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Subject: Re: [BRE] Census Records versus Cemetery Records
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When doing dates for people that I do not have the exact records for. I
look at the children's ages. For instance someone usually did not have a
child before the age of 16. So if the first child is 1 on the census you
can guess that she was at least 16 at the time of the census. Also dates of
marriage can be surmise the marriage was before she was 16 if you are
assured that there was a marriage. Lynn Sewell

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Subject: Re: [BRE] Census Records versus Cemetery Records

New Information: My research subject was listed as age 15-20 in the 1830
census, implying that she was born about 1810-1815. All six of the census
records are consistent with her being born after 1810. She and her husband
and two babies were living in Henry County, Indiana, in 1830. After that
they lived in Boone County, Indiana, where she is recorded in the Boone
County death records as having died in 1901 at age 92. Her name was
Margaret [Younce] Byrket, daughter of George Younce and niece of Elder
Philip Younce of Miami County, Ohio. Her husband Noah Byrket was son of
David and Susanna [Fouts] Byrket (also of Miami County, Ohio prior to
David's extended family moving to Henry County, Indiana). All these
families lived in Ashe County, North Carolina, prior to migrating to Ohio.

Thanks, everyone, for chiming in on my census records versus death/cemetery
records question. Your answers are insightful and helpful.

Dwayne Wrightsman

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Subject: [BRE] Census Records versus Cemetery Records

I have a situation that involves a conflict between death/cemetery records
and census records.  I am trying to learn whether the woman I am researching
was born before or after 1810.

The woman in question was born in 1809 according to the information on her
tombstone and on her county death record.

According to the ages recorded on census records, she was born as follows:
between 1810-1820 according to the 1840 census.
about 1821 according to the 1850 census.
about 1812 according to the 1860 census.
about 1812 according to the 1870 census.
about 1814 according to the 1880 census.

Does anyone want to make a guess as to which set of records is probably more
reliable in terms of my “before or after 1810” cutoff?  Did she tell little
white lies while alive?  Did her children not really know when she was born?

Dwayne Wrightsman  

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