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Subject: Salinas, Monterey Co., CA -- 25 Aug 1892
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Salinas Weekly Index
Thursday, Aug. 25, 1892

Married -- SYLVESTER-CERVANTES -- in San Luis Obispo, Aug. 18, 1892, at the
residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. Father AUGILARO; Robert J.
SYLVESTER of Kings City, Monterey county, and Miss Gertie S. CERVANTES of
San Luis Obispo.

Married -- STRATTON-BERTLESON -- at the residence of the bride’s parents,
Mr.&Mrs. C. BERTLESON, Salinas City, Aug. 18, 1892, by Rev. Geo. McCORMACK;
Dr. J.A. STRATTON of Newman, Stanislaus county, and Miss Marie BERTLESON of

**The MULLIN-CUSHEON Wedding -- The San Francisco ‘Call’ says:
“Miss Alice Lillie CUSHEON and Mr. George A. MULLIN were married on
Thursday evening, August 18th, at the Calvary Presbyterian church. The
service was conducted by the Rev. T.C. EASTON, D.D., and the wedding march
was played by Professor G.A. SCOTT. Miss Nellie EWING acted as maid of
honor and the Misses Ida CAMERSON, Lizzie DICK, Maggie PURRINGTON and
Sophie KOBRICKE as bridesmaids. Mr. A.M. THORNTON was best man and John
COOK, Victor NELSON, Edward CASEY and Charles FONDA were the ushers. The
bride was most becomingly dressed in a white silk dress and a long tulle
bridal-veil ornamented with orange blossoms. The happy pair were the
recipients of many handsome and useful presents and an elegant supper was
served at the residence of the bride’s parents after the ceremony. The
bride and groom will spend the honeymoon at Lake Tahoe, a resort that is
being well patronized by many young and happy bridal couples from all parts
of the state.”
The bride is a niece of Mrs. J.R. HEBBRON and is a well known teacher
in San Francisco, with many friends in Salinas who wish her every happiness
in her married life.

Died -- SMITH -- at Soledad, Aug. 19, 1892, of heart disease, Mrs. Allan B.
SMITH, aged 53 years.

**Fatal Shooting -- Francisco SALDIVA Killed by John DUNNE in a Dispute
over a Drink --
Francisco SALDIVA, a tamales peddler, was fatally shot by a gambler
named John L. DUNNE, at Vic BARLOGIO’s saloon on Main street, between 4 and
5 o’clock last Sunday morning. The evidence adduced at the coroner’s
inquest held on Monday evening was substantially as follows:
Frank CONNER testified that he went into BARLOGIO’s saloon a little
after 4 o’clock Sunday morning and there found DUNNE and SALDIVA. DUNNE
ordered the drinks and SALDIVA asked CONNER to join them. After imbibing
DUNNE refused to pay for SALDIVA’s and CONNER’s drinks. After wrangling a
short time DUNNE drew his pistol and began striking at SALDIVA who was
unarmed. SALDIVA backed out of the saloon and went to his home on
Castroville street. A few minutes afterwards CONNER met SALDIVA on the
street going towards BARLOGIO’s saloon and saw him enter. A moment
afterwards the saloon door opened, struggling men emerged upon the sidewalk
and the report of a pistol was heard. Immediately afterwards SALDIVA
started up Castroville street, entered his home and died in about 5 minutes.
Vic BARLOGIO corroborated CONNER’s testimony in regard to DUNNE’s
refusal to pay for the drinks and his attempt to beat SALDIVA with his
pistol. He further testified that SALDIVA returned to the saloon
brandishing a knife, when DUNNE drew his pistol but did not fire until
SALDIVA had backed out to the sidewalk, when a shot was heard. DUNNE came
into the saloon again exclaiming that SALDIVA had cut him and that he had
shot SALDIVA, at the same time exhibiting a bleeding hand.
Joe BOTILLER testified that when SALDIVA returned to the saloon he
struck at DUNNE with a knife and, as he backed out of the saloon, was shot
by DUNNE from the inside.
Dr. Dorus BRUMWELL, who performed the autopsy, testified that the
bullet entered under the collar bone, pursued a backward course when was it
deflected downward, striking the 4th rib and fracturing it, when it took an
upward and backward course lodging in the muscles of the back. In its
course the bullet ruptured an artery causing death from hemorrhage.
The coroner’s jury, which was composed of John H. SMITH, W.J. SMITH,
HUTCHINSON, rendered the following verdict:
We, the undersigned jurors summoned to appear before John PARKER,
coroner of Monterey county, Salinas, on the 22nd day of August, 1892, to
inquire into the cause of the death of Francisco SALDIVA, having been duly
sworn according to law and having made such inquisition, after inspecting
the body and hearing the testimony adduced, upon an oath, each and all do
say that we find the deceased was named Francisco SALDIVA, was a native of
Central America, aged about 35 years, that he came to his death on the 21st
day of August, 1892, in this county, by a pistol shot fired by John DUNNE.
All of which we duly certify by this inquisition, in writing by us. Signed
this 22nd day of August, 1892.
DUNNE was arrested and lodged in the county jail. He will have his
preliminary examination on a charge of murder before Justice ROADHOUSE
today. Thus far he has refused to talk about the affair.

