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From: Pat Connors <>
Subject: Re: [CONNORS] holla
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 08:43:22 -0800
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NOTE: this email:

> hi:) i found software discount. do you need?

This did not come from me or my computer, it just looks like it did. It is spam and a result of my Address Book being hijacked when I was on Facebook last year. You know it didn't come from my computer or me because my signature was not included. This is my signature:
> --
> Pat Connors, Sacramento, CA
Only real emails from my computer have this automatically attached to whatever email I send. So, in the future, if you get one of these spam emails looking like it is from me, check for the signature. BTW, this is not a virus. Some nasty person has my Address Book full of email addresses and very couple of months, he/she sends out the spam.

Sorry, about it.

Pat Connors, Sacramento, CA

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