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From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Divideing wall in the church
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 21:26:39 -0500
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> I think it had to do with Biblical interpretation -
> The reference of St Paul, to women not speaking in church - has more to
> do with this, than with the more frequent interpretation that women had
> no part in the church worship. The early synagogues had the men sitting
> in the center, with "balcony" areas on one or several sides. Paul is
> saying that the noise of children et al, in the balcony, might hinder a
> person there (a woman) from hearing what happened - and he cautions her
> to not make more noise trying to find out what was said, but to listen
> instead, then when she gets home to ask her husband about what she missed.

I should have added - that the Temple itself separated the women (and
children) from the men.

Entrance to the Temple - up the stairs to the several "Porches" - and
one came into the Court of the Gentiles,

though it and a few steps up came into the Court of the Women. When
Jesus spoke of the Woman and her two Mites - the offering chests were at
the steps into the Court of the Women.

through it and another few steps up came into the Court of the Men

then there was another higher level, where the Temple services were

A boy, when he turned 13, was considered a man, and then he could go
with his father up into the Court of the Men. Previously he had to stay
in the outer Court of the Women.

Merle C Rummel

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