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Subject: Re: [BRE] German Baptist Brethren almanacs, annuals & yearbooks
Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 21:02:37 -0700
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Wayne - this is a tremendous contribution and service to the Brethren
community. Thank you so much and thanks to all who made it possible. I
look forward to spending time with it.
Winter Landis Dellenbach
Palo Alto, CA
On May 1, 2012, at 8:13 PM, Wayne Webb wrote:

> Evening Fellow List Members,
> The staff of the Brethren Archives is pleased to announce the
> release to
> the general public of a large collection of the almanacs, annuals and
> yearbooks of the German Baptist Brethren church. This includes those
> volumes prior to the divide of the German Baptist Brethren church of
> the
> early 1880s up and into the present day Church of the Brethren and the
> Brethren Church. This collection, at present the cumulative record
> set
> accounts for some 76 volumes in all and represents over 4,000 images
> and
> over 3,300 menu links to those images, has long been a dream of
> Brethren
> historians. Primarily begun as a digital archive, it was soon
> realized that
> others might wish to enjoy the wealth of information contained in
> the pages.
> The goal, at least for the online component, is to include all those
> volumes
> up to 1940 in the personal collection of A. Wayne Webb, the guiding
> force
> behind this archival collection.
> Within the pages of these invaluable records, the site visitor
> will find
> the names of the majority of the ministers of the various branches
> of the
> church. Depending upon the volume year, each periodical may also
> include a
> comprehensive listing of the various congregations in existence at
> that time
> across the United States. The one chief dilemma for historians and
> researchers of this day and age will be that, as is often the case, a
> congregation of the 1870s or '80s may be known today under a
> different name.
> The various periodicals, again depending on the volume, will often
> include
> biographies of prominent elders, ministers and personages intermixed
> with
> congregational and district histories. It is this collective
> historical
> record content that makes these periodicals have the import to
> historians of
> this era.
> To facilitate access to the general public there are at present
> several
> periodicals that are viewable in their entirety. This includes the
> front
> and inside front covers of all the record sets, The Lost Children of
> the
> Alleghenies (Eld. James A. Sell, 1906) and Just Twenty Years Ago
> (Union
> Pacific Railroad Co., 1909). The small publication by Elder Sell
> consists
> of the story of the deaths of the two Cox brothers of present day
> Blair
> county, Pennsylvania. This record set also includes a music video
> by the
> noted Bluegrass singer Allison Kraus, who has released a song about
> the same
> subject. The last publication was printed by the railroad as
> enticement to
> possible Brethren settlers to the Western United States and contains
> a lot
> of material on the noted Brethren elder, Daniel Long Miller. Each
> record
> set is viewable via the menu links to the left of the site. Other
> complete
> record sets will be made available, the entire set open to the
> public, on an
> ad hoc basis as they are processed.
> One of the scopes of the archival effort is to create a
> comprehensive
> archival DVD collection for disseminating to various Brethren
> historical
> repositories around the United States. At present only one of these,
> roughly, 40 disc DVD collections is in the design phase and will be,
> upon
> acceptance, housed at the National Archives and Records
> Administration. It
> will also be made available to Brethren institutions, funding
> permitting.
> The site can be visited at
> <>;
> Cordially,
> A. Wayne Webb
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