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Subject: [BULLARD] FW: Re: Y-DNA 37 Marker Results
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 22:11:14 +0000

Hi All,

I am forwarding thie following a a way of informing all of you to the results of our Bullard DNA test results. An update is that Claudie B. (Bill) and me now match 37 of 37 markers exactly. This is proof that Nathan1 Bullard is our common ancestor. Bill and me match Richard in 36 markers out of 37. Richard has a value of 16 in marker 33 wihile Bill and I have a value of 17. The remarks below are correct.

Spencer Ardell Bullard
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Subject: Re: Y-DNA 37 Marker Results
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 19:56:01 +0000

Hi DNA Cousins and likely cousins,

I have updated my Bullard Ancestral Line. I thought Bill and Richard might like an update since Richard and I match 36 out of 37 markers and Bill matches both Richard and me through 25 markers. I do expect that Bill and I will match 37 of 37 since we believe we share a common ancestor in Nathan1 Bullard.

I would like to see the Ancestral Line of all of you as I am sure each of you would also. I do believe it is highly likely that we all share a common ancestor within about 10 generations. If I read the tables correctly, Richard has the following possibilities of relating to Bill and I:

50 percent probability of having a common ancestor within 4 generations. I suggest the possibility that William4 Bullard, the second son of Nathan1 Bullard and born abt. 1800 in Anson County, NC.. He is shown in the 1830 census for Henderson County, TN with 3 sons born in the 1820s.

90 percent probability of having a common ancestor within 8 generations. Nathan1 Bullard had at least 2 brothers. William1 Bullard b. abt. 1725 may have has older sons.

95 percent probability of having a common ancestor within 10 generations. Jeremiah Bullard b. 1702 in MA and lived in NC in the 1850 or earlier in Duplin County where the above mentioned Bullard also lived.

My Ancestoral Line follows.

Keping in Touch

Spencer A. Bullard


The genealogy of The NATHAN AND SARAH STROUD BULLARD FAMILY has been linked to WILLIAM BULLARD AND SPOUSE UNKNOWN FAMILY of Duplin County, North Carolina. An article by William Byrd entitled “Navigation on Goshen Swamp, Duplin County, N. C. 1785”, published in the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, February 1982, provides names identified by Districts along seventeen miles of Goshen Swamp. The Districts were created by The Duplin County Court for the purpose of making Goshen Swamp navigable to flat bottom boats. NATHAN BULLARD, then about age 20, was named to District #5. This district included the 5th mile up the Swamp from Northeast Cape Fear River, the area that included the farm of WILLIAM BULLARD. This is sufficient evidence to conclude that NATHAN is the son of WILLIAM BULLARD and still living at or near home in 1785. There are no other BULLARDs living in this area

From this revelation of WILLIAM BULLARD as the father of NATHAN BULLARD I conclude that my Family Ancestral Line is:
(1) WILLIAM BULLARD b. abt 1725, and SPOUSE unknown were living in Duplin County, NC in
1760 till their death in late 1700s. William received a Land Grant in 1762 for 315 acres north of Goshen Swamp in Duplin County NC most of which he kept until his death about 1798. William served in the North Carolina Militia from 16 July 1783 to 10 March 1784 when Revolutionary War soldiers were discharged. 1786 Duplin County, NC State Census list William Bullard family as: 1 white male age 21 to 60; 2 white males of other age; and 4 white females.
(2) NATHAN BULLARD b. abt. 1765 in Duplin County, NC d. Apr 1842, Jefferson County,
IL. married Jan. 21 1795 in Duplin County to SARAH STROUD b. abt. 1775 and d. Sep 1837
In Jefferson County, IL.
Censuses show the Nathan and Sarah Stroud Bullard Family with 8 sons and 3 daughters born between 1797 and 1821. The family moved from Duplin County, NC before 1800 to Chesterfield County, SC and then to Henderson County, TN by about 1825. They moved to Jefferson County, IL before 1835.
(3) LORENZO DOW BULLARD b. Oct.16, 1816 in TN married Nov. 16, 1837 to RHODA
MEADOR b. Jun 23, 1818 in Smith County, TN. Lorenzo purchased a farm in Wayne County,
IL in 1837. Their Family consisted of 6 sons and 6 daughters several of whom died very young.
Lorenzo Dow Bullard married in 1876 after the death of Rhoda Meador. They had 2 sons both of
whom died as infants.
Lorenzo Dow Bullard wrote in his Bible Death Records the following:
“Fathers name was Nathan” and “Mothers name Sarah Stroud before she was married”.
4) LAWRENCE DOW BULLARD b. Mar 21, 1861 in Wayne County, IL died July 6, 1941 in Wayne County, IL, married Oct. 25, 1883 to EMMA WITHROW b. Oct. 8, 1860 in Princeton, IN, d. Aug 4, 1928 in Wayne County, IL. Their family consisted of 5 sons and 3 daughters.
(5) FRED EVERETT BULLARD b. Oct. 25, 1893 in Wayne County,
IL, d. Sep 22, 1981, Wayne County, IL married Nov 27, 1915 in Effingham County, IL to MABLE MAE OSTRANDER b. Aug 20, 1895, Winnebago County, IA, d. July 30, 1957, Wayne County, IL. Their family consisted of 6 sons and 4 daughters.
(6) SPENCER ARDELL BULLARD b. Apr 17, 1922, Winnebago County, IA, married Jan 30, 1946 in Vincennes, IN to MARY LOUISE MENDENHALL b. Feb 20, 1925 in Meckling, SD. Their family consists of 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Keeping in touch.
Spencer Ardell Bullard

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I have one question.

"WHO" is this Richard Bullard

I can't find him.

I hope the rest of my results is not far behind


Bill Bullard

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