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From: "Sue Silver" <>
Subject: [CAButte] California SB 341 - Public Cemetery District Law
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:14:34 -0800

Hello everyone,

I just received a list of people and organizations who have so far written in support or opposition to SB 341 which I sent out to you last week. THANK YOU to all who responded in opposing Sec. 9055 of the Bill that would allow a public cemetery district to sell it's public cemetery to a private cemetery authority.

I also checked the old Legislative Record on when the original section was written in 1961. Usually a law is written to meet a specific need. In this case I expected to find that one public cemetery district needed help so the law might have been written just for that specific district. What I found was that the Bill's author in 1961 told the Governor it would help reduce taxes(!). AND, the only organization mentioned who formally Supported the original bill was the Interment Association of California which is comprised of cemetery industry companies and organizations! Not one cemetery district was listed as having written to support the bill. To me this says a lot. It says the private cemetery operators were trying to figure out how to get ownership of public cemeteries when prior to that such a transfer was not authorized by law!

If there is anyone else who is interested in knowing how to voice your opposition to this Bill unless Sec. 9055 is dropped so district's cannot give away our public cemeteries, please contact me direct.

Again, THANKS to EVERYONE who sent emails to the Senate Local Government Committee on this issue.

With email and the internet, we do have a voice!

Sue Silver, State Coordinator
California Saving Graves

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