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From: "M. Kent McMahan" <>
Subject: Thomas Bull on 1779 Clear Creek, KY Dist., VA (later Knox Co., KY)
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 19:10:20 -0400

Hi Listers,

I read about a new KY Land Office web site in this morning's paper. Below is a link to their web site:


Thomas Bull is the first Bull mentioned in the area of KY that became Knox Co. in 1799/1800. For 160 pounds, he apparently applied for a Preemption Warrant (#621) for 400 acres of unappropriated land on Clear Creek in the Kentucky District of Virginia on 23 Nov 1779. The warrant was "given" on 1 Apr 1780 according to the certificate (the KY land record index has the "issued" date as 11/23/1779). A referenced "authorized" document appears to be Virginia patent # 5489.0. Since there is no Bull on the Knox Co. tax lists for 1800-1805, based on Mary Lou Hudson's very helpful BULL-L posting on 12/26/04, Thomas apparently had already died. John Bull (Sr.) first appears there in the 1806-tax list, after leaving Granger Co., TN. John Bull got his first land grant(s) in Knox Co., KY, in 1814-1816. I'm guessing that Thomas Bull was probably John's father and that John inherited his father's land.

Kentucky County, VA, was divided into three districts or counties (Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette) in 1780. The district with Clear Creek identified in early Knox. Co., KY, appears to fall in that original Lincoln County, VA. Knox Co., KY, was formed in 1799/1800 and included Indian Lands in the southwest portion. These Indian Lands, which are not shown on maps after 1800, appear to have included what later became the western part of Josh Bell Co. when it was formed in 1867 and encompassed the Clear Creek land in the Bull family at the time. There's a good chance that Thomas Bull is the ancestor of the Knox Co. clan and, quite possibly, the source of the middle initial "T" that some of the clan mysteriously adopted, most whom later dropped the middle initial when they changed their surname to Turnbull.

I'm hoping that some of you can contribute to this discussion.

Kent McMahan
Louisville, KY

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