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Subject: Re: [CAN-ONT-FRONTENAC] Land Crown Grantees/Patent Holders from 1797
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 09:57:15 -0400
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If you don't live near Kingston, you can look at the abstract Index of Deeds
through the LDS FHC library by borrowing the film. You can see the film # on
their catalogue. The index will give you the instrument #'s for the land
transactions you are interested in for that lot and you can also check if
there were any wills registered on title at the same time. It gives a
history of the land transactions.

There is also an Index to the Upper Canada Land Books published by the OGS
which does include 2 Graves men in Pittsburgh:
Graves Adam (Captain) Residence - not given, Location Pittsburgh, Date 2 Dec
1803 Book E p324 Petition R19

Graves George (Lieutenant) and exactly same details


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> Subject: [CAN-ONT-FRONTENAC] Land Crown Grantees/Patent Holders from
> 1797(George GRAVES)
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> Hello list.
> I have a question about land records for Upper Canada. I have gone
> through the UPPER CANADA LAND PETITIONS INDEX (Library and Archives
> Canada Finding Aid 1802) looking for my ancestor, GEORGE GRAVES but
> he's not in the index. I would have expected him to be on film
> C-10820 but the only George Graves on that film was for the year 1843.
> In the book Lilacs and Limestone An Illustrated History of Pittsburgh
> Township 1787-1987 by William J. Patterson Appendix One Part One is a
> list of Patent Holders (Crown Grantees) and GEORGE GRAVES was given
> (purchased?) Concession 1 Lot 11 in February 1797. This is the same
> Concession and Lot that my ancestor, HENRY GRAVES was living on in
> 1878 and I'd like to see the original record for George Graves, if I
> can find it. The source for Appendix One is FCLRO, Land Title
> Abstract Index - Pittsburgh Township. Does anyone know how to obtain
> a copy of this index?
> ~ Jill ~
> Searching for Family Names in Pittsburgh Township, Frontenac County
> Dunlop, Graves, McFadden, McLean, Milton, Percy, VanHorn, Wilmot
> See what I?ve discovered at

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