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This is what genetic Y-chromosome testing did for my genealogy. We knew
my father was born out of wedlock. We had found out that the girl he
grew up thinking was a sister was really his mother. He was raised by
his grandfather whom he thought of as his father. When his grandfather
died, his step grandmother ( no blood relation) brought him to
California. His mother's birth family was in NY. He never really knew
his mother, she gave birth in Panama and then went to Massachusetts,
leaving him in Panama.

So from 1944 on he had no contact with any of his relations.

His mother was looking for him, ever since the news of her father's
death. She had been told he was adopted out, and not told that her
father was raising him. She continued looking until her death in the
1980s. Her older sister was informed of the situation, and was in
Panama when the situation developed, but until shortly before her
death kept her sister's secrets. I found my father's family in the late
1990s. Initial contact was enlightening, but the mystery still remained
about who was my father's father. We figured we would never know.

One person did know, but she was not saying, she felt the information
was a family scandal. Even though all parties, except my father were
deceased she felt the memory of her sister should not be dirtied by
the out of wedlock child information being known. fter about three
years, and some false leads, she was in fading health, and just before
she passed, she revealed the information.

She passed on that the man who fathered my father was a man named
McCann, that he "had something" to do with Navy Construction, and was
introduced to my grandmother by her sister's husband, who was in the
Military in Panama.

I began searching for McCann on Panama. One of the correspondents on my
mail list found Vice Admiral Allan Rockwell McCann's Biography on a
navy site, and suggested I look at him. At first I could find no
correlation, but after writing the site admin, I got a run down of his
assignment history, and he fit. He was stationed in Panam from
1922-1928, then went to the Navy Bureau of Construction and Repair. In
1932, the year my father was born, he returned to Panama to demonstrate
his submarine Rescue Chamber, and his sub, Bonita, was undergoing
overhaul for 6 months. Time and place matched as well as the part about
"Navy Construction", the surname also matched. However the story which
led to the identification was unsupported by living witnesses or
written record.

The next year FTDNA started doing Y-chromosome testing, and I ordered
a test. The test at that time only 12 markers was generic and did
match McCann descendants but it also matched a lot of OTHER surnames. As
upgrades came out I kept upgrading, and researching. When 67 marker
tests came out I upgraded again. This was resolution enough to firmly
establish a 90% probability that My family is McCann or Keane or another
branch of the O'Cathain Family line.

The next step was to find a male descendant of the same McCann family.
Unfortunately after ten years NO OTHER close matches have been found.
However the DNA testing did confirm the story as related by my great
aunt. The particular branch of the McCann family daughtered out and
there are no known male survivors bearing the McCann name.

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