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Subject: Re: [Childress Research] Pittsylvania
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:03:25 -0800
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Hi Con,
Early on in our research I encountered an abstract of a John Childress deed
on Childress Creek in present day Pittsylvania and made a note to myself on
my master map..... This was before I started keeping better notes and
collecting source documents. Whatever I was looking at pre-dates the
formation of Pittsylvania County in 1767 so the deed must have been filed in
the parent county of Halifax which included present day Pittslyvania. When
I took the land description of that deed and searched a US Govt map site it
located the creek in present day Pittsylvania on the North Carolina boarder
just north of Danville (not near the Staunton/Roanoke Rivers of which you
ask). This is what I recollect after several years of neglecting this area
of research. I haven't been able to do anything with this person and now it
has been so long I don't know if I can even find that abstracted deed again.

It was important to me only because the 1756 Pittsylvania (Halifax) deed was
so far out on the frontier.... so early. However this deed was NOT in the
location of the North-West Pittsylvania Childresses that Greg Whitlock is
tracking a generation later after the Revolution. Danville is the
transition to North Carolina. The Dan river, at Danville, is a roadway into
North Carolina.

I was at the time trying to tie together assorted "frontier" Childresses who
moved far and wide very early including
1) a John Childress born 1755 in Cumberland (and whose father was killed at
Braddock's defeat) This John Childress born 1755 (we refer to him here as
"John of 1755"), lived in Surrey County, NC and other Carolina Counties
according to his Revolutionary War pension statement suggesting that his kin
may have moved to those counties from Cumberland County, VA.
2) a William Childress who deserts from the British militia during the
French and Indian Wars (circa the 1760's) in Northern West Virginia and
Pennsylvania State area and is captured again by the British and whose fate
is unknown... but is palling around with his best friend and fellow deserter
who has the surname "Lindsay"... which appears in my lineage of Knox County,
TN as well as the Henrico County VA Childresses of 1800 as well.
3) a Joseph Childress who enlists in the Cumberland County, VA Indian
fighting militia circa 1757 and is the right age and location to be a
brother to the Childress killed at Braddock's defeat.
4) and this remote John Childress with a 1756 land deed in present day
Pittsylvania just North of Danville, who in 1756 is living in between the
Indians and civilization.

After the defeat of the British General Braddock in 1755, there was an
exodus of families from the Western frontier to the Southern states in
anticipation of large scale French and Indian raids into Virginia.. it has
been described as a near panic for all but the most seasoned Indian
fighters. I was just kicking around an unsupported idea that the Childress
who died at Braddock's defeat may have been there with brothers who escaped
alive and eventually went to the frontier as did fellow survivor of
Braddock's defeat, Daniel Boone and later by the son of the deceased
Childress of Braddock's defeat ie., John Childress born 1755.

No other records have emerged yet until I saw the posting by Kathryn
Childress (below) that a land deed in Pittsylvania just
north of Danville showed Childresses (Joshua and Frances) still there in
1798. I found it interesting to see the Childress family still in that

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What Childress Creek just above Danville? Are you referring to
the currently labeled Childrey Creek in Halifax Co which flows into the
Roanoke(Staunton) River near Clarkton?
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> There is a John Childress who buys land in 1756 on Childress Creek in
> Pittsylvania, just North of Danville. I don't have a copy of the deed and
> have no other information on this person.
> Regards
> Gary
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> Subject: Re: [Childress Research] cemetery observation
> Roberta, you may have this information, but just in case you do not here
> is: On November 8, 1798 Joshua & Frances Childress purchased 108 acres of
> land in Pittsylvania County, VA from Joseph Lynch. Mr. Lynch's land was
> the south side of White Mountain, on the head waters of Falls Creek. This
> is just North of Danville, VA. Please keep me in mind if you find
> in Pittsylvania.
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