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Subject: Re: [CHURCHMEN-UK] William LEGG, Rector of Hawkinge KEN
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 19:02:30 -0700 (PDT)


I have looked at William Legg's family and found that there were two William's born about the same time and place: one a son of George and Ellen; the other a son of Isaac and Harriet. Isaac was a nurseryman and his son, William, was also a nurseryman; so it would appear that your William is likely to be the son of George and Ellen.

Further research revealed that George and Ellen also had a daughter, Elizabeth, who was with your widowed William and his daughter, Ellen Althea Wickham, in Dover in the 1881 Census, so I considered I was on the right track and followed this family through in the Census etc.

I confirm that George and Ellen's (known) family are:

1. George Austin LEGG, born 1830
2. William LEGG, born 1831
3. Ellen LEGG, born1834
4. Jacob Philip LEGG, born 1836
5. Elizabeth LEGG, born 1838
6. John Wickham LEGG, born 1844.

Hence, because of the names, it is reasonable to assume that George LEGG who married in 1829 in Alverstoke to Ellen AUSTIN is indeed the father of your William.

You may also be interested to learn that George LEGG was a printer by trade, but in later years he was selling books. William, too, was a printer-compositor [in 1851 Census] before taking (late) to the Church. George appears to have died in Kent, perhaps at William's vicarage? His death is registered in the June quarter of 1879 aged (81) at Elham KEN which is where births and deaths of William's family were registered in the 1870's.

There is also an Emma LEGG registered in 1897/Sep (84) Elham KEN and I wonder whether this should read Ellen? and is George's widow. Her age fits in with variances in the Census.

You probably already know that William LEGG married Mary Jane WHITEHEAD in 1866 - registered June quarter in Maidstone KEN.

William and Mary's family I have found are:

1. Richard Wickham LEGG b.1867 d.1952: Archdeacon of Berkshire
2. William Wickham LEGG b.1868
3. George Edward Wickham LEGG b.1870 d.1927: K.B.E. (Sir)
m.1895 = Kathleen Octavia GILDEA
4. Ellen Althea Wickham LEGG b.1873 m.1913 = Albert E. LEWIS
5. Gervase Arthur Wickham LEGG b.1874 d.1903

Furthermore, The Times [London] has in the Ecclesiastical News of Tuesday, February 20, 1923 page 15 column E, "news of the death of Rev William LEGG, of Reading, who was ordained 64 years ago. From 1872-1901 he was Rector of Hardinge, near Folkestone."

Unless The Times has confused two Ministers, it would appear that this Obituary is your William. However, I am not entirely satisfied that this is so, for I have no other reference to your William being in Reading, whereas William LEGG, B.A., Independent Minister, was, as follows:

Margaret Wilton Legg DOWLING, of Edinburgh, the eldest daughter of the late Rev William LEGG, B.A., of Reading, was the widow of Charles DOWLING: she died July 25, 1913 - The Times August 2, 1913 page 1A. William LEGG, B.A. was an Independent Minister, born in Scotland c1801; Margaret W. was born in Reading c1838. Hence, this is not your man and Reading is the reason I am not yet convinced that your William died in 1923.

Certainly something for you to work on though.
Hope this helps.

Jill Statton
Adelaide, South Australia

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> William Legg was Rector of Hawkinge, Kent in the 1870's.
> He retired and he
> died after the 1901 census. One son, Richard Wickham Legg,
> was also a
> clergyman. He is too late to be in the database of Anglican
> clergy. Does
> anyone have a reference work for the 1870s that might give
> a clue as to who
> his parents were or when or where he might have died?
> Many thanks
> Pawi
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