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From: "Lilly Martin" <>
Subject: [BROWER] Nicholas Brouwer b. 1714, the Miller at Wappingers Falls.
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 15:32:35 +0200

Here is my identification of the people who are listed in the document.
Some I know, some I do not know.

This is the settlement of the estate of Nicholas Brouwer/Brower/Brewer, s/o
Adolphus, s/o Nicholas, s/o Adam b. 1620.

This Nicholas Brouwer was born 1714 and died 1778. First wife was Maria
Dutcher, second wife Sarah Drake. Sarah Drake later married Stephen Callow,
the furniture manufacturer.

This Nicholas was a very wealthy man of Fishkill, Dutchess Co NY. He sold
his home to Peter Mesier of New York City. I had not known that Nicholas
Brouwer/Brewer moved to ALBANY, and his estate was later settled with some
documents filed in Albany, NY.

Now I will list the persons mentioned in this document, and my
identification of them.

1. John Van Sicklen and Benjamin Bloom: I do not know them, but I think they
were just men of Albany who took inventories, probably not related.

2. W. Conklin: William Conklin, the husband of Jannetje Brouwer, the eldest
daughter of Nicholas Brouwer b. 1714.

3. Elisha Covert: i don't know him.

4. Jacob Stagg: I don't know him.

5. Nicholas Brower: Nicholas Brouwer, Jr b. 1747, m. Mary Birdsall.

6. Jane Conklin: Jannetje Brouwer, eldest daught of Nicholas Brouwer b.
1714, wife of William Conklin.

7. Cornelius Brower: I am not positive, but maybe he is the brother of
Nicholas b. 1714, if this is correct, he is born 1736. If it is not his
brother, then it might be his nephew b. 1766. I would guess one or the
other, but more likely the brother.

8. Everadus Brower: I am not sure about this man. The family of Jacobus
Brouwer, s/o Adam b. 1620, used the name Everardus Brouwer in honor of their
maternal ancestor Everardus Bogardus, the grandfather of Anna Bogardus, Mrs.
Jacobus Brouwer. I have no idea why that branch of the Brouwer family tree
would be involved in this branch, because while thie are related, they are
not that close. I don't understand why this branch in Fishkill would use
the name Everardus? I am aware of several men named Everardus, but they
were in Manhattan.

9. David Brower: he was born 1750 and would be the second son born to
Nicholas Brouwer b. 1714. This David then would be the younger brother to
Nicholas, Jr who is one of the 3 executors of the estate.

10. Henry Bogart: is he a Bogardus descendant, using as spelling variation?
I do not know. How does he rate being an executor of this estate? The
Widow Sarah, and the Eldest Son Nicholas, Jr I can easily understand, but
how does Henry Bogart fit into the works? Perhaps he was not related, but a
close friend or outstanding man of the community, and trustworthy 3rd person
to keep the son and the widow straight in line, legally speaking. I don't
know him.

11. Lena Manning and Joshua Manning: Helena Brouwer was daughter of Nicholas
Brouwer/Brewer b. 1714. She married Joshua Manning, who was of the Manning
clan in Clinton, Dutchess Co NY. They later lived in New York City, and
some of thier descendants were the Manning family who settled in Republic,

Best regards,
Lilly Martin

Original records of administrations of estates, 1700-1825 and inventories
and accounts, 1600's-1700's, New York. Surrogate's Court (Albany County),
Admin. & inventory 1776-1825 Barnhart to Couner - FHL US/CAN Film [
509066 ]

Inventory of the estate was taken on two dates, 2 Jul and 3 Jul 1778, both
times by John van Sicklen and Benjamin Bloom. Included in the inventory was
1 "Duch Bible," 1 "Duch Question Book," 1 "Duch Lairment Book," 2 "Duch"
Books, 1 English Book, many tools and other household effects. There was
also 1 Negro woman, and 1 Negro man named Johanes. There were bonds of W.
Conklin, Elisha Covort, and Jacob Stag. Apparently an account of the
inventory was reopened in 1797. On 15 Apr 1797, "Joshua Manning and Lena his
wife which said Lena is a daughter and legatee of Nicholas Brower late of
the city of Albany, yeoman, deceased," petitioned the Court in Albany
claiming that, "Sarah Brower, Nicholas Brower, and Henry Bogart executors of
the last will and testament of the said Nicholas Brower, have hitherto
neglected to render an inventory and account of the estate of the said
Nicholas Brower." In response the inventory and account was filed on 10 Aug
1797 by Nicholas Brower, and included payments to Cornelius Brower, legacy;
Jane Conklin, legacy; mother for family support. Debts were paid in Feb 1782
to Cornelius Brower and to Everardus Brower. A bond, by will went to
Nicholas Brower; the Negro John, by will went to David Brower; the Negro
"wench" Hannah, to the widow; the Negro Peter "ran away with the British."
(NY Wills B:120)

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