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Subject: Re: Andrew Brunton
Date: 19 Jun 2005 13:57:59 -0600

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Hi Again Evelyn!

I'm fairly sure your Andrew is the brother of my John. I don't have John's marraige details either though he married Isabella Campbell (and his sister Isabella married Jean's sister David, just to confuse the issue - then made worse because Janet, daughtere of Isabella Campbell's brother John married Isabella and John Brunton's son William David!!!! certainly not making it easy for us, were they?).

Anyway, the William who married Jean Smart left his land in Star of Kennoway to his three sons, John, Andrew and William on his death in 1852. I've ordered a copy of the deed and should hopefully have it by the end of this week (I live in France and it has to come from Edinburgh), this will confirm for certain the address of the Andrew who was the son of William B and Jean Smart so you will have it! Will e-mail you directly with the info as soon as the disposition arrives.

As for George, I didn't know of a 4th brother and there's no record in the OPR's of a son of William and Jean called George (there was a David who died at age 5) at any time between 1794 and William's death in 1852. That's not to say he wasn't. Have found the marriage cert and ordered a copy which will confirm George's parents, sounds possible, again will let you know. If the George with the gravestone isn't a brother of your ancestor and mine then there were only one other set of brothers George and Andrew born at the same sort of time, they were born in Edinburgh and are a totally different family. Can't find anywhere a record of a George born 28/8/1798 though LDS have a George born in Scotland on 31/1/1799 (but that could be his christening, not birth) who died in 1836. That could kind of make sense, if George was a 4th brother he may have died young and without children which would explain why neither he nor his children got a share in the land at Star???

Were your Andrew and Mary married in Scotland or Canada, do you know? Can't find any record of them in Scotland.

Your Andrew's date of birth is 16/11/1806 at Markinch (if he is the same one as mine).

I find the Bruntons eassy (and interesting) as I grew up literally a couple of miles from Markinch and my family still live in the area and I know it pretty well - so working out whether things are logical geographically or not is easy for me. But if you don't know Fife you might want to look at the Fife Family History Society site, they have a brilliant map of the Parishes in the 19th century which could be really useful.

Will keep you posted as soon as the stuff arrives and let you know of any new discoveries.


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