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From: "Brenda Dillon" <>
Subject: Re: [COLLINS-L] Andrew Collins and Allen Griffis/Griffin in 1790 Wake Co., NC
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 08:46:24 -0400
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Hello Sherri and Others researching the mysterious Collins lines:

My email box has been busy of late with messages about Griffin Collins Sr.
If we all put our heads together perhaps we can make some kind of headway
out of what bits and pieces we have.

From :
Hello Brenda,
I saw your post on Saponitown & I have seen almost every melungeon and
Saponi site looking for some answers on my line. I saw your site, too.
I am descended from Griffin Collins 1773>Griffin 1796>Andrew>Franklin
1861>Julie. I am searching for Griffin's father who I think is either Andrew
or James. Do you happen to know?
I came upon some old notes I had taken from a film at a LDS library. It was
an interview in 1936 with a Berry Collins, a son of Griffin. He says that
these Collinses came from GA to TN & that Griffin was first in the line to
settle in the county-Grainger Co., TN. I know GA became a state in 1788 but
Griffin was b. 1773. GA was also Indian lands & there is a Griffin, GA,
named after a Col. Lewis Griffin. In GA research online, I found a Griffin
Bailey Collins b. 1910 in Griffin, Spalding, GA! I can't connect & it's
buggin me. Bailey is another melungeon name. I also have more info on
Griffin from these notes. He's buried in Johnson Co., KY. I could go on & on
but I was just wondering if you have anything on origin of Griffin. Thank
you, Barb

Hi Brenda,
I came upon the Meredith & Griffin connection on
I was checking for the right Benjamin Collins for a distant cousin of mine,
when I traced this Benj. back to your Meredith.
I remembered Griffin was a bondsman for a marriage but now I have found 2
marriages in which he was bondsman. There is a Dowell Collins. Do you have a
Dowell in your line?
Dowell Collins married Mary Ennis 22Sep1806, bondsman, Griffin Collins,
Grainger Co., TN.
(Note-Dowell & Edmond & Lewis Collins are related.)
John W. Collins Married Lydia Toner (Submitter on has Toney
instead of Toner.)8Oct1821, bondsman, Griffin Collins, Grainger Co., TN.
Haven't found any more connections or marriages. I see now that Griffin &
Meredith are related. Brothers? I'll keep diggin.--Barb

My line is Meredith Collins through his son John Wesley Collins born 1797.
John married first to Lydia Toner/Toney 1821 Grainger County TN bondsman
Griffin Collins; second to Mary Roark...(my line) It is my belief that
Griffin and Meredith were brothers but I have NO proof. I might add I have
never searched Georgia as I felt they were from the Virginia/North Carolina
area. Griffin and Meredith were both in Wilkes County 1796-7 and by 1799
Meredith was in Russell county Va. Griffin followed by 1804 across the
border into Grainger County TN.

Brenda Collins Dillon
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Subject: [COLLINS-L] Andrew Collins and Allen Griffis/Griffin in 1790 Wake
Co., NC

> Good Morning List:
> In the 1790 Wake Co. NC Federal Census I find an Andrew Collins, HH 271
living with a Allen Griffis (Griffin?). In the Allen Griffis/Griffin
household I find 1 free white male over 18, 4 free white males under 16 and
one free white female with no other free persons or slaves. Page 17 of 20
> The Andrew Collins household, also HH 271, same page on I
find Andrew has 5 free white males over 18, 4 free white males under 16 and
two 2 white females, no other free persons, but there is 9 slaves.
> Perhaps since Andrew has the slaves listed he is the actual owner and
Allen Griffis/Griffin is a family connection or farm workers.
> Would anyone have researched this Andrew Collins line? I know that
Griffin Collins Sr. has a son Allen and a grandson Andrew.
> It's a long shot but I try to turn over all the rocks I find.
> Sheri P. Kelly "Genealogy is Perpetual" SC & AL
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