**Suicide of an Unknown Man -- Coroner PARKER was summoned to Castroville
last Saturday forenoon to hold an inquest on the body of an unknown man who
was found dead in his room that morning. A glass about half full of water
in which had been dissolved a quantity of cyanide of potassium, and an
unopened bottle of strychnine were found on a stand at the head of the bed.
The deceased got off the south-bound train, which reached Castroville at
noon Friday, and secured a room at the hotel, paying for it in advance.
Upon his person was found $17.60 in coin but nothing that would lead to his
identity. He was apparently about 30 years of age, 6 feet in height, fair
complexion and light hair and mustache. He was well dressed and had the
appearance of a laboring man. The coroner’s jury rendered a verdict to the
effect that the deceased came to his death from poison voluntarily
administered by his own hand. The remains were brought to the undertaking
parlors of W.M. VANDERHURST in Salinas and buried in the potters field on
Since holding the inquest Coroner PARKER has received a letter from
B.E. HOLLOWAY, a Hollister druggist, stating that a man answering the
description of the deceased bought an ounce of strychnine at his store on
Friday. He gave his name as J. HUNT, and also wanted a pound of cyanide of
potassium, saying that he wanted to poison squirrels. HOLLOWAY didn’t have
the cyanide of potassium and the man got it at the store of WEAVER & WENTZ.
He then went to the station and bought a ticket for Paso Robles, but got
off the train at Castroville, procured a room and drank the fatal draught.

Peter WEIMER, a pioneer, aged 82, died recently at Josephine, San Luis
Obispo county. Deceased was at Coloma, Eldorado county, with Mr. MARSHALL,
when gold was first discovered in California, and his wife, who died some
time ago, always carried on her person the piece of gold found on that
memorable occasion, and though often offered fabulous prices, would never
part with the souvenir.

**Marriage Licenses --
-Aug. 18; John A. STRATTON of Newman, Stanislaus county, and Miss Marie
BERTELSON of Salinas.
-Aug. 22; John DRISCOLL of Watsonville and Miss Kate BARRY of Castroville
-Aug. 22; P.J. MURPHY of Salinas and Miss Anna HAKENSEN of Castroville.

**Will of Isadora PACHECO MALARIN -- The San Jose ‘Mercury’ says: A
document, dated May 3, 1880, with the names of Luis ARQUES of San Jose and
J.A. ARQUES of Lawrence Station subscribing witnesses, was yesterday filed
with the county clerk as the last will of Isadora PACHECO de MALARIN, who
died on the 26th of last June in Monterey county. The testatrix devises to
her daughters, Mariana and Paula MALARIN, 5,000 each and recommends them to
the care of their father, Mariano MALARIN, believing that this is the
wisest provision that she could make for them. To the husband is bequeathed
the remainder of the property and he is appointed executor to act without
bonds. His petition for probate of the will recites that the estate
consists of the San Luis Ginzaga rancho in Santa Clara and Merced counties,
valued at $200,000; ½ of the Ansaymas y San Felipe rancho in Santa Clara
and San Benito counties, worth $200,000; 4 lots in the town of Monterey,
$15,000. The annual income in $20,000. Luis ARQUES is petitioner’s attorney.

