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Subject: RE: [Childress Research] Robert Childress
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 09:09:35 -0500

Hello Bill Childress from Murfreesboro, TN, I am Robert T. Childress
from Clarksville TN (right up the road). You, I, Robert D. from San
Antonio, and two or three others are diligently looking for the ever
illusive Robert Childress. I see that you descend from William, Robert D.
and I descend from his son James. I was a Scout Platoon Leader in Desert
Storm and can track a rabbit with the best of them. But this guy has me
wrung out. I have tracked all ship manifests coming out of all ports from
England Ireland and Scotland in the 1600s and 1700s. I have tracked ships
during the same period hitting Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina
during the same period. I have searched the tombstones, looked at census
data, marriage documents, wills, court disputes, family bibles, military
certificates, pension records et. al. and feel so close, but have not yet
nailed this guy.

Robert D. pools the information best when he states that:

ROBERT CHILDRESS SR.(my ggggrandfather)lived most of his adult life in the
Old 96th Judicial District of SC. He owned 200 acres of land located on the
Tugaloo River which is in NW SC. The boundry line for this land included the
Big Beaver Dam Creek. The Beaverdam Creek of the Tyger River is also
mentioned as one of the boundry lines for the property owned by John
Childress. Could these 2 pieces of property be adjancent to one another.
Could your John Childress and my Robert Childress Sr be brothers?

Background Information About the Robert Childress Sr Family of SC, Ga and

The parents of my Robert Childress Sr. are unknown. According to family
tradition, the Childress Family migrated to the US from Scotland. They are
believed to have entered the US through a NC port of entry since they
settled in NW SC.

Robert Childress Sr owned property on the Tugaloo River in NW SC at the time
of his death about 1799. This property was sold to Robert Childress Jr (son
of Robert Childress Sr) of Clarke County Ga on 28 Dec 1820 by the heirs of
Robert Childress Sr. This transaction was initially recorded on the Bibb
County Ala records on 3 Sep 1821 and subsequently recorded on the Anderson
County SC Records (Book P, Page 319).

This land was then sold by Robert Childress (Childers) Jr of Clarke County
Ga. to James H. Perryman of the Pendleton District of SC on the 31st of
March 1821. This transaction was recorded on the records of the Pendleton
District of SC on 3 Sep 1821. (See Book P, Page 319)

The family is believed to have migrated from SC to Ga to Ala. Facts to
support this assumption are listed below.

LUCY CHILDRESS (daughter of Robert Childress Sr) married Willis Smith in
Morgan County Ga on 11 Dec 1810.

POLLY CHILDRESS (daughter of Robert Childress Sr) married Alesander Richey
in Morgan County Ga on 9 Mar 1810.

Sarah Childress (daugter of Robert Childress Sr) married John Middleton in
Morgan County Ga on 29 Jul 1809.

Lucretia Childress (daughter of James Childress and Granddaughter of Robert
Childress Sr.) was born in Morgan County Ga and married Thomas Watson LJones
on 16 Jun 1831 in Bibb County Ala.

James Childress (son of Robert Childress Sr) Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)
were living in Bibb County when James Childress died in Apr 1815.

Alfred Childress (my gggrandfather) was born in SC in 1799 and he died in
Bibb County Ala in 1865. His wife, Bedia Baggett, was born in Morgan County
Ga in 1802.

Mary Childress was the executor of Robert's estate.

I also know that Lucretia S. Childress, daughter of James and Elizabeth was
taken by her grandparents to Bibb County AL as is stated in these lines in
her memorial given at her funeral.

"These lines are dedicated to "Our Mother in Israel," Lucretia Smitherman,
who was born in Morgan County, Georgia, July 18, 1815, died in Bienville
Parish, Louisiana, April 23rd, 1903, aged 87 years, 8 months, and 13 days.

Truly a princess in Israel has fallen. She was the daughter of James
and Elizabeth Childers. Her father died in April 1815. When she was two
years old she was brought to Bibb County, Alabama, by her grandparents,
where she spent her childhood." Etc......

I did not know that Robert Sr. went to Bibb County, but these grandparents
may be on her mother's side.

We don't know the maiden name of Mary Childress (Robert Sr.'s wife) but the
name Mary Garner runs for generations. I have just begun tracking Mary from
the Garner SURNAME, but it takes time to get into the rhythm of a different
line and I am new at this.

Let's continue to pool our resources and we will have an Internet party when
we lock this rascal down. Take care Cuz.

Tim Childress
CSS Automation Management Officer
956-2754 DSN: 635
CELL (931)216-6478
Air Assault!

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Subject:[Childress Research] Robert Childress

Hi...I am looking for information on a Robert Childress with the
following line:

Robert Childress, lived in SC
William Childress, son of Robert; born 1793 in SC; moved to
Co., MS; died Belfountan, MS 1860; wife, Sarah
John Middleton Childress, son of William; born 1851 in Webster Co.
brother of Thomas; died Kilmichael, MS 1930; wife Nancy
John Albert Childress, son of John Middleton Childress; born in
Montgomery Co., MS; died Kilmichael, MS 1959; wife Mary
William Albert Childress, son of John Albert Childress; born in
Montgomery Co., MS 1930 (me!)

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks,
Bill Childress, Murfreesboro, TN

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