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From: Jill L <>
Subject: [CAN-ONT-FRONTENAC] Land Crown Grantees/Patent Holders from 1797(George GRAVES)
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 09:37:27 -0600

Hello list.

I have a question about land records for Upper Canada. I have gone
through the UPPER CANADA LAND PETITIONS INDEX (Library and Archives
Canada Finding Aid 1802) looking for my ancestor, GEORGE GRAVES but
he's not in the index. I would have expected him to be on film
C-10820 but the only George Graves on that film was for the year 1843.

In the book Lilacs and Limestone An Illustrated History of Pittsburgh
Township 1787-1987 by William J. Patterson Appendix One Part One is a
list of Patent Holders (Crown Grantees) and GEORGE GRAVES was given
(purchased?) Concession 1 Lot 11 in February 1797. This is the same
Concession and Lot that my ancestor, HENRY GRAVES was living on in
1878 and I'd like to see the original record for George Graves, if I
can find it. The source for Appendix One is FCLRO, Land Title
Abstract Index - Pittsburgh Township. Does anyone know how to obtain
a copy of this index?

~ Jill ~
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