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Hi, again, C. DOVE,

There may be even more connections between the TULLOS and HATTEN and other of my families in Mississippi and Louisiana as I found the following information which connects a WOMACK family member related to my maternal grandmother's 1st husband, Joseph Marion WOMACK, Sr. of West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Not sure yet how closely. He was married to my maternal grandmother, Ethel Rosalie HATTEN, of Winn Parish, Louisiana who was the granddaughter of Lawrence M. HATTEN, (CSA,) who was the son of the aforementioned, (in the other email,) William HATTEN, (1st Coroner of Winn Parish, LA,) and his 1st wife, Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT. William HATTEN later married 2nd wife, Anna "Annie" NETTLES in Winn Parish, LA where he moved with his children after the death of 1st wife, Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT, in 1840 during complications from childbirth on Indian Creek in Jackson/Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

See the following information which shows a Mary A. TULLOS marrying as the 2nd wife of Wiley W. WOMACK of Jackson/Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Then it also shows a brother of this Wiley W. WOMACK who was William WOMACK being born in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

Also, on this same website page there are more TULLOS marriages into this WOMACK family as well as one of a Horace WOMACK and Beatrice MILES and Horace WOMACK died in Tullos, Louisiana.

See this information below along with the url address for this website.


<<13. Horace Womack, born September 15, 1909 in Jackson Parish, La.; died December 1984 in Tullos, La. He married Beatrice Miles. >>


Thankful Caroline TULLOS and Daniel WOMACK who was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. See that excerpt below the first one shown immediately below.


3. Wiley W.8 Womack (Robert7, Richard Mansel6, David5, Richard4, Richard3, Richard2, William1) was born 1838 in Ms, died 1911 in Jackson Parish, La. He married (1) Ellen Pace August 10, 1857. She was born abt. 1845; died October 11, 1910. He married (2) Mary A. Tullos April 19, 1911.

Children of Wiley Womack and Ellen Pace are:

1. George W.9 Womack, born June 10, 1858; died November 25, 1917.

2. Sarah Womack, born abt. 1859.

7. William William Womack (Robert7, Richard Mansel6, David5, Richard4, Richard3, Richard2, William1) was born January 15, 1846 in Bienville Parish, La., died Mary 25, 1925. He married (1) Ruth Adams abt. 1867. She was born abt. 1848, died abt. 1885. He married Sallie Smith December 09, 1888 in Claiborne Parish, La. She was born July 24, 1872 in Union Co., Ar; died July 12, 1951 in Jackson Parish, La. >>

8. Daniel Womack, born March 29, 1823 in St. Helena Parish, La; died December 26, 1878 in Bosque Co., Tx. He married (1) Cynthia Ann Gibson, October 31, 1844 in Caldwell Parish, La; born April 04, 1825; died July 29, 1853. He married (2) Thankful Caroline Tullos, May 01, 1854 in Louisiana. He married (3) Sibba Tullas, December 05, 1875 in Jackson Parish, La; born abt. 1850. >>

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Subject: [CHOCTAW-SURNAMES] Surname Tullos

Hi, Is there anyone here who has any information on the name Tullos.
I've been told by a family member( now deceased) when I was younger that
there may be Choctaw roots in our family. Not sure if it would be
Mississippi Choctaw or Jena Choctaw. The name I have is Richard Tullos
b.1870 m. Mary Emma Fowler 1894 d. 1943.
Children of Mary Emma and Richard Tullos.
1) Guthrie (male)
2) Floyd (male)
3) Alcie (female)
4) Bertie (female)
5) Sadie (female)d.1982 (my GM) m. Benjamin Franklin Rigdon
6) Cleavie ( ?)

My grandparents lived in Bienville Parish. Castor, Louisiana
I am new to genealogy and do not know how to move past this brick wall
I've hit. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!
C. Dove

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