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The discussion regarding Peter Campbell of Amherst/Nelson Counties triggered
some information I had on file on George W. Campbell who married Martha Ann
Massie in Nelson County, VA on 23 Feb. 1830.

Martha Ann Massie (b. 9 Feb. 1816; died 11 June 1880 in Lafayette
County--later known as Fayette Co. WV) was the daughter of Thomas Massie, my
ggg grandfather, and his first wife, Patsy Dodd. Martha Ann Massie married
George W. Campbell (b. abt 1808; died 1861 in Lafayette County) in Nelson
County, VA and moved to Greenbrier County and later to Spring Dale in
Lafayette County later to become part of West Virginia.

I finally learned he was the son of Peter Campbell from a guardian bond
filed in Nelson County 26 July 1824 (WB "C", p. 333). Charles Flood was
named guardian "to George W. Campbell orphan of Peter Campbell, deceased."
Charles Flood also was "appointed guardian to Elizabeth, Peggy & Peter
Campbell, orphans of Peter Campbell, deceased" in the court held the 1st day
of September 1826 (Nelson Co. WB "C", p. 182). So, it is apparent that
Peter died prior to 26 July 1824.

The children of Martha Ann and George Washington Campbell were:
Thomas Henry (b. 12/23/1834; d. 12/29/1928)
George W. (b. 6/10/1843; d. 6/12/1912) m. Elizabeth Frances Surbaugh (b.
James - unmarried and died at Western State Hospital in Staunton, VA
Charlie Jesse
Zachary Taylor
Kittie or Lucy

The children's names were given to me in 1987 by the grandson of George W.
and Elizabeth Surbaugh Campbell who was from WV and visited my home in
search of his Massie ancestors.

I did not do any further research at that time since it did not pertain to
my direct line. I have no idea how the Charles Flood was related to the
Peter Campbell family and I assume Peter's wife was dead at that time, too.

Looking at the naming parents I see the first son, Thomas Henry, was named
for Martha Ann's father and likely Henry Campbell; the second son, named for
his father; and the third son, James, probably for a James Campbell.

I'd like to hear from Phyllis who descends from Ambrose Campbell to find out
if she knew about George Washington Campbell, the son of Peter.

Have a good evening!

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Subject: [CAMPBELL] Peter Campbell of Amherst Co VA

Let's discuss Peter Campbell, and other Campbell names in Amherst Co VA.

Catherine Campbell, married Lewis Mays, 2-17-1800 Amherst Co VA, marriage
register 1, page 141.
Witness is Peter Campbell.
Ceremony by Rev. James Floyd.
(this above record is from the research of Katie Chittum, who is a George
Campbell researcher)
Researchers have said that this above Catherine Campbell was the daughter of

George Campbell b. about 1720 died 1791 Amherst Co VA. He is the man who
married Catherine, aka Caty.

However, it appears this is NOT the case, please read on.

Robert Mays married Betsey Campbell, spinster, 12-16-1800 Amherst Co VA.
Tandy Campbell surety, consent of her father Ambrose Campbell.
Ceremony by James Boyd (Minister of Religion)
This information comes from the research of Phyliss P., who is a member of
this mailing list.

Phyliss P. researchers the line of Henry Campbell and his wife Charity of
Amherst Co VA. There has never been any proof or story of any connection
between George and Caty Campbell of Amherst Co VA, and Henry and Charity
Campbell of Amherst Co VA. They simply both lived in the same area, and
both were named Campbell. Henry Campbell was born in Scotland, and he was
an immigrant, but we do not know where George Campbell was born. We have
not done a comparison of the DNA of the line of Henry to George.

Henry and Charity Campbell had a son named Ambrose Campbell b. 1740 Scotland

died 1811 Nelson Co VA. He left a Will naming his wife Margaret and

His children were named: PETER; Lucy; Rachel; Frances; Tandy; Elizabeth;

Peter Campbell , s/o Ambrose, s/o Henry and Charity Campbell of Amherst Co
VA, was born in the time frame of 1760-1775. He was the Eldest son.
The 1810 census at Nelson Co VA lists PETER Campbell and Ambrose Campbell,
and these 2 men were Father and Son.

As far as I can tell, there was ONLY one man in the area, at this same time
frame, which was named PETER Campbell.

Here is a list of official Marriage records, from county sources, for the
name PETER Campbell:
Peter Campbell m. Lucy Jarrett 2 Oct 1809 Franklin Co VA
" " Sally Settels 17 Jan 1809 Nelson Co VA**
" " Mary Hundley 17 Dec 1816 Essex Co VA
" " Elizabeth F. Magan 25 Nov 1839 Nelson Co VA **
" " Louisa M. Cooper 30 Aug 1845 Franklin Co VA

PETER Campbell was the WITNESS to 2 marriages in Amherst Co VA, both in the
year of 1800, and both involving a female named Campbell and a male named
Were these 2 females sisters? Or cousins?

How does Catherine Campbell relate to Betsey (Elizabeth) Campbell, d/o
Ambrose Campbell?

Did Ambrose Campbell have 1 additional daughter, named Catherine, who
married in 1800, but was dead prior to 1811 when he namned his children in
his will?

Is Peter Campbell the older brother of both Catherine Campbell and Betsey

Now let's go back to the man named George Campbell, married to Caty, in
Amherst Co VA. He did have a daughter named Catherine Campbell, and it is
thought she was the youngest of all his children. Reseachers had said this
Catherine Campbell was married to a RAMSEY, but that has been proven false
and I will set forth the proof of that. Then Katie Chittum found the 1800
marriage of Catherine Campbell to Lewis Mays, and that became the prook of
the marriage of the daughter of George and Caty. But from the marriage
record being signed by PETER campbell, this would show a CONNECTION to the
family of Ambrose Campbell, s/o Henry and Charity Campbell, so this would
tend to show this marriage was NOT connected to George and Caty Campbell's
family line.

Concerning the Catherine Campbell who did indeed marry a man named RAMSEY:
Catherine Campbell was born about 1778, she died before 10-14-1852, she
married William James Ramsey on Jan. 3, 1805 in Amherst Co VA. The marriage

record states her father is JAMES Campbell. This James Campbell, Sr was
born about 1750, and lived in 1815 in the Nelson Co VA area, but by 1820 he
and others had moved to Alabama. This James Campbell, Sr was married to
Mary SMITH, d/o Abraham Smith, a Bavarian immigrant.

In a court document, Ambrose Campbell, s/o Edward Campbell, s/o George
Campbell (m. Caty), called this same James Campbell, Jr as "Cousin Jimmy".
Was this just a term meaning he was friendly and well aquainted with him, or

was he hinting at a real blood relationship?

All of the above info on James Campbell, Sr and Mary Smith family has been
given to me from the research of Mr. Lynden Harris, and some from Carol
Harlow, both are members of this mailing list.

In conclusion: we do NOT know who is the husband of Catherine Campbell, the
youngest child of George and Caty Campbell of Amherst Co VA.

We do NOT know the exact identity of Catherine Campbell, who married Lewis
Mays, but apparently she had a close tie to PETER Campbell, s/o Ambrose, s/o

Henry and Charity Campbell of Amherst Co VA.

If anyone sees some mistakes, or has further info and comments, please reply

here on the list.
Best regards,
Lilly Martin

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