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Subject: Re: [BRE] Toney's at Four Mile Church
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 17:54:56 -0500
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> Elder William Smith Toney married Mary Moss, born in "Wabash County"
> (Carroll, Cass, Howard, Miami Counties)- across the state, but after her
> mother's death was returned by her father, to the grandparents (Deacon
> David Rinehart) who lived across the road from the Toney homestead, in
> Preble County OH. (Her sister, Sarah, married Elder Carey Toney [Jr] -
> my wife's gr grandparents - Carey was raised at the homestead farm,
> married the pretty girl, across the road.) Elder William Smith Toney
> and Mary, took her parents and moved to "Wabash County". Elder William
> Smith Toney and Elder Carey Toney were two of the most prominent
> Brethren in southern Indiana, in their day. Elder Abraham Rinehart was
> the uncle of Mary and Sarah, and married Elizabeth, the sister of
> William Smith Toney - they went to the Upper Deer Creek Church (in Cass
> Co, "Wabash Country").

I should have added - Elder William Smith Toney and Elizabeth Toney
Rinehart, Elder Carey Toney and Mary and Sarah Moss were all great
grandchildren of Elder Jacob Miller - and were first and second cousins
of each other -

Anna Miller Lybrook had the daughter,.Sally, who married James Toney,
the parents of William Smith and Elizabeth

Anna Miller Lybrook had another daughter, Elizabeth, who married Elder
William Moss, the grandfather of Mary and Sarah

Anna Miller Lybrook had another daughter, Barbara, who married Jacob
Kingery, the grandparents of Carey Toney

It was very interesting -determining all these relationships - and there
are many more - at Four Mile!

As I said - most of Elder Jacob Miller's children came to the Four Mile
(8 of his 12 children) - that was most of the original church (actually
- 2 churches - Upper Four Mile [the Lybrooks - south of Boston IN] and
Lower Four Mile [most of the rest of the Millers - near College Corner
OH] - 7 miles apart - 2 hours by horse). The only one existing is
Upper Four Mile. Five of these Miller children moved on across Indiana
- about 1830, and one (Daniel), including a number of younger kin
(mostly from "Wabash Country") moved on to Iowa in 1854 and 1855.

Merle C Rummel

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