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Can I add a brother? Would make life easier for me... just kidding.
Looking for Ellis Campbell b 1804 in VA (per all federal census' he is
found on) who married Elizabeth Young after 1830 in TN/AL. In Jackson
county, AL from abt 1832-38; Family in MO by end of 1838.

There was a story in the Summer Clan Campbell Journal.. would like a copy
of the story to read. I saw it at a family gathering, but did not have
time to read in it's entirety.

Marge Campbell
PS.. can one order back issues of the journal online?

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The Families of Joshua Williams of Chester County, PA and John McKeehan of
Cumberland County, PA With Some Allied Families compiled by Bessie P
Augsburg Press Minneapolis, Minn @1928 p 267-273
Duncan Campbell, born in Scotland. Married: 1612, Mary McCoy. Duncan
Campbell was of .the noble house of Breadalbane. He moved into Ireland the
year of his marriage, 1612, ...

John2 Campbell, {Duncan1) , born, 1621. Married: 1655, Grace Hay,
daughter of Peter Hay.
Children: John,3 born 1656.
Dugald,3 whose descendants eventually settled in Rockbridge Co., Va.
Robert,3 born 1665; married 1696, whose descendants eventually settled
in Orange, now Augusta Co., Va.

John3 Campbell, (John,2 Duncan1), born, 1656, in Ireland; died, Feb.
20th, 1734 in Derry, Pa.; buried in the old Derry churchyard. John Campbell
is said to have come from Ireland in 1726 with several grown sons.... He
settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. where he lived until his death. (Egle)
In the "Virginia Historical Magazine," V 01. 7, p. 126, it is stated
John Campbell came from Ireland to America in 1726 with five or six grown
sons, settled first in Lancaster Co., Pa., and came in 1738 to that part of
Orange Co., Va., which is now Augusta Co., with his sons Patrick, Robert
One would infer that this John must be identical with Mr. Egle's John.
is unlikely that two John Campbells with several grown sons, bearing the
same names, would have come to America in the same year. Patrick, Robert
David, sons of Mr. Egle's John, did move to Virginia, but the father John,
buried in Pennsylvania in 1734, certainly did not.
The removal of Patrick,4 Robert4 and David,4 to Virginia, as well as
known records of their descendants, eliminates them as ancestors of our
line, all of whom lived at or near Derry until 1800. The fifth son, John,4
an Episcopal clergyman at York, Pa., whose records are fairly complete is
also eliminated, which leaves but James4 of Derry as our undoubted ancestor
Children: Robert, lived in Virginia and had five children.
David,4 moved to Orange Co., Va., in 1741; married Margaret Hamilton. .
James,4 born, 1689, in Ireland.
Patrick,4 born, 1690, in Ireland, moved to Orange Co., Va., about 1740.
John,4 born, 1692, in Ireland; died, 1764, at York, Pa. An Episcopal

James4 Campbell, (John,3 John,2 Duncan1), born, 1689 in Ireland; died,
31st, 1771 at Derry (now Hershey) , Pa.
Married: 1st,
2d, Agnes. , born, 1707 ; died, April 3d, 1757 ; buried
beside her husband.
3d, Mrs. Rosanna Vernon, a widow with at least two
March 2d, 1737, James Campbell is on a list of warrantees of land in
Derry Twp. for 300 acres. On the same date 279 acres of land in Derry Twp.
were. "surveyed to" James Campbell.
Egle's History of Dauphin County, Pa., p. 39: James and John Campbell
were among the signers of a "humble petition of the inhabitants of the
townships of Paxtang, Derry and Hanover, Lancaster County," to the Governor
of the Province, dated July 22d, 1754, showing "that your petitioners
settled on or near the river Susquehanna apprehend themselves in great
danger from the French and French Indians. ...We, your petitioners,
therefore humbly pray that your Honour would take our distressed condition
into consideration and make such provision for us as may prevent ourselves
and families from being; destroyed and ruined by such a cruel enemy."...
James Campbell was survived by his wife Rosanna, and in his will mentioned
his step-daughter Jean Edmundson; James Vernon, son of his step-son Harry
Vernon; Robert Cross's children; sister Martha Cary, then in Ireland;
Elizabeth Long, then in Ireland; his sons John and Patrick; and James
Campbell, son of his son Patrick. Rev. John Roan was witness to the will.
James Campbell is buried in old Derry churchyard and the inscription on
his tombstone has been published numerous times as an example of the
lugubrious in epitaphs. I t cannot be omitted here.
"Under this stone lies entombed
James Campbell's Dust you see
Who was as healthy and as strong
As many that may be
But now by Death whom all devours
Is laid upon this cell
With crawling worms and reptiles base
He is obliged to dwell.
You that these lines do look upon
May also call to mind
That Death will be your certain fate
Therefore improve your time."
Children: Patrick,5
J ohn,5
and others.

