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From: "Narelle" <>
Subject: Carnegie Clan
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 21:49:53 +1100

Hi Lynda,

I found the listing below in the Clan Carnegie archive list from 17th
January 2003. I thought I would take the chance & contact you, as I am a
descendant of James Carnegie who was also a son of David Carnegie & Cecilia

James married Diana Waldie Clarke (also born in Montrose, Scotland) in
Collingwood, Victoria in January 1854.

James & Diana had 4 children (that I know of). Their names were David,
Cecilia, Alexander & James.

If you read this, please contact me so that we can exchange information.

Kind Regards

Narelle Tognolini (Victoria, Australia)

From: "Lynda Grierson" < >
Subject: [Clan CARNEGIE] New Lister....Carnegie's from Montrose Scotland
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:50:47 +1100
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Below is my Carnegie family as I know it...does anyone out there see any
links with theirs...

Lynda Grierson - Melbourne. Australia

Ancestors of Isabella Carnegie

Generation One

1. Isabella1 Carnegie (David, #2) was born on 20 Feb 1863 at Dunedin,
New Zealand. She married Francis Love, son of Richard Love and Sophia
Cowell, on 7 Feb 1888 at Hambleton Street, South Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia. She died on 11 Dec 1929 at age 66.

Generation Two

2. David2 Carnegie (David, #4) married Isabella Barron (see #3),
daughter of William Barron and Isabella Millar. He was baptized on 5 May
1829 at Kinnell, Angus, Scotland.

Children of David2 Carnegie and Isabella Barron (see #3) were:

1 i. Isabella1 Carnegie.

3. Isabella2 Barron (William, #6) married David Carnegie (see #2), son
of David Carnegie and Cecilia Hendry. She was baptized on 2 Oct 1842 at
Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Generation Three

4. David3 Carnegie (David, #8) was born on 24 Apr 1801 at Maryton,
Angus, Scotland. He married Cecilia Hendry (see #5), daughter of John Hendry
and Ilsa Milne, on 29 Oct 1825 at Farnell, Angus, Scotland. He died in 1888
at Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

Children of David3 Carnegie and Cecilia Hendry (see #5) were:

2 i. David2 Carnegie.

5. Cecilia3 Hendry (John, #10) was baptized on 2 Aug 1795 at
Tannadice, Angus, Scotland. She married David Carnegie (see #4), son of
David Carnegie and Margaret Black, on 29 Oct 1825 at Farnell, Angus,
Scotland. She died in 1881 at Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

6. William3 Barron (William, #12) was born on 11 Apr 1802 at Echt,
Aberdeen, Scotland. He married Isabella Millar (see #7), daughter of James
Millar and Ann Dunbar, on 19 Nov 1841 at Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. He
died on 24 Dec 1869 at Aberdeen, Scotland, at age 67.

Children of William3 Barron and Isabella Millar (see #7) were as

i. Elizabeth Courage2 Barron;
baptized 30 Apr 1842 at Aberdeen, Scotland.

3 ii. Isabella Barron.

iii. William Barron; born 1843 at
Aberdeen, Scotland.

iv. Helen Thornburn Barron; baptized 25
Dec 1846 at Aberdeen, Scotland.

v. Margaret Shepherd Barron; baptized
17 Nov 1849 at Aberdeen, Scotland.

vi. Jane Barron; born 19 Feb 1854 at
Aberdeen, Scotland.

7. Isabella3 Millar (James, #14) was born circa 1810. She married John
Clark in 1831. She married William Barron (see #6), son of William Barron
and Jane Gordon, on 19 Nov 1841 at Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. She died
on 9 Jul 1889 at Old Machar Poor House, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Generation Four

8. David4 Carnegie married Margaret Black (see #9), daughter of David
Black and Janet Stuart, in 1786 at Maryton, Angus, Scotland.

Children of David4 Carnegie and Margaret Black (see #9) were:

4 i. David3 Carnegie.

9. Margaret4 Black (David, #18) married David Carnegie (see #8) in
1786 at Maryton, Angus, Scotland.

10. John4 Hendry married Ilsa Milne (see #11).

Children of John4 Hendry and Ilsa Milne (see #11) were:

5 i. Cecilia3 Hendry.

11. Ilsa4 Milne married John Hendry (see #10).

12. William4 Barron married Jane Gordon (see #13) on 26 Oct 1799 at
Echt, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Children of William4 Barron and Jane Gordon (see #13) were as follows:

6 i. William3 Barron.

ii. Robert Barron; baptized 23 Oct

iii. James Barron; baptized 12 May

13. Jane4 Gordon married William Barron (see #12) on 26 Oct 1799 at
Echt, Aberdeen, Scotland.

14. James4 Millar married Ann Dunbar (see #15).

Children of James4 Millar and Ann Dunbar (see #15) were:

7 i. Isabella3 Millar.

15. Ann4 Dunbar married James Millar (see #14).

Generation Five

18. David5 Black married Janet Stuart (see #19).

Children of David5 Black and Janet Stuart (see #19) were:

9 i. Margaret4 Black.

19. Janet5 Stuart married David Black (see #18).

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