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Subject: [Childress Research] Samuel Childress murdered
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:02:58 EST

Been a while since I kicked any thing in figured it was time. indiana jack

Taken from The Clay County Courier Newspaper, published in Corning Arkansas.
May 16, 1902

Detective Murdered; Samuel Childress, of Yell County, (Arkansas) was found
dead near Aplin, having been assassinated, the murderer using a shot gun.
James A. Huddleston, alias Alexander, is charged with the crime. Childress
was regarded as a sort of secret detective. Not long ago he made a trip to
Texas and shortly after his return a merchant of Casa named Alexander was
arrested on the charge of counterfeiting money in Texas some twelve years
ago. It developed that Alexander's real name was Huddleston, and that he
escaped from the Paris, Texas jail the night before a verdict sentencing him
to ten years in the penitentiary was delivered to the court. Nothing was
heard of him untill the occurence mentioned above. The evidence against him
leading to his discovery was worked up and furinshed to the Texas
authorities by Childress. Huddeleston was taken back to Paris and it is
reported to have been sentenced to five years in the penitentiary, but was
released about three weeks ago. He immediately returned to Casa and
instituted a suit for libel against Childress. On the day of the killing it
is alleged Huddleston secured a shot gun and went hunting in the direction
where the dead man was found.



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