**Personal & Social --
-Miss Lou CLEMENT of Alameda, is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. SIEGHOLD, in
-Mrs. L.J. MADDUX is over from Modesto visiting her father, Rev. J.C. SIMMONS.
-Mrs. C.W. ALEXANDER is down from Sacramento visiting her son, Hon. J.K.
-Mrs. W.F. RAMSEY and her daughter, Mrs. M.J. SMELTZER, have returned from
a fortnight’s sojourn at Pacific Grove.
-John C. TOMPKINS of Peach Tree went over to Santa Cruz last week to become
a student at Chesnutwood’s Business college.
-Mrs. H.V. MOREHOUSE who was visiting her parents, Mr.&Mrs. Wm. DeWITT, at
Hilltown, returned home to San Jose last Saturday.
-Mrs. J.M. STRIENING, who has been down from San Francisco visiting her
parents, Mr.&Mrs. G.S. MILLER, returned home last Saturday.
-Miss Ada McREYNOLDS was given a party by Mrs. JEFFERY at the Jeffery House
last Monday evening. The program included music, games and refreshments,
and it was a delightful occasion.
-Mrs. F.H. TROPE, of San Jose, who has been the guest of Mrs. MEYERS on
Central avenue during the past week, will returned home tomorrow. Mrs.
TROPE has many old-time friends in Salinas who are delighted to see her.
-Bro. H.L. BRADFORD, of the Monterey ‘Cypress,’ will spend the next 3 or 4
months in Salinas reading law. He has already been admitted to practice in
the superior courts of the state and will now prepare himself to go before
the supreme court.

Dr. FRANK, the optician, is considerably “under the weather” at present and
will leave this week on a drive southward for the benefit of his health,
proceeding leisurely to Paraiso Springs, thence by way of Soledad, Kings
City, San Lucas, San Ardo and Bradley to Paso Robles and perhaps as far as
San Luis Obispo. Dr. FRANK has done a large amount of professional work in
Salinas and vicinity and there will be plenty more awaiting his return.
Mrs. FRANK has been called to Nevada City on professional business.

**Brief Mention --
-James N. ENEMARK, a native of Denmark, and Daniel G.A. BECKER, were
invested with the rights of citizenship by Judge Dorn last Thursday and
Saturday respectively.
-Fred SCHUTTE was kicked by a pet colt at King City last Sunday, breaking 3
ribs and injuring him internally. Fred BURCHARD brought him to Salinas
yesterday for medical treatment.
-The Paso Robles schools have reopened with the following corps of
teachers: Principal, S.B. WILSON; assistants, Victoria GILBERT, Tillie