Patrick5 Campbell, (J ames,4 .John,3 John,2 Duncan1).
Married: Feb. 6th, 1755, Eleanor Hays, daughter of Patrick and .Jean
Hays. The marriage service was preformed by Rev. John Roan. (See records of
Paxtang Presbyterian Church, History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang
Church, by Mathias W. McAlarney, p. 269.)
That Patrick and Eleanor (Hays) Campbell were the .grandparents of
Eleanor Campbell who married Rev. Joshua Williams is matter of absolute
family knowledge. ...
A Patrick Campbell is enrolled as private in Captain James Watson's
Company of Col. Thomas Porter's battalion of Lancaster Co., Aug. 13th,
Children: James,6 born 1756.
Jane,6 married, 1st, Stockton, 2nd, McFarlane.
and probably others.

James6 Campbell {Patrick,5 J ames,4 .J ohn,3 .J ohn2, Duncan1), born,
1756; died, June 10th, 1781. Married: probably 1779, Margaret McMichael;
died, Sept. 7th, 1825, buried at Carlisle, Pa
After .James Campbell's death his widow married 1st, Aug. 19th, 1782,
Lambert VanDyke, son of Henry and Elizabeth {Davis) VanDyke of Buffalo
Valley. The service was performed by Rev. .John Elder of Paxtang Church. By
her second husband Margaret (McMichael) Campbell had six sons....
After the death of Lambert VanDyke, his widow married a third husband in
1795, Benjamin Thompson of Carlisle, Pa.
James Campbell was a soldier of the Revolution and died at the early age
of twenty-five, from wounds received in battle. Family tradition says that
he was an officer. A James Campbell was ensign in the Officers Seventh
Battalion, Col. John Boyd, 1777. The name appears many times on
Revolutionary rolls with no means of identification beyond the counties
which the men enlisted.
After having, searched printed records in vain for a notice of James
Campbell's death, the writer made a trip to Derry graveyard and discovered
that several mistakes had been made in copying the inscriptions for
publication. Three inscriptions of different names Campbells were found to
be incorrect in Mr. Egle's compilation of them. In one case he has the date
of death as Aug. 20th, 1734, and the age as 78, whereas on the tombstone it
is May 20th, and the age 75 years. I found a small stone in-scribed "In
memory of James Campbell, who departed this life June 10th, 1781, aged
twenty-five years. Egle had given the date as June 10th, 1783, ten months
after James Campbell's widow had married her second husband. As his parents
were married in 1755, and we know from the statement of his daughter that
did not die un- til she was about a year old, this date on the tombstone
fits in exactly with facts we know, and beyond question marks the grave of
our James.
Children Eleanor ,7 born June 26th, 1780.

Eleanor7 Campbell, (James,6 Patrick,5 James,4 John,3 John,2 Duncan1),
born, June 26th, 1780; died, 1856.
Married: June 15th, 1800, Rev. Joshua Williams, born, March 8th, 1768,
son of Lewis and Mary (Hudson) Williams.
Rev. Joshua Williams was pastor of Paxtang and Derry congregations from
Oct., 1799 until 1801 and met and married his wife during that period,
is further proof that her family still lived at Derry. Her property of
twenty-five thousand dollars was probably her share of her father’s estate.
Children, surnamed Williams: See p. 39.

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