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The 1790 reconstructed census included two Childers families: Drewey
Childers in Bourbon County and Golsly Childers in Lincoln County.

HENRY CHILDERS, SR. was born around 1730 in Albermarle County, Virginia.
He married Susannah Goolsby, d/o Thomas Goolsby, about 1755 in
Virginia.The earliest families settled on the James River in Henrico
County, later Goochland County, Virginia. Descendants migrated to
Kentucky after the Revolutionary War. The 1790 reconstructed census
included two Childers families: Drewey Childers in Bourbon County and
Golsly Childers in Lincoln County. In the 1820 Kentucky census there
were 31 Childers households in Kentucky, including 13 in Grant County,
two in Pendleton County and one in Harrison County. Some of these
families were the grown children and grandchildren of Henry and
Susannah. the children of Henry and Susannah are believed to be:
1. Goolsby Childers married 28 Feb 1782 to Nancy Swinney.
2. ROBERT CHILDERS, SR. married (1) 27 Mar 1783 to Nancy Pryor, married
(2) 27 Jun 1822 to Nancy Coleman.
3 Abraham Childers, born in VA.
3. HENRY CHILDERS, JR. married 6 Jul 1791 to Mary C. Thompson
4.. Sarah Childers married 29 Dec 1794 to William Huffman
5.JOSHUA CHILDERS, SR. married (1) 29 Apr 1799 to Lucy Richardson,
married (2) 11 May 1854 to Malinda Coleman.
6.SOLOMON CHILDERS married 3 Apr 1800 to Elizabeth Richardson.
7.WILLIAM G. CHILDERS married 8 Jun 1805 to Elizabeth Graham.
8. THOMAS GOOLSBY CHILDERS married 3 Dec 1799 to Polly Richardson.

3. ROBERT CHILDERS, SR. married (1) 27 Mar 1783 to Nancy Pryor, married
(2) 27 Jun 1822 to Nancy Coleman.
Robert md. (2) 27 Jun 1822, Gram Co., KY to Nancy Coleman, d. by 1830.
Their known children were:
1. WILLIAM H. CHILDERS, b. 1784, Amherst Co., VA - d. 13 Dec 1853,
Grant Co., KY; md. 20 Mar 1806, Pendleton Co., KY to Elizabeth Taylor,
d/o ROBERT TAYLOR (Fork Lick) and Betsy Taylor, b. 1785 on a ship at sea
- d. 15 Apr 1853, Grant Co., KY. He owned land on the Grassy Creek
watershed next to his father. They had at least five children:
1 Marinda, b. 1807; md. John P. Thomas, s/o Thomas Thomas.
2.Marella, b. 1809; md. Elizah Billiter, s/o Mark and
Mary Owen Billiter.
3 Mary, b. 1814; md. Squire Lucas, s/o Richard Lucas.
.4 Lucy, b. 1815 - d. Sep 1852; md. (1) Wesley Childers,
s/o SOLOMON CHILDERS and Elizabeth Richardson Childers,
.................d. 1841, md. (2) James B. Smith.
5 William J. (Hatter), b. 1823; md. Mary (Polly) Landrum,
d/o Boswell and Sally Frakes Landrum. .

2 Sarah (Sally) Childers, b. 1786, VA; md. 21 Mar 1805, Pendleton Co.,
KY to JAMES J. THOMAS, s/o Thomas Thomas.
3 JOHN P. CHILDERS, b. 1787, VA; md. 1810, Bourbon Co., KY to Catherine
Ament, d/o Phillip Ament, ca. 1784/94.
4 Goolsby Childers, b. 1790, VA; md. (1) 1812, Bourbon Co., KY to Mary
Elizabeth Thomas, d/o Thomas Thomas, md. (2) 1852 to ........Sarah
Alien, a widow in TX.
5 Joseph Childers, b. 1792; md. ca. 1817 to Mary (Polly) J. Landrum, d/o
John and Mary Collins Landrum. He served in the War of .......1812 and
owned land on Grassy Creek. Four of their children were believed to be
born in Pendleton or Grant Co., KY.
6 Harmon Childers, b. 1795; md. 3 Aug 1814, Pendleton Co., KY to Sally
DeHart, d/o Acklin and Mary Patten DeHart. He was a .......veteran of
the War of 1812.
7 Robert Childers, Jr. b. 1798; md. 1818. Pendleton Co., KY to Sarah
(Sally) A. Landrum, d/o John and Mary Collins Landrum. Their later moved to Scotland Co., MO.
Henry P. Childers, b. ca. 1799 - d. 1840, IL; md. 17 Aug 1820, Pendleton
Co., KY to Elizabeth (Betsy) Huffman. d/o William and ........Sarah
Childers Huffman, d. 1878. In 1829 they moved to Adams Co., IL.
9 Nancy Childers, b. 1802 - d. 1888; md. 1822, Grant Co., KY to Jesse
Conyers, s/o DENNIS CONYERS and Mary Burke Conyers, .......d. 1860. They
lived all their lives in Grant Co., KY.
10 James P. Childers, b. 1805 - d. 1882; md. 1825, Grant Co., KY to
Susannah Huffman, d/o William and Sarah Childers Huffman, .......d.
1872. They went to Franklin Co., MO about 1830. He served in the Mexican
War and the Civil War.