**List of Teachers of the Schools of Monterey County for the Fall Term,
1892, with Post-office Addresses:
Adams -- Miss Mary R. STEPHENS; King City
Alberts -- Miss Susie R. BIRD; San Lucas
Apricot -- Miss L. JAMES; Apricot
Argyle -- Miss Annie C. THOMPSON; Jolon
Arroyo Seco -- C.M. HODGES; Soledad
Bay -- C.W. KERLIN; Monterey
Bernabe -- Miss E.B. JENNINGS; King City
Blanco -- Miss Leoline LADD; Blanco
Bradley -- Mrs. E.E. BROCK; Bradley
Buena Vista -- Miss Kate SARGENT; Salinas City
Campbell -- Miss Blanche LELANDE; King City
Cañon -- Miss Edith BAKER; Chualar
Carmelo -- Miss Belle HOOVER; Monterey
Carneros -- Miss Ally GILFILLAN; Salinas City
Carrolton -- Wm. MALCOM; Watsonville
Castroville -- Duncan STIRLING; Castroville
Castroville -- Miss Fanny MOORE; Castroville
Castroville -- Miss M. MITCHELL; Castroville
Castroville -- Miss Kate HAGGERTY; Castroville
Chalone -- Miss Mary BRUNHOUSE; Metz
Cholame -- Georgia BRADSHAW; Imusdale
Chualar -- E.F. WEBBER; Chualar
Copley -- Miss Sylvia H. BOYCE; King City
Corral de Tierra -- Miss M. STARR; Salinas City
Deep Well -- Miss E.B. HAMILTON; Chualar
Del Monte -- Miss Lilly B. KOPP; Seaside
Eagle -- Miss Jeanie MILNE; Valleton
Elk Horn -- Miss Ellen COX; Watsonville
Ellis -- Miss Clara TOLMAN; San Miguel
El Sausal -- Mrs. A.F. BULLENE; Salinas City
Fair Oaks -- Miss S.H. ECKHARDT; Bradley
Fair View -- Miss Elissie RAYMOND; Gonzales
Franklin -- E.C. GOODRICH; Jolon
Garfield -- Miss Maggie FALL; Parkfield
Glorio -- Miss Bell BURDICK; Gonzales
Gonzales -- W.V. JOY; Gonzales
Gonzales -- Miss Jessie CHAPMAN; Gonzales
Gonzales -- Miss Clara GORDON; Gonzales
Graves -- Miss Margaret CLAUSSEN; Blanco
Hames -- Mrs. F. BETTS; Bradley
Hesperia -- Miss A.B. KESLAR; Bryson
Independence -- Mrs. Annie M. RAILEY; San Miguel
Indian Valley -- Miss Nellie WHITE; Valleton
Jamesburg -- Miss Grace HOOVER; Jamesburg
King City -- Miss Nellie RICKARD; King City
King City -- Miss R. BRANSTETTER; King City
Lake -- Miss Winnie ODELL; Watsonville
Lincoln -- Miss A. PUCKHABER; Salinas City
Lindley -- Miss Fanny MOREY; Watsonville
Lindley -- Miss A.B. COX; Watsonville
Llano -- Allan McLEAN; Salinas City
Long Valley -- Miss C.M. POAGE; San Lucas
Mal Paso -- Miss Maud PORTER; Monterey
Mansfield -- Miss Nina L. BERGER; Mansfield
Melville -- Miss M. McCONNELL; Parkfield
Mission -- Miss Belle DUTY; Soledad
Monroe -- T.O. GRAVES; San Miguel
Monterey -- Jas. T. STOCKDALE; Monterey
Monterey -- J.B. HICKMAN; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Ida M. SWANK; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Georgia GORDON; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Fannie INGRAM; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Belle HIGGINS; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Kate PERRY; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Clara McQUAID; Monterey
Monterey -- Miss Eugenia MURRAY; Monterey
Moore -- J.M. DeLONG; Soledad
Moss Landing -- Miss Florence A. CRICHTON; Castroville
Mountain -- Miss Lutie OSBORN; Watsonville
Natividad -- Mrs. Mary EMERY; Salinas City
Oak Grove -- Miss G.V. SHEARER; Salinas City
Oasis -- Mrs. Nantie A. MAY; San Lucas
Orange -- C. FAITH; San Miguel
Orchard -- Miss Grace ANDERSON; Soledad
Pacific -- Miss Amanda MATHEWS; Mansfield
Pacific Grove -- G.W. GRETTER; Pacific Grove
Pacific Grove -- Miss Nettie C. WARRING; Pacific Grove
Pacific Grove -- Mrs. I.D. RODGERS; Pacific Grove
Pacific Grove -- Mrs. M.G. HOOD; Pacific Grove
Palo Colorado -- Miss Annie BARBREE; Sur
Paris Valley -- Miss Ida GRIME; San Ardo
Parkfield -- Miss Frances B. ORTON; Parkfield
Peach Tree -- Miss Maud WEST; Peach Tree
Pfeiffer -- Miss Fanny BOSTROM; Sur
Pinkerton -- Miss Alice B. MALLOY; Pleyto
Pleasant View -- Miss Frances D. HUGHES; Lockwood
Pleyto -- Miss Florence E. COGSWELL; Bryson
Priest Valley -- Miss E. NOWELL; Priest Valley
Redwood -- Miss Fredrica WEICKER; Jolon
Reliz -- Miss Annie McNALLY; Soledad
Rincon -- Miss Addie S. TURNER; Castroville
Salinas City -- W.H. HOUSH; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss R.T. GREEN; Salinas City
Salinas City -- J.D. BLACKMAN; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss M.L. LOVE; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Mrs. E.M. HOAGLAND; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss M.L. KITTO; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss A. SAMUELS; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Mrs. M. McHARRY; Salinas City
Salinas City -- J.B. BENNETT; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss M. JOHNSTON; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss O. CALHOUN; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss F. MEAD; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss Julia BLACK; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss Lizzie GILFILLAN; Salinas City
Salinas City -- Miss F.S. WALSH; Salinas City
San Antonio -- Helen E. BARR; Jolon
San Bernardo -- Miss Nellie G. GALLAGHER; San Ardo
San Lucas -- Miss Kate DOHERTY; San Lucas
San Lucas -- Miss Maggie DOHERTY; San Lucas
San Miguel -- Miss Hattie B. WARRING; Salinas City
San Vicente -- Miss Mary LITTLE; Gonzales
Sargent -- Miss Ella J. CURTIN; San Ardo
Shearer -- Miss Lilly CASADY; King City
Sherman -- Miss Bessie M. ROUSE; San Ardo
Soledad -- Miss Sarah WAYLAND; Soledad
Soledad -- Miss Mabel HARVEY; Soledad
Spring -- Geo. W. McINTYRE; Salinas City
Springfield -- Miss Maggie C. JOHNSON; Watsonville
Sur -- Miss Sadie FAIRFIELD; Sur
Tassajara -- Miss L. PETERSON; Jamesburg
Tularcitos -- Fred P. FELIZ; Monterey
Vega -- Miss Emma KERR; Watsonville
Veratina -- N. KENNEDY; Veratina
Vineyard -- Miss C.C. KORELL; San Miguel
Warm Springs -- Miss Minnie WIEBCKE; Soledad
Washington -- Miss E. FEENEY; Salinas City

