1764, Hans and family
migrated north from the Shenandoah Valley to settle at Redstone, south of
Fort Pitt, near Brownsville, in what would become Fayette Co., Pa., during
the years when the territory was being haggled over between Pennsylvania and
Virginia. The residents of the Redstone settlement were quite friendly with
the local native tribes which angered Pennsylvania officials, and in 1768,
they were ordered to vacate, being threatened with facing the gallows if
they refused (which Hans and sons at first did).
The Redstone, Fort Pitt and Kittanning areas were good Indian trading
territory, and offered fertile farmlands. Hans moved to Snyder Co., Pa.,
where he lived the rest of his days. In 1769, son Jeremiah decided to head
north on the Allegheny River to trade with the redskins in the area of
Crooked Creek. They not only were hunters and trappers who traded pelts
along with their German silver trinkets and food supplies. According to
Fayett Co. records, Jeremiah and sons were taxed for owning and operating a
still. Perhaps one of their most popular trade items was fire water?
**Jeremiah Cook, Sr.¹s daughter Christina ³Tina² (circa 1780) m. Levi Green
(b. May 1783 in Hardwick, Sussex, N.J.), a United Empire Loyalist . After
they married, they moved to Saltfleet, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada, where
they raised 8 children.
**The official Armstrong Co., Pa., histories state that Jeremiah Cook, Sr.,
and sons Conrad, Jeremiah and George were among the earliest, if not the
earliest, settlers of what today is
Armstrong Co., Pa. They were friends with some of the local native tribes
and came to trap and trade with the Indians of the area. They are said to
have settled along the upper part of Crooked Creek. Research to date shows
that they most likely settled along the north banks of the Creek in the area
between where Cochran Mills once was located, and where today Crooked Creek
meets Route 66 in Manor Township.
**Konrad Koch, who according to DAR/SAR records is Jeremiah Sr.¹s father,
served in the American army during the Revolutionary War as a private in
Hazen¹s Regiment.
**Jeremiah Cook, Sr., (circa 1740) served in the American army during the
Revolutionary War as a private in the Crawford Regiment, or with what was
known as the Crooked Creek Rangers.
**George William Cook (circa 1762) is supposed to have been captured by the
Indians during the Revolutionary War and made to run the gauntlet.
**From the Kittanning newspaper archives: Feb. 28, 1826, death. Mrs. Hannah
Cook, relict of Mr. Jeremiah Cook, late of Buffalo Twp., in the 85th year of
her age. She was among the first settlers of Fayette Co., Pa.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.

- Cindy

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