4. SOLOMON CHILDERS, b. ca. 1765, VA - d. 1838, prob. Rockcastle Co.,
KY; md. 3 Apr 1800, Madison Co., KY to Elizabeth Richardson, d/o Amos
and Martha Richardson, b. ca. 1765/84. They moved about 1810 to
Pendleton Co., KY and around 1830 moved to Rockcastle Co., KY. Their
children were:
1 Harrison Childers, b. ca. 1803 - d. in infancy.
2 John Childers, b. 1805
3 Amos Childers, b. 1808; md. 1831, Adams Co., IL to Susannah Hicks.
4 Bailey Childers, b. 1809; md. 1832, Madison Co., KY to
Elizabeth Taylor.
5 Sally Childers, b. ca. 1810; md. 1824, Grant Co., KY to George
Landrum, s/o John and Mary Collins Landrum.
6 Lucy Childers.

4.8 Daniel Harrison Childers, b. 1823 - d. 1864, Grant Co., KY; md. 29
Mar 1843, Grant Co., KY to Manila C. Thomas, d/o John P. and Marinda
Childers Thomas. After the death of Daniel, Manila married William Lewis
Landrum, s/o Richard and Elizabeth Frakes Landrum.

5. HENRY CHILDERS, JR, b. 8 Jul 1767, Amherst Co., VA - d. 26 Mar 1852,
Grant Co., KY; md. 6 Jul 1791, Greenbrier Co., VA to Mary C. Thompson,
d/o James Thompson, b. ca. 1765/84 - d. 1858. They settled in Garrard
Co., KY but were in Pendleton County by 1810, in Dry Ridge, which is now
Grant Co., KY. He was the surveyor of the Dry Ridge Road between his
house and Sarah Hampton. This road was carefully drawn by John Mountjoy
or Jediah Ashcraft, on the earliest known map of a Grant County section
of Dixie Highway. The first Grant County Court was held 20 Apr 1820 at
Henry's home. Henry was a farmer and he operated an inn. Their children
1 James Childers, b. 1794; md. 1823 to Elizabeth Tungate. James
served in the War of 1812. 1 Elizabeth Childers.
2 John Childers, b. 1797 - d. 1840; md. 1822 to Jane Pierce, d/o
William and Margaret On- Pierce.
1 Thompson Childers.
2 William Henry, b. 1825; md. 21 Dec 1847, Grant Co., KY to
Joanne Seward, d/o Daniel and Lucyndia Tongate Seward
3 Elizabeth H., b. 1825; md. 1842 to John L. Glasscock.
4 Asa McMatten, b. 1827.
5 James F., b. 1830.
6 Ruth Ann, b. 1832; md. 9 Mar 1848 to Tully Seward, s/o
Daniel and Lucyndia Tongate Seward, Jr.
7 Susannah J., b. 1834 - d. 1852.
8 Martha Ann, b. 1838.
9 Matthew, b 1838 - d. in childhood.
10 Mary Margaret, b. 1840; md. 1857 to Thomas J. Stroud.

