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In the surnames where the line is already proven, you either match it or you
don't. If you do, then all is well. If not, then a different testing
strategy has to be put in place, as you suggested. Eventually, every
surname project will see these. We had that early in the Johann Jacob
Miller line. Two men who both tested, both surname Miller, and both from the
same line. They didn't match each other. It took several other people to
test who descended from different sons to prove the line, meaning which one
was the Miller genetically from Johann Jacob and which line had the
undocumented adoption.


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I agree that DNA testing can really help sort through lines. It may not
give you an exact answer, but it can help you determine which lines to
continue to track and which are unlikely to link to yours. The challenge,
however, is to test enough direct YDNA lines since a single line may be
distracted by an extra-paternal event such as adoption, remarriage, etc.
course, when that happens, it just opens up new avenues for research. ;)

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