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From: "Merle Rummel" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Dates of Winona Lake Annual Conference
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 15:09:30 -0400


Greetings--My mother, Julia Ann Flohr Metzger, remembered an Annual
Conference in Winona Lake during which a typhoid epidemic broke out. She
said that in later years, people would ask each other "are you a Winona
survivor"? I'm guessing this would have been the 1925 conference; she
have been about 7 years old then.

My father (GLenn I Rummel) was one of the local Brethren Youth, who ran a
food stand at the Conference (he lived there in Kosciusko Co IN, and was a
student at Manchester College - yes, it was probably the '25 Conference).
The Food stand received much of the blame for the Typhoid Epidemic.

What really happened was, that someone opened a valve which allowed the
lake water to enter the drinking water pipes.

As Dad said it - the city covered up the mistake of its employee by blaming
the youth - who were competing against city food venders (to make it worse,
the Brethren Conference attendees overwhelmingly supported the Brethren
Youth - to the aggravation of the.merchants).

Merle C Rummel

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