**At Tassajara Springs -- A Correspondent sends the ‘Index’ the following
list of visitors at Tassajara springs: James JEFFERY, Sr., James McDOUGALL,
M. CONRAD of Salinas; D.J. SPENCE, San Francisco; Evan T. ROGERS, Wm.
FRUHLING, Dr. MEADE, Miss G. NEWHALL, San Jose; Miss Clara BRUCE,
Jamesburgh; John ANDERSON, Monterey. The weather is lovely at the springs
and the boys are having a jolly time.

**Letter List -- Following is a list of unclaimed letters remaining in the
Salinas City post office, Monterey county, Cal., Aug. 24, 1892. To obtain
any of these letters the applicant must call for “advertised letters.” If
not called for in 2 weeks they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:
ALLEN, Mrs. Jane
BROWN, Mrs. S.J.

**Bradley News -- from last Saturday’s ‘Mercury’ --
-John ONYON has removed his harness shop from San Ardo to Castroville.
-A very pleasant birthday party and dance was given at the section house on
Friday last, the occasion being the 18th birthday of Miss Sallie RUSSELL.

**Monterey Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Cypress’ --
-Captain E.S. JOSSELYN, an ex-sea-faring man, who in years past sailed many
vessels in and out of this port, has a chart of this bay upon which he has
marked a break-water that could be constructed quite cheaply and which
would furnish shelter for 50 or more vessels, if necessary, while loading.
As a harbor of refuge no breakwater is needed.

**San Lucas -- from last Thursday’s ‘Herald’ --
-The nucleus of a reading club was formed Friday evening at the residence
of Simon GOLDWATER. Another meeting will be held tomorrow evening at Mrs.
KERNS’ to further extend the beginning made.

**Gonzales Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Tribune’ --
-Bey WESTCOTT moved his thresher into Reliz canyon Monday and commenced
threshing the same day.
-Mrs. M. FARLEY and daughter, Cassie, who had been visiting relatives in
this place, left for their home in Fresno on Thursday.
-Chris TWISSELMAN has purchased from Neil McGRURY of Salinas a small band
of Angora goats and in the near future the patrons of his model hostlery
may sample the delicious edible qualities of the same.
-G.W. THEUERKAUF returned from San Francisco Monday, where he had been to
attend the Bay District association races. It is rumored that he and his
family will shortly move to San Jose to permanently reside.

**King City Items -- from last Saturday’ ‘Settler’ --
-Mr.&Mrs. PUGH have gone to Pacific Grove, where they expect to remain for
several months.
-S.C. COREY and family have gone to Pacific Grove, where they will make
their home in the future.
-Mrs. Dora RICKARD had a very narrow escape from death last Monday. As she
was driving over the bridge across the deep gulch near Mr. BRANSTETTER’s
place her horse suddenly shied, throwing 2 wheels of the buggy over the
edge. As the vehicle was overturning the top was projected against the
branch of an over-hanging tree, by which it was pierced and which held the
whole thing from falling. Assistance soon arrived and rescued Mrs. RICKARD
from her perilous position.

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch

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