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From: "Virginia Rahal" <>
Subject: [CLENDINEN-L] Clendenin/Lewis
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 20:33:36 -0400


The only evidence, if you can call it that, of Samuel Lewis being one of
the children of William Lewis and Lucinda Clendenin is that Samuel had
children whose initials, ages, and sexes fit the 2 young Lewises living with
William M. Clendenin and Frances "Fannie" Jividen during the 1860 Putnam
Co., WV census. There was an A. Lewis, 19, laborer, born in VA, and an S.
Lewis, 17, female, born in VA. Also, C. Clendenning, 70, male, farmer, born
in VA was living with them.

I found information about a Samuel Lewis who married Elizabeth McGuire
in one of the FTM CD's. They had these children who seem to fit the census
info. His parents were not listed.

Andrew Lewis 1841-1926 who married Charity Reed

Sarah A. Lewis 1842-? who married John Truman (I found this information
in Jackson Co., WV Past and Present.) Sarah was born in Ohio, the daughter
of Samuel Lewis. Her daughter Frances or "Fannie" Truman(named for Frances
"Fannie" Jividen Clendenin with whom she was living in 1860?) married
William R. Wilson.

Lucinda's son, Andrew Lewis (1822-?) lived on Dog Fork of Jackson Co.,
WV and that is only a few miles to the head of Eighteen-mile Creek in Putnam
where William M. Clendenin and Frances Jividen lived. In 1860, Andrew's
parents, William Lewis and Lucinda Clendenin were living with Andrew in
Jackson Co., WV.

I believe the William M. Clendenin and the William Lewis/Lucinda
Clendenin family were closely related, but I don't know how and none of the
"evidence" I have is substantiated.

The following is one possible solution to the relationships. This is
only a GUESS and I'm looking for evidence to support or reject this theory.

I believe it has been established that Charles and Lucinda Clendenin
were children of Alexander Clendenin and Catherine Spencer. Charles, whose
wife is unknown to me, had these children, William M.Clendenin, Lucy or
Lucinda Clendenin (named for her aunt?) and probably others. William Lewis
and Lucinda Clendenin had several children, including Andrew b. 1822, who
may married his first cousin, Lucy Clendenin, daughter of Charles Clendenin,
his mother's brother. Samuel, whose almost adult children were living with
William M. and Fannie Clendenin in 1860, may also have been a son of William
Lewis and Lucinda Clendenin.

I would appreciate any clues to the solution of this puzzle.


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