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Subject: Gibbs Home
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 18:03:59 -0600

"Keeley was described as a tall, handsome, personable bachelor, who worked
for the Gibbs' Home from 1911-1951. He was called the children's guide and
friend in Canada" Page 51
- Picture of Thomas Keeley, Page 50
- He died in 1969 when he was in his 90's.
- Correspondence provides evidence of the lies he told my Father over 20

In June, 1995 . . . "(The Children's Society) maintained they did not have
any records from the Gibbs' Home at Sherbrooke, Quebec. In 1995, David
Lorente found an index of over 3,000 names and a Sailing List from
1886-1915. He notified the Children's Society of his find, and donated
copies to the Archbishop of Canterbury, National Archives of Canada, and The
Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints." Page 153.

"Neither Waif Nor Stray: The Search for a Stolen Identity." Author Perry
Snow, Universal Publishers, Florida, USA, 2000, p. 155
Available at

Oddly enough, the snail-mail letter I received a few days ago from Wales
included a copy of a Dec 1995 article in the Clwyd Family History Society
Journal "Hel Achau." It said that Thomas Keeley was the Administrator of
the Gibbs Home from 1912 -? Following his death (in 1969), Bertram Lyon,
the Court Appointed Guardian was ordered by the Children's Society to
destroy the records. This article mentioned there were 3,841 index cards
that survived and lay undiscovered until delivered to the intrepid David
Lorente in 1995.

David definitely turned these index cards over to the LDS for microfiching,
but I have not heard what became of this project. Also do not know what the
National Archives of Canada might have done with them.

Hope this helps a little
Perry Snow - Listowner

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