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From: "William Thompson" <>
Subject: Re: The Stewart Connection
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:37:04 -0500

Thanks so much for all this data. I hope a number of people will Reply All
and post responses/comments to your message, so that we all can read them.
This could be the start of a discussion that could involve and help many
people on this list. It should be of particular interest to the other Sam
and Sally Campbell Hazlett descendents.

You've set a great example for others to follow with their own data. And of
course, I hope a number of people will Reply All and post helpful comments
on your data and suplement it.

As to your question about documentation. It's always a problem with stuff
that far back. My primary source for data on Hannah was The History of the
Beechers Island Presbyterian Church. I had my copy in my hand Tuesday, but
put it "somewhere safe" to clear the decks for action on the piles of
clippings and old letters my mother and sister collected that I am now
processing. Darned if I can think where I put it. Very frustrating.

Perhaps Marylyn Adams, or one of the others that has it may find their copy
first. It's clear that Hannah's mother was Jane Hazlett, b. 1810, d. 1901,
was Hannah's mother. Lucy Dunham Hazlett (a niece of Sally's) has a great
account of Sally Campbell Hazlett carrying infant Jane in her arms through
deep snow on their migration to Nelson. A horse pulling a wagon died so
they had to walk and cary as much of the load as they could. Jane's 2nd
husband was Harvey Andrews.

But was her first husband Richard or James Ellison? I don't have the BIPC
History in front of me, but the way it was written is confusing in places as
to whom 'his' or 'her' refers to. So it's possible I misinterpreted the
part about Jane's first husband. Or, it is very possible that whoever wrote
that part of the History was wrong.

The only James Ellison I have in my data base was a brother of Hannah (at
least according to the same History). He shows up in the 1860 Osceola
census. The Beechers Island History says he moved to Marengo, IL. This was
confirmed by one of his desc., Karen Tilley. She has researched the desc,
of this James and wife, Cynthia Duell. This James was b. Sept. 7,1835 in
Tioga Co., PA, and died Jan. 4, 1924 in Marengo. None of the references
call him 'Jr.', but that doesn't prove anything.

The 1880 census may be correct about the birthplace of Hannah's father. But
succesive censuses sometimes contradict each other about a person's
birthplace, so they definately are fallible. For instance, the 1860 census
in Tioga Co., seems to have had some error prone census takers.

Thanks for the additon of the names of Mary Adelia Stewart and Sherman
Warren - I didn't have them.

As to the paternity of Robert Stewart. I have never researched that myself,
but I received a letter last year from a grandson of Sarah Jane Stewart and
Bion Snyder Warren. He believes that Robert's parents were Sylvester and
Mindwell Stewart. I'm not sure of his source for that, but we can contact
him to find out. I do know that the will of a Sylverter A. Stewart of
Jackson Twp., was probated March 1, 1853 and adminsterd by a Nathan Stewart.

There are always lots of challenges in unravelling the past.

Thanks for your contributions and good luck with your research. Hopefully a
number subscribers will come to your assistance.
>From: "John Dunham" <>
>Subject: The Stewart Connection
>Date: Wed, Jan 22, 2003, 6:20 PM

>John Dunham here again.
>First for Bill Thompson - can you verify the Robert Ellison/Jane Hazlett
>marriage as Hannah's parents - i.e. is it documented? My dad had a James
>Ellison with a Hazlett spouse [but w/o first name] as Hannah's parents.
>Don't know where he got the info either. Note the 1880 census indicates
>Hannah's father was from NJ.
>For all:
>I have a 7 page list of the descendants of Robert Stewart and Hannah
>Ellison. Don't run off - I won't send it all tonite.
>According to what I have, Robert Stewart [b ca1816 in NY, d after 1862] md
>Hannah Ellison [b 13 Nov1825, d 29 Sep1888, buried in Pleasant Valley Cem,
>Farmington] sometime before 1844. The 1850 Farmington Census lists this
>couple w/one child. The 1860 Farmington Census lists them w/5 kids. By
>1880, the Farmington Census lists Hannah Ellison as a divorced head of
>household living with her unmarried son Frank J Stewart. Her age at this
>census does not agree with the 1825 DOB given earlier.
>The listing for the Peters Cemetery indicates there is a headstone for
>Robert Stewart and his wife Hannah Ellison but with no dates on it. ????
>Are there any birth, marriage, death records avail in Tioga Co?
>At any rate, they had a total of 7 kids according to the info I have.
> Theodore Stewart, b 1844, d 1927, bu Middlebury-Union Cem, md Adeline
>Primmer on 6 Feb 1870 in Keeneyville.
> Curtis Albert Stewart, b ca 1851 in Farmington, md Ruth Cady. No other info.
> Samuel Eugene Stewart, b 3 Aug 1852 in Farmington, d 10 Jun 1928 in
>Jasper, Steuben Co, NY. Md Mary Jane Carl of Tioga Co ca 1872.
> Frank J Stewart, b ca 1856 in Farmington - other than above mention in
>1880 census, no further info re death or spouse but have some info on kids.
> Richard Stewart, b 20 Jun 1858 in Farmington, d 5 Aug 1865. Bu with
>his mother at Pleasant Valley Cem.
> Sarah Jane Stewart, b ca 1860 [did not appear in 1860 census but was 19
>for 1880 census], md Bion Warren.
> Mary Adella Stewart, b 16 May 1862 in Farmington, md Sherman Warren.
>Sarah and Mary Adella [Adele] lived together in Farmington for the 1880 census.
>That's enough for tonite - just a note that Samuel Eugene and Mary Jane
>produced 10 kids - my grandmother was the oldest of the lot.
>One other note - Robert Stewart was the son of Peter Stewart who obviously
>lived in NY at one time but I have nothing further about him or his spouse.
> Robert had two sibs - Clinton [nothing further] and Olive, who married a
>Wheaton. So far I have nothing further there either.
>If any of you folks have a fountain of knowledge about any of these folks
>and some of the questions they raise, please throw some of it my way.
>Good night
>John Dunham
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