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From: Maureen Girard <>
Subject: [CHURCH] Re: Frederic Edwin Church
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:20:39 -0700

I, too, would LOVE to know who is working on this line of Churches.
Frederic's father or grandfather is my Number One Suspect as the father of
the elusive Fannie Church (b. c. 1809). I do have a fair amount of info on
this family, which ranges in a couple of generations from Hartford to
upstate NY to southwestern OH and back to NY (not to mention a few forays
across the pond to Paris and Rome!).

Frederic (b. 1826 at Hartford CT) and his wife, ISABEL MORTIMER CARNES (of
nr. Cincinnatti OH), had six children: Herbert and Emma (both died very
young), Frederic, Theodore, Louis and Isabel, all but Theodore b. NY (he
was born in Italy).

The really short answer to the question you're probably all asking is,
Frederic's parents were JOSEPH CHURCH and ELIZA JANES. Information on this
family is scarce, but I believe they had at least one other child besides

Joseph's parents were SAMUEL CHURCH (b. 1758) and DOLLY (Dorothy) OLMSTEAD,
both b. Hartford. Samuel moved to upstate NY around Bennington and Ogden
(nr Rochester), and here things get a little fuzzy. I believe he married a
second time, and he died in 1844 at Ogden NY.

Samuel's parents were CALEB CHURCH (b. 7 Jan 1702/03 at Hartford; d. 31 May
1760 at Hartford) and SARAH BARNARD (b. May 1715 Hartford). Their children
were James, Russell, Anna, Timothy, Caleb, Sarah, Mabel, Ruth, Jerusha,
Asher, Samuel, George, all b. bet. 1731 and 1761.

Caleb's parents were JOHN CHURCH and (I think) ABIGAIL CADWELL (someone
more knowledgeable in this line, please help!). Their childrenn were John,
Caleb, Abigail, Mary, Joseph, Daniel, Ann.

That's about all I know that seems fairly certain. Hopefully, there are
other people on this list who can fill in with better information on this


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> Who can claim Frederic Edwin Church 1826-1900 American painter, know
for landscapes. Just curious!

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