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From: "Roberta Estes" <>
Subject: [BRE] Different Miller Families in Montgomery County, Ohio
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 10:01:06 -0400

In Montgomery County, Ohio, there appear to be three different Miller
families quite early.

1. David and Daniel Miller, the sons of Philip Jacob Miller and Magdalena
Rochette, who arrived in Montgomery County between 1802 and 1807. Upon
arrival, they purchased land from the Elder Jacob Miller (in 3 below).
David was born in 1757, was married to Magdalena Maugans and died in
Montgomery County in 1845. He is buried in the family cemetery on his land.
Daniel was born in 1755, married Elizabeth Ulrich, and died in Montgomery
County in 1822. Both men had large families. We have several male Millers
from this line who have tested as established the DNA pattern of this line.
In other words, we know when a Miller tests whether or not they descend from
the Johann Michael Miller line. Johann Michael was the immigrant and the
father of Philip Jacob Miller.

2. There is another Daniel Miller who arrives quite early as well in
Montgomery County. This Daniel lived in what is now Dayton and according to
several Brethren sources, came in 1802 or 1803 from Huntington County, Pa.
He was born in 1765, was married to Susan Bowman, daughter of John Bowman
Sr. and wife Esther (maiden name unknown). The Miller's were the parents of
ten children: Benjamin, John, Joseph, Betsy (m. Shoup), Susannah (m. Etter),
Catharine (m Jacob B. Wolfe), Esther (m. Long), Margaret (m. Abraham
Denlinger), Daniel Jr., Sarah (m John Denlinger). We don't know who
Daniel's parents were. The fact that he too was Brethren seems suggestive
that perhaps he is related to some of the other Brethren Miller families.
He had 4 male children. Does anyone know if any of the Miller descendants
of these 4 boys have taken the DNA test? I'd very much like to know if this
Miller family is related to the Johann Michael Miller group.

3. The third group, also Brethren, is the legendary Elder Jacob Miller.
His first and second wife are unknown, but his last wife was Barbara
Lybrook. Again, according to Brethren sources, Elder Jacob was born in 1735
in current Franklin County, Pa., possibly then Lancaster County, Pa. His
parents are unknown but some attribute him to the immigrant Johann Michael
Miller. To my knowledge, there is no documentation for this. He then moved
to Franklin Co., Va about 1765, migrated on eventually to Ohio in 1800 where
his son John was already waiting, and settled "4 miles southwest of Dayton"
on the west side of the River. He died in 1815 and was buried on his farm.
He had several children and 4 of his sons are thought to have been Brethren
ministers as well, the first 4 listed here. His children were Daniel (died
in Monroe Co., Iowa 1858), Abraham (d 1841 Franklin Co., Indiana), Aaron
(died 1839 St. Joseph Co., Indiana), David (died 1849 St. Joseph Co.,
Indiana), Mary (married Samuel Darst), John (died 1851 Union Co., Indiana),
Jacob (died 1801 Ohio), Tobias (died LaPorte County, Indiana 1856), Isaac
(died 1813 Greene Co., Ohio), Samuel (died 1801 Virginia), Eva and Anna.
Does anyone know if any of his male Miller descendants have DNA tested?
This would answer the question of whether he is related to the Johann
Michael Miller family. Interestingly enough, it was Jacob Miller who owned
the land sold to Daniel Miller in 1807, the son of Johann Michael Miller,
when he arrived in Montgomery County. Elder Jacob also sold land to David
Miller, either the brother of or the son of Daniel Miller in the same year.
These men obviously knew each other, even though they had not come from the
same geographic location before moving to Montgomery County. They were all
Brethren. The question is, were they also family?

Roberta Estes

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