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From: "Merle Rummel" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Out of the center of this email
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:35:55 -0400

Am I picking up (from the center of this email) that 7th day Advents are a
branch of the Brethren Church?


It is just that Conrad Biessel, Superintendent of the Ephrata Community
(now Ephrata Cloisters, Ephrata PA), in his pietistic obedience to Biblical
Scripture, adopted the Seventh Day Sabbath Worship. Ephrata was a strong
religious community on the frontier, till after Biessel's death in 1768.

These were continued to be identified as Seventh Day Baptists or
Sabbatarian Baptists - as they migrated south to the Carolinas and Georgia,
and westward in Pennsylvania. I found little or no trace of them in early
Kentucky. As far as I know, they have disappeared.

In early frontier areas, the Baptist Brethren (us) and the Sabbatarian
Baptists worshiped, sometimes under the same ministers and elders, in even
the same church buildings (on different days)

Merle C Rummel

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