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Subject: Re: More look ups + more for Jane MacGillivray
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 08:56:52 +1100

Thanks so much for those lookups. I'll look into the Gregory info. You've
been so generous with your time Joyce - I hope I can return the favour
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Date: Monday, 26 February 2001 4:06am
Subject: More look ups + more for Jane MacGillivray

>Hello Again,
>For those of you who asked for look ups from American Vital Records, I
>also remind you there are many wonderful sources which exist. If you
>are new to the list, some of these books are entitled "Monumental
>Inscriptions of Jamaica," "More Monumental Inscriptions," "Monumental
>Inscriptions of the British West Indies," and "Scots in the West Indies
>1707-1857," etc. The indexed inscription books relate tombstone
>information, and Dobson's book lists names of Scottish emigrants to the
>West Indies. You may wish to check with your local library. If they
>don't have the books, they most likely can locate them via interlibrary
>loan. In addition, there may be others on the list who have these books
>in their possession and will volunteer to do look ups. You may want to
>If your surname wasn't found in Gentleman's Magazine, it doesn't mean
>you won't find it in one of these other publications. Gentleman's
>Magazine only published information sent to it by family members, and it
>is apparent that in many cases information wasn't provided sent to them
>when an event took place.
>David Dobson's numerous books are also very helpful in tracking Scottish
>Caribbean ancestors. A complete listing of Dobson's published books can
>be found at his web site. However, Some of his books are out of print
>as is the case with American Vital Records. His web site address is:
>I am providing the remainder of the look ups. All of these names are
>complete listings:
>Rocheforts/Rochforts (none) One similar name as follows:
>Rocheford, Robert, d. Montego Bay, Jamaica, 31 Oct. 1801,
>Horsford, Paul, b. 1771, Councillor & Chief Justice, Antigua, d.
>Antigua, 16 April 1850
>Horsford, _____ s. Lt. Col. Horsford, Jamaica, d. Spanish Town, Jamaica,
>11 June 1805
>Horsford, _____, dau. Brig. Gen. Horsford, b. Govt. House, Bermuda, 15
>Jan. 1813
>Horsford, _____, s. Sir R. Horsford, Solicitor Gen. Antigua, b. Antigua,
>Lamont/Lamond (none) (only similar is La Motte – see below)
>La Motte:
>Anthony M. La Motte, m. Dorcas, only dau. William Randal, Surveyor,Gen.
>Southern District America, 8 May 1767
>Lewis La Motte, barrister, d. Spanish Town, Jamaica, 23 Aug. 1814
>Lewis John La Motte, b. 1810, eldest s. Lewis La Motte, Jamaica, d.
>Bremen, 11 Oct. 1848
>Wilkin (none) (similar is Wilckens and Wilkins – see below):
>Jacob Frederick Wilckens, b. 1757, d. Kingston, Jamaica, 12 June 1836
>Emma Louisa Wilkins, eldest d. Martin J. Wilkins, Solicitor Gen. NS, m.
>Charles William Sturgess, HMS Cornwallis, Banff, 28 Feb. 1861
>Sarah Wilkins, b. 1771, wid. Judge Wilkins, NS, d. Windsor, NS, 3 Nov.
>JEAN CAMPBELL (please contact me at for another
>George Leslie, b. 1780, eldest s. James Leslie, ex Cap., 15th Reg., d.
>Spring Gardens, St. Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, 18 Dec. 1800
>Transcribed from ' The Colonial Office List for 1899. - pages 268 to
>Botanical and Agricultural Department.
>Superintendent and Recorder of Meteorological Observations,
>J.H. HART, F.L.S. 425 Pounds.
>Assistant to the above, W. LESLIE 130-150 Pounds.
>Mylne’s (none) (only similar name is Milne)
>Alexander Milne, b. 1851, eldest s. Rear Adm. Sir Alexander Milne, d.
>Quebec, 7 Sep. 1860
>Andrew Milne, merchant, of Thaves Inn, d. on passage to Jamaica on
>Augustus Caesar, 6 Jan. 1804
>Sir David Milne, Rear Adm., m. Miss Stephen, dau. late G. Stephen,
>Grenada, 28 Nov. 1819
>James Alexander Milne, b. 1783, only s. Mr. Milne, London, d. Kingston,
>Jamaica, 13 May 1808
>Mary Jane Milne, yngs. dau. A. G. Milne, Eltham, m. Rev. J. Congon
>Shapley, Carricou, Grenada, Eltham, Kent, 13 June 1844
>Robert Milne, ex merchant, London, d. Cape Henry, Haiti, 19 Sept. 1814
>Mrs. Sophia Milne, Pedro River, Jamaica, d. Paris, 17 Sept. 1822
>Mr. Miilne, b. Fochabers, Moray, d. Philadelphia, 2 Jan. 1845
>Gregory (none) Rosemary, for your information, my mother's sister Mavis
>Miles of St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, married Clinton Gregory of the
>same parish, I think about 1930 after moving to Canada. He was the son
>of Claude and Minnie Gregory of Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Parish.
>Clinton had a brother named George. I do not know the details of that
>particular line of the Gregory family in Jamaica.
>Milligan (none)
>Bloomfield (none) (only similar is Blomfield)
>Francis Blomfield, b. 1827, 3rd s. C. J. Blomfield, Bishop of London, d.
>wreck of Northerner, Cape Menocino, Cal., 5 Jan. 1860
>Biddiff (none
>Biddulph (none
>Cross (none) (only similar is Crosse)
>John MacArtney Crosse, b. 1825, eldest s. late J. G. Crosse, M.D.,
>Norwich, d. Galt, Canada West, 19 Aug. 1856
>Sherlock (none)
>Grose (none) (only similar is Grosett)
>Mary Henrietta Grosett, eldest dau. John Rock Grosett of Lacock Abbey,
>Wilts., d. Petersfield, Jamaica, 31 Jan. 1833
>Walter R. Grossett, d. St. George, Jamaica, 1824
>Whithorne (none) (only similar is Whitehorne)
>James Risby Whitehorne, judge, d. St. Anne, Jamaica, 1789
>Samuel Whitehorne, judge, St. Catherine Representative, barrister, d.
>Carravina, Jamaica, Dec. 1796
>Byndloss (none)
>Transcribed from The Colonial Office List for 1899
>Survey Department:
>Crown Surveyor. J.W. MACGILLIVRAY. 800-850 Pounds. -p.47
>Consular - 1900 - Tobago
>Lloyds' Agent - Duncan MACGILLIVRAY
>and from same source:
>St. David Sugar Plantations:
>Franklyns (24) – Heirs – Mrs. MacGillivray, 200 acres, cocoa and nutmeg
>Maddix (none)
>Surridge (none)
>Mrs. Elizabeth Howell, late wife of Mr. Joseph Howell, shipwright, of
>the Island of Jamaica, d. 24 July 1779, age 42
>Adelaide Anne Howell, 2nd dau. Thomas Howell, Clapham Common, m. Philip
>Pritchard, NY, 4th s. Henry Pritchard, Clapham, 19 Sept. 1854
>That's it. Happy hunting.

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