3 Susannah Childers, b. 1799 - d. bef. 1834; md. 1818 to Nathaniel
Henderson. Nathaniel md. (2) 1834 to Polly Ann Evans.
4 Elizabeth Childers, b. 1802; md. 1822 to John Harrison.
5 Robert Childers, b. 1805; md. Mary Ashcraft, d/o JAMES RICHARD
ASHCRAFT and Elizabeth Wortman Ashcraft, they had two children, md. (2)
13 Mar 1834, Pendleton Co., KY to Emily Belew, d/o THOMAS BELEW and
Sarah Dougherty Belew, d. bef 1850, they had six children. Children of
Robert were:
1 James H, b. 1827; md. 1854 to Nancy Pierce.
2 William Henry, b. 1830; md. Lucy Pierce.
3 Thomas G., b. 1836, went to MO.
4 John Wesley, b. 1841.
5 Robert P., b. 1845.
.6 Mary Ann Childers.
7 Sarah Ellen Childers.
8 Alexander, d. in infancy.

6 Rebecca Childers, b. 1807, never married.
7 Mary Childers, b. 1810, believed to have died young.
8 Sarah Childers, b. 1813, believed to have died young.
9 Henry (Judge) Childers, b. 11 Feb 1816 - d. Aug 1899; md. 12 Apr 1838
to Elizabeth Bryan Conyers,
1 Mary Catherine, b. 1841; md. William W. Dunlap.
2 Robert Harvey, b. 1843; md. Nov 1868 to Sarah Elizabeth
3 Newton, b. 1846.
4 Ann Louisa, b. 1848.
5 Alice W., b. 1850; md. Benjamin H. Dunlap.
6 Martha Jennis, b. 1853; md. Darius P. Brewer.
7 Marion, b. 1854; md. Rosella Ambler.
8 Elizabeth D., b. 1856; md. John Beard.
9 Emma Louise, b. 1858; md. Joseph Markham.
10 Flora B..b. 1859.
11 William C.,b. 1860.
12 Nancy C., b. 1862.
13 Albert Sidney, b. 1867; md. Laura Webster.

6. Sarah Childers, b. ca. 1774, VA - d. 1850, IL; md. 29 Dec 1794,
Lincoln Co., KY to William Huffman, native of VA. This family resided in
Grant Co., KY before going on to Adams Co., IL in 1829. Their known
children were:
1 Nelson Huffman, b. 1796; md. Susannah Childers, d/o
THOMAS GOOLSBY CHILDERS and Polly Richardson Childers.
2 Mary (Polly) Huffman, b. 1800; md. Reuben Childers, s/o
Reuben and Margaret Childers.
3 Elizabeth Huffman, b. 1801; md. 1820, Pendleton Co., KY
to Henry P. Childers, s/o ROBERT CHILDERS and Nancy
................Pryor Childers.
4 Henry Huffman, b. 1805; md. Sarah Childers, d/o THOMAS
GOOLSBY CHILDERS and Polly Richardson.
5 Susannah Huffman, b. 1808; md. James P. Childers, s/o
ROBERT CHILDERS and Nancy Pryor.

7. JOSHUA CHILDERS, SR., b. 29 Aug 1777, VA - d. 6 Oct 1856, Grant Co.,
KY; md. (1) 29 Apr 1799, Madison Co., KY to Lucy Richardson, d/o Amos
and Martha Bailey Richardson, md. (2) 11 May 1854, Grant Co., KY to
Malinda Coleman. By 1809, Joshua had settled in the part of Pendleton
County that would later become Grant County. Their children were:
1 Mary (Polly) Childers, b. 1800; md. William P. Childers,
s/o HENRY CHILDERS and Elizabeth Pryor Childers.
2 Martha (Patsy) Childers, b. 1804; md. George Pierce.
3 Squire Childers, b. 1806; md. Rebecca Conyers.
4 Nancy Childers, b. 1811; md. 1836 to Hannon Childers.
5 Sarah (Sally) Childers, b. 1819; md. 1844 to W.S. Ayers.
They moved to Washington, KS.
6 Joshua Childers, Jr., b. 1820; md. 1842 to Amanda Vance.

8. WILLIAM G. CHILDERS, b. ca. 1780, prob. VA - d. 1834, between KY and
Gasonade Co., MO; md. 8 Jun 1805, Garrard Co., KY to Elizabeth Graham,
d. 1857, Franklin Co., MO. This resided in Pendleton County and around
1825 went to Gasonade Co., MO. Their children were:
1 Elizabeth F. Childers, b. 1806.
2 Henry Graham Childers.
3 Thomas Griffin Childers, b. 1810.
4 Johnson Childers, b. 1811.
5 Spicey Childers.

