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From: "Merle Rummel" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Different Miller Families in Montgomery County, Ohio
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 06:27:21 -0400

Indeed Jeff, you're quite right. We have a similar situation I believe
the gravestone of Daniel Miller (d 1822) whose stone is at Sugar Hill in
Preble County. I'm in the process of trying to unravel that now.

The answer given on Daniel Miller - at Sugar Hill (West Alexandria OH) - is
that he was visiting his son Stephen at the time of his death - Stephen
lived there near West Alex.

Elizabeth died later (1834), likely living with one of the other children,
before their move to Elkhart Co IN. I have her death in Montgomery Co, but
burial in Randolph Co OH - which is incorrect, since Ohio has no Randolph
Co. I wonder if this should be Randolph Co IN - which is the families
moving northwest from Dayton - likely along the old Wayne Trace - going
toward Ft Wayne, and on to Elkhart Co.IN. That would also mean that she
did not die in Montgomery Co. Can you help me?

By the way, are you aware that we know what would be the exact site of
Daniel's farm, down in Clermont Co OH - when he was put into the ministry
at the old Obannon Church (c1797 - now the Stonelick Church).

Lytel did the surveys for the Virginia Bounty Lands about 1802 -and drove
all the earlier settlers out. The Plat Map for Goshen twp (c1880),
includes an overlay of the Lytel Survey. David owned 200 Acres, with
Daniel owning 100 Acres adjacent on the south. The Plat Map of Lytel's
Survey indicates a tract of 200 acres of developed land, with a 100 acre
tract directly south of it, also developed land. This has to be those of
the brothers. It is located about a mile south of Goshen OH (slightly
west), near the intersection with Woodville Pike. To the North-East of
the corner is an
angling line of trees (Goshen Road is not strait North-South) - these
could be the boundary of the lands owned by Daniel and David Miller.

That places Daniel's land directly at the crossroads, extending south a
little. Of course, it was forcefully abandoned, and Daniel, with many
others, moved up to the Dayton area - therefore, there can be no

This is about a mile or two west (slightly south) of what became the
Obannon Church building site (c1822) - at the Stouder Cemetery (about a
mile east of Goshen - and the same south of OH28). The original meeting
site for the church was at the Frederick Weaver farm - just east of the
Goshen School (south edge of Goshen). (Frederick Weaver's wife -
Elizabeth Maugans - was a sister of David Miller's wife - Magdalena
Maugans.) Others of both families remained near Goshen, after the

The 2000 acre Philip Jacob Miller tract was north of Goshen, actually on
the Glermont
Co/Warren Co line - between Murdock and Cozadale. (I have gotten a
plat of the land divisions to the children of the the 2000 acres -
neither David nor Daniel held their acreage.)

Merle C Rummel

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