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From: "Wayne Webb" <>
Subject: [BRE] German Baptist Brethren almanacs, annuals & yearbooks
Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 23:13:41 -0400

Evening Fellow List Members,

The staff of the Brethren Archives is pleased to announce the release to
the general public of a large collection of the almanacs, annuals and
yearbooks of the German Baptist Brethren church. This includes those
volumes prior to the divide of the German Baptist Brethren church of the
early 1880s up and into the present day Church of the Brethren and the
Brethren Church. This collection, at present the cumulative record set
accounts for some 76 volumes in all and represents over 4,000 images and
over 3,300 menu links to those images, has long been a dream of Brethren
historians. Primarily begun as a digital archive, it was soon realized that
others might wish to enjoy the wealth of information contained in the pages.
The goal, at least for the online component, is to include all those volumes
up to 1940 in the personal collection of A. Wayne Webb, the guiding force
behind this archival collection.

Within the pages of these invaluable records, the site visitor will find
the names of the majority of the ministers of the various branches of the
church. Depending upon the volume year, each periodical may also include a
comprehensive listing of the various congregations in existence at that time
across the United States. The one chief dilemma for historians and
researchers of this day and age will be that, as is often the case, a
congregation of the 1870s or '80s may be known today under a different name.
The various periodicals, again depending on the volume, will often include
biographies of prominent elders, ministers and personages intermixed with
congregational and district histories. It is this collective historical
record content that makes these periodicals have the import to historians of
this era.

To facilitate access to the general public there are at present several
periodicals that are viewable in their entirety. This includes the front
and inside front covers of all the record sets, The Lost Children of the
Alleghenies (Eld. James A. Sell, 1906) and Just Twenty Years Ago (Union
Pacific Railroad Co., 1909). The small publication by Elder Sell consists
of the story of the deaths of the two Cox brothers of present day Blair
county, Pennsylvania. This record set also includes a music video by the
noted Bluegrass singer Allison Kraus, who has released a song about the same
subject. The last publication was printed by the railroad as enticement to
possible Brethren settlers to the Western United States and contains a lot
of material on the noted Brethren elder, Daniel Long Miller. Each record
set is viewable via the menu links to the left of the site. Other complete
record sets will be made available, the entire set open to the public, on an
ad hoc basis as they are processed.

One of the scopes of the archival effort is to create a comprehensive
archival DVD collection for disseminating to various Brethren historical
repositories around the United States. At present only one of these,
roughly, 40 disc DVD collections is in the design phase and will be, upon
acceptance, housed at the National Archives and Records Administration. It
will also be made available to Brethren institutions, funding permitting.

The site can be visited at


A. Wayne Webb

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