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From: "Coats Family History" <>
Subject: [COATE] DNA update
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 12:18:27 -0700

Sorry if you get a double post...I keep forgetting to change the sent
from email...

Kit# Product Lab Test Batch Est. Result Date Comment
37626 C/D Kit(Y-DNA13-25 Markers, Y-DNA26-37 Markers) 201 06/06/2007
71385 Y-DNA37(Y-DNA13-25 Markers, Y-DNA26-37 Markers, Y-DNA1-12
Markers) 201 06/15/2007
78430 DeepSNP-J(DSNP-J) 192 04/02/2007
78430 mtFullSequence(FGS) 195 05/25/2007 The mitochondrial full
sequence tests are now running at full speed at Family Tree DNA's
Genomics Research Center. Results are expected back by this date.
87497 Y-DNA25(Y-DNA13-25 Markers, Y-DNA1-12 Markers) 202 06/22/2007

These are pending results we're waiting for from the lab...we just had
another from across the pond received by FTDNA which will soon be
going to the lab...the date at the end is when the results are
expected back...


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