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Emmert Bittinger notes that Daniel Miller came to Flat Rock in 1782 along
with Martin & Samuel Garber. They are listed as ministers by Emmert.

But you are wise to be cautious. The 1776 non-enroller list includes the
following Millers for Frederick County, Maryland. Jacob s/o Adam, Jacob,
Abraham, Peter, Stephen, Solomon, Robert, Henry, Philip, David (Pipe Creek)
and Daniel (Pipe Creek). The Washington County, Maryland list contains
these Millers under the 'Dunker & Menonist' category. Abraham, David and
David s/o Philip. This list doesn't include the numerous Millers who lived
in these counties that did sign the oath of allegiance, who are found in the
1776 & 1778 census (the non-enrollers are not in the census, since the
census was a list of those who took the loyalty oath).

Bill Thomas

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Subject: [BRE] Millers in Rockingham Co. and Shenandoah Co. Virginia

Can anyone verify whether any of the Brethren Millers in Rockingham Co. and
Shenandoah Co. Virginia were descended from the Michael and Susan Agnes
(Bectel) Miller family of Virginia?  I had a recent e-mail from someone on
this list that he claimed Michael and Susan Agnes (Bectel) Miller were
themselves there, or at least owned land there, as well as a son Jacob.  I
wonder if this was another Michael and Jacob Miller however. If their names
were on land records as grantors of land I would like to know whether the
names of their wives would be on those records to help prove they were the
same men who had lived before in Maryland.

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