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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
22-30 SEPTEMBER 1862

>>MONDAY, 22 SEPT 1862<<

MARRIED -- in San Joaquin county, Sept. 19th, by Rev. Mr. BOLINGER;
Mr. John E. GROSS to Miss Barbara MENGES.

HOMICIDE -- D.T. HOPKINS was killed about 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon by George A. RUFFNAR, on Hopkins & Holden's ranch, situated
on the Calaveras road about 12 miles from this city. RUFFNAR stabbed
him with a bowie knife, in the left breast, and he was brought into
town by Mr. McELROY yesterday evening and placed in jail. We are
informed that the cause of the lamentable occurrence was as follows:
Mr. HOPKINS had a horse which was placed in Mr. HOLDEN's hands for a
debt due RUFFNAR. He was about to make use of the horse when RUFFNAR,
who was on the spot, remarked that he had better pay the debt before
he used him. Words passed between the parties, the lie was given, and
HOPKINS struck RUFFNAR, who immediately drew his knife and stabbed
HOPKINS, who expired almost immediately.

of the First Baptist Church is at present suffering from inflammatory
rheumatism, preventing him from attending to his usual Sabbath
duties. The Revs. Messrs. DRYDEN and GURNSEY kindly officiated at his
church yesterday morning and evening. We are informed that owing to
his present afflictions the Reverend gentleman has been prevented
from being present at our Union Relief meetings much against his
wishes. It is believed, however, that he will soon recover and be
restored to health and usefulness.

>>TUESDAY, 23 SEPT 1862<<

SHOOTING AFFRAY -- At La Grange, on Friday last, a Frenchman named
VEVAY, shot his brother in a mining claim on the Tuolumne river, near
La Grange. A dispute arose between them about a crow-bar. It is
believed that the person shot will lose 1 eye. He was standing with
his back exposed looking around, and was pretty well peppered in that
portion of his body located between his back and heels. No arrest has
been made.

HOTEL on the MOVE -- Mr. A.B. ANDERSON, County Clerk of Stanislaus
county, is pulling down the "Anderson House" of which he is the
proprietor, and will removed the same to Snelling.


THE HOPKINS' HOMICIDE CASE -- At a Coroner's Jury, assembled on the
22d at HOLDEN's ranch, to investigate the cause of the death of David
T. HOPKINS; from the evidence of several witnesses, it appears that
Mr. RUFFNER, who caused the death of the deceased, had a bill of sale
of a mare, and had turned out the animal at the residence of John H. TONE.

On Sunday last, Mr. HOPKINS, without asking permission of RUFFNER,
took the mare to Mr. HOLDEN's stable, as RUFFNER thought, with the
intention of using her. Shortly after, RUFFNER came to the stable and
went in where HOPKINS was.

Several witnesses who were in the barn in front of the horses in the
stable, say that they had a conversation for a few minutes, when loud
words ensued and each accused the other of a lie, and HOPKINS then
struck RUFFNER with his fist, or hand -- knocking RUFFNER back, who
then drew a large dirk knife and stabbed HOPKINS, who died almost
immediately after.

While the body of HOPKINS was being carried into the house of Mr.
HOLDEN, RUFFNER went to the house of Mr. LAPLANT, about 5000 yards
from the barn, where he lived, and remained there until arrested.
HOPKINS was stabbed twice, there being 1 wound in the left breast
near the left nipple, and 1 wound in the right breast near the right nipple.

The name of the deceased was David T. HOPKINS and he was formerly
from Connecticut. The jury rendered their verdict in accordance with
the above, believing that the death of HOPKINS was caused by RUFFNER.
We are indebted to Mr. M.H. BOND, Coroner, for an examination of the
recorded testimony on the occasion.


>>WEDNESDAY, 24 SEPT 1862<<

DIED -- on Tuesday evening, Keyran, son of Patrick and Bridget GRANT,
aged 3 years, 9 months, 18 days. [Friends and acquaintances are
respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to take place from the
residence of his parents, on Market street, between California and
American streets, at 4 o'clock this (Wednesday) evening.]

FATAL AFFRAY -- A difficulty occurred at Mokelumne Hill, on Thursday
last, between Henry SLAUDMAN, a German, and Thomas FLINN, an
Irishman. During the affray, FLINN was stabbed several times with a
pocket knife by SLAUDMAN, which resulted in his death on the
following Saturday.

