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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
11-16 AUGUST 1862

>>MONDAY, 11 AUG 1862<<

BIRTH -- in Mokelumne Hill, Aug. 8th, to the wife of I. BLUM, of a son.

BIRTH -- in Chili Gulch, Aug. 6th, to the wife of John HANLON, of a son.

MARRIED -- at Mokelumne Hill, Aug. 3d, by Rev. W.C. MOSHER; Albert A
LACY, Esq., to Lydia B., daughter of M. ELDRED, Jr., Esq., all of
Calaveras county.

DROWNED -- Garrett ROONEY, an old resident of Murphys, Calaveras
county, was found drowned on Saturday, in a water ditch which runs
near that place. He was a man of considerable property, but of late
given to unbridled dissipation, and it is thought his death was from suicide.

proprietor) home residence is situated on El Dorado street,
immediately opposite the Episcopal church -- a lot of 150 feet
square. He has some fine, healthy pears and apples, likewise,
quinces. Mr. FISHER mulches the whole ground with manure instead of
cultivating the soil with the spade. He irrigates once every 3 weeks,
and has irrigating apparatus in perfect order. The soil is a heavy
black loam, similar -- in fact, the same as the general character of
the soil bordering upon the sloughs. Mr. FISHER has been unfortunate
with his peaches -- the winter floods being the cause here, as in
other gardens -- of killing fruit trees, particularly stone fruits.
Chickasaw plums, one pound pear tree with large fruit, were the 1st
objects attracting attention; besides 50 apple trees -- perfect
pictures -- 25 pears, 5 cherries, 15 peaches, 150 grape vines, plums,
nectarines, apricots (about 15 in all), 2 almonds; self-regulating
wind-mill with tanck 12 by 18 feet and 3 feet deep. Mr. FISHER has
fine bee hives which he tells me, succeed remarkably well.

>>TUESDAY, 12 AUG 1862<<

BIRTH -- in this city, Aug. 8th, to the wife of A.C. BERITZHOFF, of a daughter.

DIED -- on Monday, Aug. 11th, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Isaiah EATON,
aged 33 years. [The funeral will take place today at 4 o'clock p.m.,
from the residence of Mr. MELLICK, Market street. Friends and
acquaintances are invited to attend. Boston papers please copy.]

>>WEDNESDAY, 13 AUG 1862<<

SUDDEN DEATH -- A young man by name of John BRUNNER, a native of the
canton of Berne, in Switzerland, was found dead in his bed on Monday
evening at the ranch of Mr. William TURNER, on the Sacramento road,
about 12 miles from this city. The deceased and another man were in
the employ of Mr. TURNER as farm hands, deceased, on the evening
referred to, being left at the house to prepare supper, while the men
on the place were at work in the field. The latter, on returning to
the house, found BRUNNER lying dead on the bed. They endeavored to
restore him, but found life totally extinct. Deceased was about 35
years of age, a tinner by trade, formerly in the employ of Mr. C.G.
ERNEST, of this city. He is said to have been a man of liberal
education and of good birth, had resided in this State some 6 or 7
years, but had been ill in health for some time. The Coroner left
last evening for the purpose of bringing the body to the city for
interment. Deceased has no relatives in California.

>>THURSDAY, 14 AUG 1862<<

INTERRED -- The body of J. BRUNNER, who died suddenly on Monday
evening at the ranch of Mr. Wm. TURNER, on the Sacramento road, was
interred yesterday near the spot where the death occurred. No inquest
was deemed necessary, everything indicating a natural death.

DRUNK AGAIN -- Mrs. Mary O'CONNOR is unquestionably a bad neighbor --
would b e so considered even upon a very small part of the testimony
of the police, not to mention that of the respectable families who
have the misfortune to live within sound of her voice. Mary resides
on San Joaquin street, near Church, where she labors as a laundress,
when sober, obtaining means for the comfortable support of herself
and family of children. Latterly she has "taken to drink," and has
cultivated so close an acquaintance with alcoholic sprits that
separation seems impossible. When intoxicated she is abusive to
excess, using the most profane and indecent language to anyone
towards whom she harbors ill feeling. Her appearance at the Police
Court has ceased to have any effect in a reformatory way; and this
being the fact, as a last resort to save the woman from hopeless
ruin, her friends have used every influence which good advice and
kind treatment are capable of exercising, to direct her into the path
of sobriety, but all to no purpose. She has a son 10 years of age,
sufficiently advanced and intelligent to realize in some degree, the
disgrace which is thrown upon him by the conduct of his mother. On
Tuesday evening, Mrs. O'CONNOR was found near the Catholic Church
intoxicated and using vulgar language. The Chief of Police, who has
repeatedly warned her of the consequences of her conduct if
continued, arrested her and lodged her in jail. She appeared
yesterday morning before Justice Brown, sobered down, and
acknowledged her guilt, having nothing to offer in mitigation of the
offense with which she was charged. The Court suspended sentence.

SEVERE FIGHT -- A fight took place last evening, near the corner of
Hunter street and the levee, between E.C. MURPHY and Patrick MURRAY,
originating out of a dispute concerning the correctness of a claim.
MURRAY wore a pair of heavy Mexican spurs, and being the most
powerful man, threw his opponent and kicked him while down, with the
spurs, causing some severe wounds about his body and face, and
tearing the clothes from his person. The parties were arrested by
officer Myers, and brought suits against each other for assault and
battery. The cases will come up for trial before Justice Potter
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.

>>FRIDAY, 15 AUG 1862<<

DIED -- at Angels, Aug. 13th, of hemorrhage of the lungs, James
FINNEGAN, aged about 38 years.

>>SATURDAY, 16 AUG 1862<<

MARRIED -- at LEWIS' ranch, Mariposa county, on the 31st day of July,
1862, by Rev. L. DOOLEY; Mr. A.C. SMITH to Miss Nancy E. LEWIS, all
of that county.

MARRIED -- in Maine, on June 25th, 1862, by Rev. L.W. HARRIS; Alex.
DEERING, Esq., District Attorney of Mariposa county, California, to
Lizzie M. FABYAN, of Boston, Mass.

DIED -- at the County Hospital, Mariposa county, of Dropsy, on the
5th day of August, 1862, Antonio RAMBAUD, a native of France.

DIED -- at the same time and place, Fernandez SACRED, of Consumption,
a native of Sonora, Mexico.

DEATH of a PIONEER -- A dispatch received in this city on Thursday
evening announced the death of Jonathan WALES, at Randolph, Mass. Mr.
WALES was one of the earliest to establish the boot and shoe business
in this city, or on the Pacific coast. He amassed a fortune and
returned to his native place, where he continued to reside up to the
time of his death.

MOVING -- A frame cottage house on American street, the property of
Mr. William BUSH, is undergoing the process of removal and will
occupy a lot on the corner of Sutter and Fremont streets, opposite
the NE corner of Fremont Square. It is the intention of the owner to
make the building in every respect desirable as a residence, the
location being such as will secure it an occupant as soon as the
building is completed.

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch
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