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The Stump names I see are familiar to me, but from earlier generations.
Although this information is several generations earlier than is being
discussed it may be interesting to Stump researchers.

A Casper Stump was a brother of John Stump, and they owned adjacent
properties at the junction of Northkill and Tulpehocken Creeks in Berk's

Abraham, Adam, Michael and Christopher (Stophel) Stump owned adjacent
properties in Heidelberg Township, in present day Lebanon County. A George
Graff also owned an adjacent property. Another neighbor was John Moore, the
father-in-law of Durst Thommen (II), who had a number of family members
associated with Ephrata.

One the same day Stophel warranted his property in Heidelberg Township, he
also warranted property adjacent Johann George Beshore. This property was
on Little Swatara Creek in Bethel Township, Berks County. Another neighbor
was a George Graff (Jr.) or John Groff, depending on which vintage survey
map you view.

Johann George Beshore married Maria Catherine Stump, the sister of Casper &
John Stump. Johann George Beshore was one of the original members of the
Little Swatara Congregation in Berks County.

The Berks County will of John Stump lists Casper, Abraham and Michael as

In 1743, Adam Stump was naturalized, and took the oath of allegiance, and
several days later Christian and John Stump were naturalized but did not
take the oath, indicating an Anabaptist/Quaker religion.

There is second John Stump who lived in Leacock Township, and was associated
with Ephrata. I am not sure of his connection with the Lebanon/Berks County
Stumps. However, I believe he is connected to a Stump family that moved to
Somerset County in the Revolutionary War period. The Stumps and Beshore's
of Lebanon/Berks were from the Schoharie settlement in New York.

Casper Stump was a guardian of a child of John Feick, who is an ancestor of
the Brethren Fike's. John was Amish, but immigrated with the Amish father
of German Baptist Michael Beeghley.

Bill Thomas

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