9. THOMAS GOOLSBY CHILDERS, b. 3 Jan 1781, prob. VA - d. 21 Dec 1858,
Franklin Co., MO; md. 3 Dec 1799, Madison Co.. KY to Polly Richardson,
d. 1856. This family moved to Pendleton County around 1810. He served
under Col. William Mountjoy's KY Volunteer Regiment in the War of 1812.
They were members of the Old Baptist Church in Dry Ridge, Grant Co., KY.
Their known children were:
1 Daniel Childers, b. ca. 1804.
2 Susannah Childers, b. 1807; md. Nelson Huffman, s/o William
and Sarah Childers Huffman.
3 Henry Childers, b. 1811.
4 Mary Childers, b. 1814.
5 Sarah (Sally) Childers, md. Henry Huffman, s/o William and
Sarah Childers Huffman.
6 Milton R. Childers, b. 1820.
.7 Benjamin G. Childers, b. 1822.

MAJOR CHILDERS, SR. was born in 1774, s/o Joseph and Mary Fans Childers
of Amherst and Greenbrier Counties in Virginia. He married 19 Jan 1796,
Amherst County, Virginia, to Hannah Ballew, d/o Stewart Ballew. Hannah
was born around 1777 in Virginia died in Kentucky. .2nd md 8 Jul 1815,
Pendleton County to Nancy (Williams) Woodyard, daughter of BENNETT
WILLIAMS. Nancy was born about 1790 in Virginia and she died in dark
County, Missouri. . Children of Major and Hannah were:
1. Nancy Childers, b. 1796; md. Garrard Co., KY to Andrew
2. Joseph Henry Childers,b1798;md.(1)1820,Grant Co., KY
Margaret Conyers , md. (2) Adams Co., IL Mary McClone.
3. John Childers, b. 1801.
4. Joanna Childers, b. 1804.
5. Major Childers, Jr., b. 1806.
6. Elizabeth Childers, b. 1809.

John Childers of Albemarle County, Virginia. Children of John were
4.John, Jr. born 2 Dec 1759 fought in the Revolutionary War.
John moved to North Carolina and then on to Knox County,
........Tennessee where he died 11 Jan 1849. Mitchell and William also
lived in Knox County.

Henry, also known as Harry, was born in 1765 and he died 1 Sep 1839. He
married Betsy Pryor, 10 Sep 1787, marriage license date, in Greenbrier
County, Virginia. Betsy preceded her husband in death. It is believed
that Henry was the son of John Childers of Albemarle County, Virginia.
Children of Henry and Betsy were:
1. Nancy Childers, 1790, VA - d. bef. 1840; married 1 Feb
1810, Pendleton Co., KY to RICHARD WORTMAN, JR.
2. Abraham Childers, b.c1791, Bourbon Co., KY; md (1) 18 Mar
1814, Pendleton Co.KY Sarah Morris, d (2) 2 Jul 1816,
..............Pendleton Co., KY Polly Morris, md (3) 4 Mar 1827, Grant
Co., KYBetsy Clark.
3. William P. Childers married 4 Jul 1820 to Polly Childers.
4. Lucy Childers married 6 May 1819 to James Wilson.
5. Thomas C. Childers married 3 Mar 1833 to Luanda Thomhill.
6. Polly Childers married 8 Aug 1822 to William Templeton.
7. John Childers, died before father without issue.

3. William P. (Yankee) Childers, md. 4 Jul 1820, Switzerland Co., IN to
Polly Childers, d/o JOSHUA CHILDERS, SR. and Lucy ........Richardson
Childers. Their known children were:
1 John, b. ca. 1820; md. Eliza _? _, b. ca. 1834. They were in
Grant Co., KY in 1860.
2 Joshua, b. ca. 1825; md. 11 Apr 1843. Grant Co., KY to
Elizabeth Childers.
3,4,5 Unknown females.
6 Benjamin T., b. ca. 1830.
7 Sarah M., 1833.
8 Solomon, b. ca. 1835.

4. Lucy Childers, b. ca. 1798, KY; md. 6 May 1819, Pendleton Co., KY to
James Wilson, s/o Robert Wilson, b. 1796, VA.
5. Thomas C. Childers, b. ca. 1805, Pendleton Co., KY; md. 3 Mar 1833 to
Lucinda Thornhill. Their children were:
1 Sarah Elizabeth, 1837.
2 William T., b. ca. 1845.
3 Joanna, b. ca. 1848.
4 James F., 1869.

6. Polly Childers, b. ca. 1803; md. 8 Aug 1822 to William Templeton, b.
ca. 1794, PA.

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