INSANE -- Deputy Sheriff A.G. THORN, of Calaveras county, brought to
the Insane Asylum yesterday an insane man named Elisha PAINE, from
near San Andreas.

STOCKTONIAN KILLED -- One of the parties reported to have been killed
in an attack by Snake Indians, taken from the 'Union's' dispatch from
Salt Lake and printed in the 'Independent' yesterday, was a former
resident of this city, and has relations now living here. We allude
to William DAVIS, who was the captain of the party. Benjamin WHITE
and GOODMAN were from Merced county.

STABBING AFFRAY in CALAVERAS -- We learn that a difficulty took place
at Mountain Ranch, Calaveras county, on Sunday last, between William
H. HOLMES, proprietor of the ranch, and Thomas BACON, which resulted
in HOLMES stabbing the latter in the left side. Inward hemorrhage, it
is said, will prevent the possibility of the wounded man's recovery.

>>THURSDAY, 25 SEPT 1862<<

DIED -- in this city, Sept. 24th, Amelia M. LAFAYETTE, daughter of
Mrs. Caroline LAFAYETTE, aged 1 years [Oregon papers please copy.]
[The funeral will take place from the resident of the family on
Channel street, between San Joaquin and Hunter streets, at 9 o'clock
this morning.]


CASE of MOORE, the ROOM THIEF -- There has been 5 charges made
against this individual, who was pulled out from under a bed on
Tuesday morning last, on Channel street, viz: burglary, grand larceny
(2 charges), and petty larceny (2 charges). The prisoner is accused
of breaking into a house, stealing a gold watch and chain worth $225
from G.A. SCHUTZ, $150 in money from Edward POWERS, a silver watch
from Samuel FISHER, and money from F.T. BALDWIN. A preliminary
examination on the 1st charge was held before Justice R.W. BRUSH,
yesterday, District Attorney H.B. UNDERHILL for the prosecution, and
Mr. O.M. BROWN for the defense.

The 1st witness examines was Mr. F.T. BALDWIN, who said: There was 3
of us sleeping in a room on the corner of Channel and Hunter streets,
in this city, on the night of the 22d. I was awakened and found my
pants withdrawn from under my pillow and my watch on the bed. I
struck a light and asked the other 2 men if they had lost anything,
stating that I had been robbed. One of the men, Mr. WILBERT, says,
"just step out into the hall a minute," and he then told me there was
a man under his brother's bed. When we hauled MOORE out, he said he
came there to steal.

Mr. BROWN took exceptions to the charge of the prosecution in stating
that the crime was committed on the night of the 22d. That it really
occurred on the morning of the 23d, between 3 & 4 o'clock. Mr.
UNDERHILL, in reply, stated that the law is, that it is necessary in
a charge of burglary to state the hour in the night of the preceding
day, though after midnight.

The next witness examined was Mr. WILBERT, who said: When I was
awakened I felt of my pants to see if I had lost anything and only
feeling in 1 pocket said I had not, and while doing so, I saw the man
under the bed. I then requested Mr. BALDWIN to go out with me in the
hall, when I told him I saw a man under my brother's bed. It was 3
o'clock in the morning and starlight. We hauled the man out, tied his
hands, and took him to jail. I found afterwards I had lost something,
and I accused the prisoner of it, who said, yes, I took some $8 from
both of you.

Mr. BROWN was opposed to the prosecution of his "injured client." The
prisoner was so badly frightened that he didn't know what he said,
and the other party were so badly frightened that they didn't know
what they said. He might have said that he had stolen $500 just as
quick as he would $8. They were all badly frightened and the prisoner
under the circumstances might b suspected of criminal intent when he
was really innocent.

Mr. UNDERHILL stated that it was not necessary to prove whether the
man took any money or not. By law, the intention was quite sufficient
and he was caught in a house in the night time, where he had no
business to be, and with stolen property in his possession.

Judge BRUSH decided that sufficient evidence had been given to hold
the prisoner subject to the action of the Grand Jury and he was
required to give bail in the sum of $1000 or go to jail. There was a
purse taken from the prisoner containing money and other valuables,
which was produced in Court and identified by Mr. BALDWIN. The other
charges against the prisoner will be inquired into this morning at 9
o'clock, at the same court room. The prisoner was present during the
examination and appears of Irish descent, and possibly is from
Australia. He is of medium height, face rather cadaverous, florid
complexion, and has black hair and heavy black whiskers and beard cut
rather short; wears laced brogans, and in court looked rather
sneaking and sheepish; says his name is George W.M. MOORE.


A STRANGE OUTRAGE -- The Sacramento 'Union,' of yesterday, says that
about 9 o'clock on Saturday evening, Sept. 20th, Miss Hannah JONES,
of San Juan, was knocked down and severely beaten, in the suburbs of
the town, by some scoundrel, as she was wending her way home. A
reward of $50 is offered for the offender.

-James MEYER, proprietor of the Mountain Lake House, accidentally
shot himself a few days since.
-Captain DAVIS, of the bark Duke of Rothersay, died at sea.

>>FRIDAY, 26 SEPT 1862<<

BIRTH -- in this city, Sept. 25th, to the wife of W.K. REED, of a daughter.

DIED -- in Sacramento, Sept. 24th, John LEWERS, formerly of
Louisville, Kentucky, aged 40 years.

EXECUTION -- Thomas NOLL was hanged at Weaverville, Trinity county,
Sept. 19th, for murdering Paulius GROSSE.

CASE of GEORGE W.M. MOORE -- Another preliminary examination of
George W.M. MOORE, the prowling room thief and nocturnal pickpocket,
was held before Justice Brush yesterday morning. The charge preferred
against MOORE by Edward POWERS, for robbing of $150, was dismissed
for lack of evidence. Mr. O.M. BROWN, counsel for the prisoner,
waived an examination on the charge preferred by G.A. SCHUTZ, for
stealing his gold watch and chain, and the case will be investigated
by the Grand Jury. The petty larceny charges against MOORE are held
over for future action.

>>SATURDAY, 27 SEPT 1862<<

STREET AFFRAY -- Yesterday about noon John ROSS, proprietor of a
saloon on Centre street, and Richard KITTLE, got into a dispute in
the street opposite ROSS' place and had some angry words with each
other. KITTLE got a brick and threw it at ROSS which missed its aim,
when he ran up and knocked ROSS down and stamped his heel on his
face. ROSS bled profusely. Some say ROSS had a knife in his hand at
the time, while others deny it. KITTLE was arrested and discharged on
his own recognizance to appear in Court when wanted. ROSS was
assisted to his saloon and his wounds attended to. A warrant was also
issued for his arrest.

>>MONDAY, 29 SEPT 1862<<

MILITARY PARADE at COPPEROPOLIS -- Orders have been issued by
Brigadier General DOBBIE for 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Division to
assemble at Copperopolis, for muster and field duty, on the 21st of
October. The following named gentlemen constitute Gen. DOBBIE's Staff:
-Willaim A. DAVIES, Columbia, Assistant Adjutant General, with rank of Major
-Joseph A. SMITH, Columbia, Aid-de-Camp, with rank of Captain
-Edwin A. SHERMAN, Aurora, Mono County, Engineer Officer
-George E. DREW, Stockton, Ordnance Officer
-John SEDGWICK, Sonora, Quartermaster
-G.R. CHOATE, Stockton, Commissary
-Wm. H. FORD, Sonora, Paymaster
-T.J. MATTESON, Murphys, Inspector
-F.B. McNEIL, Sonora, Judge Advocate
-Dr. JONES, Murphys, Surgeon
All with the rank of Major except the Captain. The Stockton Light
Dragoons, Capt. O.M. BROWN and Union Guard, Capt. J.H. GILMORE, have
received orders to be present.

>>TUESDAY, 30 SEPT 1862<<

GONE TO THE EAST -- James BARCLEY, Esq., of San Andreas, leaves San
Francisco on the steamer Sonora, on a visit to his relatives in
Illinois and Kentucky. Mr. BARCLAY has been a resident of Calaveras
county for 10 years. We do not know of any gentlemen who could carry
with him a greater share of kindly feeling than he does; and we hope
that favoring breezes may waft him safely to the home of his
relations and the scenes of his boyhood. The citizens of Calaveras
have ever held Judge BARCLAY in high respect, and the latest honor
they have conferred upon him has been in choosing him to represent
them in the coming session of our State Legislature. May he return to
do honor to the people who have honored him. We earnestly wish him well.

ANOTHER NEW PAPER -- The "Stockton Daily News" is the name of a new
paper that made its first appearance yesterday morning in this city.
It is half the size of the Daily Independent. J.O. BEHAM and S.A.
SHANE, are the proprietors, but the name of the editor is not
announced. "Lokel Items" says he'll heal the Union, and in politics
be with the winning side. May then win a fortune and publish a paper
brim full of fun.

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch
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